What I’ve Learned After 6 Months of Blogging

I am zippie mucheke, a financial blogger with zedthefinancialist.com, a blog site that I started 8 months ago.

Now you may be wondering why finance? I mean I could blog about food, fashion, lifestyle travel but why finance?

Well, I truly believe in the transformative power of financial education, inclusion and people’s ability to improve communities, elevate economic inequalities, engage and inspire my readers.

My passion for financial education is backed up by my professional qualification as a CPA(K), it now makes sense, right?

Now in my years as a finance student, I discovered that we have a lot of financial information at our disposal yet no one was there to tell the story in a more interactive and engaging way and that is when zedthefinancialist came to life.

Money makes the world go round and if we use it to drive development then we are changing the world.

Everyone interacts, works to interact or aspires to interact with money every day and therefore it has become the most powerful tool in the world making financial education a basic need.

Having identified the need, I have for the last eight months embarked on making the need accessible to all of us by a simple click on a link or a google search away.

I must say it has been the most exciting experience realizing just how much financial education can change our communities and not just the traditional finance but through sustainable finance where financial solutions should revolve around sustainability for all.

I cannot deny the fact that I have lots of late nights, crazy long hours and research around the clock just to ensure that every Wednesday a new post is out without fail but hey what is a great brand without a few hurdles? Indeed, it has taken a lot of deliberate habits to achieve consistency and discipline yet the return is priceless.

I wake up every morning with something to look forward to; something I call my own. That is my ultimate motivation.

I could say my blog was the wakeup call I needed.  It has brought the realization that indeed you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Through my blog I see possibilities differently and pursue opportunities fearlessly; it has made me unstoppable!

Now you may be wondering how you can get here; tell you what! You have what it takes, you just need to find it soon enough and be brave enough to pursue it.

That simple passion or business idea that you have could be the platform that unlocks doors you never imaged you could go through or people you never thought of interacting with.

My blogging has made me live up to the fact that I am limitless, I am enough and I am unstoppable! Because it is one thing to know your mantra and it is another thing to live up to your mantra.

I made an intentional decision to tell the money matters story in a different way that seeks to solve societal problems with sustainable solutions. Why? Well because every societal problem needs money to solve it. For instance, we have a budget for waste collection, a budget to plant trees practically a budget to solve every problem, we even donate money to finance charitable activities what does that tell us? We need to talk about money and tell our money where it should go.

If all us say we shall handle money in a sustainable way, we could eradicate some our social problems just at source without having to finance to solve these problems.

Whether you are the CEO or just an employee, are you proud of what you make? Well, it is you in the end that decides what you make and how you make it. It is me and you as a consumer who decides what products we shall buy! Most importantly it is you and me when we are rich enough as shareholders decide what we shall invest in.

Well that is my story that I believe eight months ago I wouldn’t have told it as I just did. It has not only taken growth through my blog but also by totally immersing myself to my grind & being intentional and deliberate about it.

Join me every Wednesday as we engage and dive deep more on real financial conversations. Excited to walk us through the financial journey; let’s make something beautiful together.



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