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Anyone would be excited at the idea of a holiday at the coastal region of Kenya. It does not matter r your age is or how much or long you could have taken to invest towards the same. Optiven Limited as always has got you in this as well. Optiven brings you the chance to secure yourself a fully paid holiday to Mombasa via the Standard Gauge Railway. This is an inclusive whole 3days and 2nights tour for you.

To secure your chance is as easy as paying cash amount of Ksh.750, 000 and above on any of their offered properties and the rest will be done for you. The next step will be to wait for that call informing you when and how you will get to Coast. The properties on offer that will win you this amazing trip are as listed below .The details on the benefits and reasons why you should be the first to acquire either of them is explained as well.


I call it the home of peace, tranquility and serenity. Peace because its location is a quiet and harmonious environment which is free from any form of discomfort. Tranquility is to stress the peace in this phase because of the natural features and activities happening in and around it. Serenity crowns its state of being free from any form of anxiety and worried. Simply unruffled!

Victory Gardens is located only ten minutes’ away from Kitengela town and it is strategically located ten miles from the JKIA. It is a gated community that has the following added value; it is already fenced, has a taxi bay for transport convenience, internal roads, water, an artificial river, solar street lighting, greening  package, a  care taker already on site and a barbeque corner as well.

Isn’t this what exactly you need to get convinced to start that investment journey at Victory Gardens? The investment offer at Victory Gardens is Kshs. 1, 995,000 for an eighth of an acre, bank financing is also available and instalments of up to 24months at 1% interest per month.


This value added project by Optiven is located at the upper part of Kajiado town.  It is 1.4km from Kajiado Township and is 44km from Kitengela on your way to Namanga.

There are a lot of reasons why you should acquire this investment and they include its strategic location. Eden Gardens already has access to electricity, security, concrete fencing and water. There are also affordable and readily available construction materials. The purchase process is easy as you get to pay via instalments of up to 30 months and bank financing of up to 70% from Equity Bank or Co-operative Bank using Optiven title deed. In addition, Optiven undertakes the legal aspect of the purchase for you.

The title deeds are also available. The investment offer of Eden Gardens is cash payment of Ksh. 995,000. 70% bank financing and instalments options are also available at 1% interest per month.


This is a dream investment project for residential and commercial development. It is located 19.5km from Nyeri town. It is located within vicinity and is close to a police station. It neighbors a fully developed community and offers a beautiful view of Mt. Kenya. It is close to a shopping center making the investment worthwhile.

With this, you can make a cash payment of Kshs. 750,000 or a 70% Bank financing and instalments up to 24months at 1% interest per month.


A perfect home for anyone willing to invest.  It is set in Kajiado County and provides the scenic view of Ol-Kajuado River which transverses the project.

This comes with benefits such as internal murram roads, a borehole, a caretaker, a kindergarten and a church, a meditation center, a commercial area, a water tower and a resort resting on a 4 acre of land.

Optiven goes an extra mile to offer you free advice on property investment and take you for site seeing. Shekinah Gardens is located along Namanga road hence its accessibility is guaranteed as it is only 900m off the tarmac road. It is on offer for Kshs. 750,000 cash payment or a 70% bank financing and instalments available up to 24 months at 1% interest per month.


The investment is located in Kajiado County along Namanga highway. It borders the existing town center hence a ready resource, market is already available. The Dollar point has the ability to accommodate a petrol station and a takeaway eatery to capture people.

Other opportunities to invest in are; hardware shops, shopping malls, a mid-level hotel and a construction yard. This is for the few lucky investors who will access it at a great offer of Kshs. 1.5 million for front row plots and Kshs. 1.3 million on second row or opt for a bank financing and instalments up to 24 months at 1% interest per month.

Run fast and grab your project worth Kshs 750,000 and above and you will live to tell how your holiday went on and become another living testimony on what Optiven has and will be doing to its clients who are their biggest concern.

Be on the move and do not miss any details on the #TwendeMombasa trending hashtag.

Just SMS, ‘Twende Mombasa’ to 40022. What are you waiting for?

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