Tips To Write The Best Product Descriptions For Your Online Store

Roshaunda D. Cade

Online shopping has made life easier as one can easily shop for anything they want at the comfort of their home just by using their gadget. Online shopping provides a large platform where you can find a variety of products to choose from. Online shops are so many which makes the market very competitive.

As a retailer you need the necessary knowledge to write a product description that will be effective and earn profit for your business. The quality of your product description can help you make a big break in sales especially if it includes all the relevant information that a consumer will need to make a purchasing decision.

Here are some tips that you can use to write a good product description;

  1. Ask yourself who the product is for
    Who do you intend to sell your product to? Define the specific demographic that is whether the product is for men, women and children, which age group they fall and what kind of lifestyle do they have. Understanding your target audience is key to coming up with an effective product description.
  2. Remain brief, simple and specific
    Use short simple sentences to describe your products. If possible use bullets to give your audience an easy time as they read. Using long paragraphs has proven ineffective most of the times since no one like to read too much information. Use simple sentences and bullets to convey only the relevant specs about a product.
  3. Use story telling

If your product has a background story behind it the audience are most likely to be pretty interested to know about it. Using the background story as part of your product description help add character to your product item which will engage your buyers and win their hearts and minds.

  1. Use technical language to win your customer’s trust

Do not be afraid to use the technical language to sound more professional in your product description. This will help prove to your customers that your brand’s expertise in the market. Provide them will all the technical details they will need to know like how is the product made, the materials used to make it, the product safety etc.

  1. Use images to complement the text

Never get too wordy in your product description. The best and the most effective way to describe your products is to be simple and you can achieve this by using images that will make your product description more appealing and memorable to our customers. Show off your products in a visual way that explains how the product works and what is does.

  1. Describe, show and tell
    Although graphics have proven an effective way to use while writing product descriptions, using videos can be extremely effective as well especially if you want to showcase how the product is used. Most top selling products use videos, graphics and text to help drive the point home. This has proven to be extremely effective.
  2. Decide on the most effective way to write the best product description even if you have to go your own way.

For standard product descriptions, it is recommended that you use short paragraphs. Every business is unique from the other, the secret is to know your customers well enough to come up with the right content that works for them. By understanding your buyer persona you will know how to come up with the best product description that your customers will find engaging as they will find all the relevant information they need to make a purchasing decision easily without any headache.

8.Do not be afraid to take risks
Like they say go big or go home. Do not limit yourself while writing a product description. Pick the perfect product description formula that will help you realize big profits. Choose a formula that will be most effective to your business. Instead of simply writing out using bullets you may use the bullet pointed list to create a story line though out your page. The key is to keep your interesting enough to engage your audience by making use of the visual aspect. Alternatively you may use short simple paragraphs to drive the point home in a smart engaging language that is particular to your brand.

The most important factor to remember is to know your audience. Ask yourself the questions they are likely to ask themselves like, where and when should someone use the product? Why is this product better than the rest? How does the product work? Etc. Give the product’s basic details that will help your customer’s make the buying decision. This is the only way you will be able to come up with a product description that is perfect for your target audience. Optimize on images, simple graphics and videos to enhance the product description’s effectiveness and maximize on sales.


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