Top 15 hacks That Will Make You A Better Person

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(This is an updated article from 2016)

Humans are wired for growth and we have an insatiable need to believe that we are improving our lives with each turning of the calendar.

Regardless of how great the past years has been, here are 15 ways that you can be better in 2018

1. Follow your dreams and just do it

You will live a much better life if you just do it and pursue your passions. Those people who spend their time working on things they love are usually the ones enjoying life the most. They are also the ones who dared to take a risk and chase their dreams.

2. Just start

In my experience, it’s more important to start than to start right. Think about it, if you don’t start your business, nothing will happen. Whatever it is that’s keeping you from launching is the very thing you either need to ignore

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – and don’t wait until it’s too late: Ask someone for advice, and then do it. When you start a business; you will most definitely not have all the answers.

4. Partnership builds bridges. Don’t ever forget that.

Develop connections. Networking is a great way to move yourself up in the world and get the things you want for your life. Make lots of friends. Meet people that are in well-placed positions in environments where you would like to work. Show everyone you meet how hard you work and how good you are with others. Show them the incredible skills you’ve built. Everyone will be itching to recommend you for opportunities they see crop up.

5. Prayer is the master key. Have faith in God and always have the courage to use your voice wisely. Dream big today. FEAR simply means False Evidence Appearing Real. Enjoy the highs and lows that come with being in your 20s but don’t be afraid to grow older. Live life to the fullest and don’t forget to smile always!

6. Your idea doesn’t have to be new

Trying to sell a product that is new can be an uphill struggle. Being first is not always best, as you have to educate a market and convince them of the need for your product. So don’t be put off if your idea has been done before – think about how you can do it differently, by including an additional feature or benefit.

7. Know your market better than your competitors

Carry out as much market research as possible. Find out about your marketplace, concentrating on areas such as the demand, your competitors and the size of the market. Talk to potential customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, and ex-employees of competitors.

8. Be honest about your weaknesses

Identify what you do well and what you do badly, dividing it into areas such as financial, marketing, operational and general management. Be honest with yourself, but also be realistic. Try and get someone else to evaluate your answers – another person’s perspective can be very valuable. Identifying your weakness will help you to recognize what you are good at, and which areas you will need to find someone who can do a better job than you.

9. Get a good mentor on board

Remember – two heads are better than one. Seek out the advice of a family friend who has the experience of being in business, or someone who is recommended to you, or someone you are close to. Consider giving them a share of the profits or equity in your company in return for advice.

10. Patience

Lastly be patient. Remember, good things come with time. There is nothing you can’t achieve with time, attention and effort

11. Be yourself

In order to avoid getting hurt and rejected, we hide who we really are behind a mask of who we think we should be.

Have the courage to be you, to show your true emotions and stand behind them – even at the risk of disapproval.

Embrace not only the “good” side of you but also the vulnerable side. Because the vulnerability is authentic and real.

It’s the source of creativity and innovation. It creates opportunity.

12. Distinguishing Between Your Private and Work Life

All aspects of your life are interconnected. You are fooling yourself into believing your private life doesn’t impact your entrepreneurial success.

You are hindering your growth if some areas of your life are a mess. True success encompasses all areas.

Bring passion, perseverance, and joy to all of the roles you play: as an entrepreneur, a lover or a friend… Make all aspects of your life successful and be proactive.

13. Take responsibilities for your actions

Stop blaming others and making excuses. It really doesn’t make a difference if the problems in your life were caused by someone else. It really doesn’t matter if circumstances in your life make it difficult or almost impossible for you to succeed. You are the only person you can rely on to fix your problems. If you want things to be better, you have to make them better.

14. Be good to your fellow man.

Sometimes it’s hard to see why being kind and helpful to others also helps us. Everything in our culture tells us that to get ahead, we need to fight only for ourselves and forget everyone else. But in helping others, we not only create a sense of deep personal fulfillment but we also ensure that other people want to help us. You will be surprised how willing people are to help you when you are widely known as a good, helpful, self-sacrificing person.

15. Take care of yourself because no one will take care of you

Take care of your body. You don’t want to put in all this effort and not be able to do anything because you’re held back by health problems. Take care of your body by eating right, exercising, and keeping clean. See a doctor when you have problems and make use of preventative care. This will help keep problems from arising and dealing with any problems early will help solve them before they get out of hand.

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