Turning Customer Complaints Into Better Business, What Can You Do To Make Things Right?

Once in a while you may fail to meet customer expectations. Your customer therefore complains- in a loud platform. Trouble? Not really.

If you handle customer complaints in the right way, they not only can be turned around to make that specific customer happy, but they can even help you increase sales. Let’s look at some examples.Top of Form

  1. Initial response

You should avoid being defensive and blaming the customer or saying “it’s not my fault. Instead, be respectful and helpful. What can you do to make things right?

  1. Understanding the complaint

What is the customer’s complaint? The customer may be angry and even yelling, but if you stay calm and make sure the customer knows you are listening to them. It will help to defuse the situation if you show empathy to your customer. Get all the facts.

By gathering the facts you will have valuable feedback that not only tells you what the problem is but will help find out what went wrong.

  1. the problem

You need established procedures in place stating who has the responsibility and the authority to correct the complaint. For instance, do your employees need managerial approval to compensate the customer with an upgrade or refund?

Make sure that your employees understand what actions to take in order to remedy your customer’s immediate concerns.

  1. Follow up

 After a reasonable time after the problem has been resolved, you may just be able to turn that disgruntled customer into a loyal customer by following up with a phone call or writing a letter. Your customer will appreciate the gesture.

Customer complaints are often inevitable, but if you handle them properly, they can turn into the opportunity to continue selling to existing customers, as well as pick up new ones.

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