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Qualities To Look For in a Business Partner

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A business partner is a commercial entity with which another commercial entity or person has some form of alliance, with the sole intention of growing the business into a profit making company. It is a mutual beneficial type of partnership in which both parties benefit in a way or the other. It is therefore, very important to choose the right business partners if you are to realize your dreams and aspiration. People whose focus is on your products/service, customers and your business. The future of your entity lies in the people you choose to partner with and surrounding yourself with the right people at the right time is crucial for hitting milestones. How do you know that you are dealing with the right people ?

A Marketing Guru.

A perfect business partner ought to be very much excellent when it comes to sales and marketing. He must be impressive in his/her sales capabilities and a person with a drive to hit the personal goals set. A person who is ready to get the lead and follow it up till the deal is done. Am talking about that Marketing guru capable of converting doubts into deals, a person who goes out of his comfort zones to ensure that the Marketing objectives set are realized. A guy who knows where a great potential lies and goes for it. A person with complementary and marketing skill sets, aligned on the company vision and equally committed to the company’s success. That is the guy you should be looking for.

A person you shares your vision and aspiration.

It has been proven that finding an associate you can work with and count on week in and week out is no mean feat. Many give up on the way; others just realize later that their interest is not on that type of business, therefore opting out. This might affect you and your business. A brilliant partner is always that guy who shares the same vision and aspirations as you. A person who is very passionate and knowledgeable about the kind of business you are doing. A guy you can lean on  and in the same career or business as you are is preferable the best fit. When looking for a potential business associate, it’s important to find someone who not only shares your vision, but also has the ability to say ‘no’ when you go astray , an individual who is ready to walk with you through the valley of death all the way to heaven, a guy who sees possibilities where lies impossibilities.

Experienced Business partner is an asset.

Your business is bound to make it when you are associated with the right and experienced guys. Persons who have a vast knowledge about your business, great strategies and executions that can steer your entity to even greater heights. Experience is not just the amount of time spent within an industry; it’s also the obtained knowledge, observation and hands-on involvement. The experienced guru, who knows where to strike gold, and when to go for a prey. A guy committed to ensure you succeed in your doings because he knows perfectly how to handle the situation at hand.

Financially stable partner is always a plus for you.

One of the main reason people go into business partnerships is financial security. Having a business partner with a great financial muscles is a problem half solved because it assures you that whenever issues to do with finances arise, you won’t struggle or be forced to look for help from financial institutions, which mostly take time before issuing with loans. This gives you courage and confidence to face the task ahead. This is also an assurance that your associate is up to the task should your entity need finances for expansion, salaries, growth or even Marketing.

A good decision maker and perfect leadership qualities

It’s always super critical to identify a partner that has strengths that are outside of your own strength. A person who makes wise decisions that means well for the business, consulting before taking action, and a motivator to his staff. A good business partner understands the importance of compromise without being too compromising, having the courage to address tough financial issues and even personal matters that might impact the company. A great leader who leads by example and is ready to sacrifice what he has for the benefit of the company. A person whom you can well trust, keeping the companies records and information confidential.

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    March 5, 2019 at 1:12 am

    I believe you have mentioned some very interesting points, regards for the post. 🙂

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Latest real estate data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) shows that mortgages shows the industry experienced the biggest hike in non-performing loans (NPLs). Unpaid mortgages increased by Ksh11.2 billion or 41.1 percent, manufacturing by 19 percent, traders by four per cent and personal loans by six percent.

According to the report, 16.9 percent of the Ksh224.8 billion gross loans extended as mortgages were not being serviced at the end of December 2018, up from 12.2 percent in 2017.

“The ratios were above the industry gross NPLs to gross loans ratio of 12.7 percent in December 2018. Deterioration in asset quality was mainly attributed to among other factors; subdued business activities, delayed payments from public and private entities and low uptake of housing and commercial units,” CBK noted.

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As a result, compared with a growth of 23.9 percent in 2015, there was minimal growth in mortgage growth of 0.7 percent last year.

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It is reported that more auctions linked to mortgage defaults were conducted in 2018 compared to 2017.

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Understanding Art Piece Collection Value In The Market

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Unknown to individuals when it comes to art, is the value that art piece carries on matters concerning the monetary value. The most important factor when valuing an art piece is the artist of the work.

A piece of work that has been produced frequently by an artist will have a high monetary value than an art piece done by a new artist. Also, works that was produced as old art collections have a quite good impression as they tell a story of occurrence of that season and whether it represents their work.

Subject of work may narrow or broaden the market of buyers as more private buyers are purchasing art directly from the artist (primary market). Certain subjects always attract more clientele than others. Like an art piece of a beautiful lady will sell better or the big five animals than a portrait of an old man.

Subjectivity of work is not a factor that is independent but depends on the drive of demand of buyers. If the demand is high the prices increases. The commercial value of art piece depends on collective intentionality similar to currency.

On a different scale, sizes matter where even though the artist may feel that a small size is efficient the buyer perception is different.  Art piece with big size are expensive in the market like a wonderful sculpt that can sit at the backyard of an individual or next to the welcoming door of the house.

The type of materials used in an art piece can greatly increase the price, Leonard Davinci Mona Lisa painting holds the highest value insurance for a paint, its custodian is the museum. Art is being redefined from the beginnings of illusionist painting to complex photography with binary digits and also, sculpture designs. We humans tend to try and tell a story of what the impression an artist had when coming up with an art design.

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