How To Work For Results Instead Of Time

Few weeks ago we saw a young man born in Muthurwa signing for Tottenham football club for a weekly salary of around Kshs. 1 Million. This was a great in our country to see our national football captain, Victor wanyama, growing to new heights. Victor is receiving that amount for running and kicking a leather ball for ninety minutes. My big question is that why is it that others are making millions in ninety minutes yet others who are working from dawn to midnight are even dying without coming close to a quarter of that amount?

Am so convinced that the problem we face today is not lack of money. Listen up, it is not lack of money that pull us down, rather, it’s lack of a strong vision. The money available is far more than the number of people on this earth.

Then why is it that only a quarter of world population are controlling world wealth?

First I believe that there is a mindset that wealth follows. It is a mind of producer not consumer. It is a mindset that looks at money as a seed not as a fruit. If you look at money as a seed you will invest it and harvest more fruits.

Millionaires work for results not time. There is a difference in activity and productivity. As a matter of fact, some of the most active people in companies today are the least productive. They spend most of their time on the internet reading updates on facebook, tweeter and gossip blogs. Working for time is what keeps most of us poor.

Have you asked yourself the difference between you who wakes up at 6.00, so that you are in the office by 8.00 and leave at 5.00, and your director who comes to the office whenever he likes? The difference is because you work for time, and he works for results. Read through carefully, I am not telling you to quit your job. But let this remain in your head as you work so that you can do something about it.

Regardless of their pay, people who work for time are never millionaires. Did you know that if you got paid based on your results, you would be richer than if you received a monthly salary? O the contrary, most people do not want to be paid based on their results, but want to stay in the comfort zone of a “monthly salary”.

Assume you had negotiated a commission based agreement with your employer, how much would you make? Say you work as a teller in a bank, and for every transaction you make, you get 0.5% commission. How much would you make, as compared to your 50K salary now? But there is the fear of, “what if I don’t make a single transaction?” But in the actual sense, that is the fear that makes your director earn millions while playing golf while you who works from 8am to 5pm and get peanuts.

Have you ever known that salespeople are the most remunerated people? I have seen insurance agents getting millions, while the employees at insurance companies languish in mediocre salaries. One of my favorite author, T. Herv Eker, says, “you cannot become a millionaire by working for another person, if you want to become a millionaire, work for yourself, or, get paid on your results rather than time”

I think that will be convincing enough to wake you from your slumber land.

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