Thrive Networking Challenge: A Buffet Event for Founders

Kimani Patrick
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Kimani Patrick

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Kimani Patrick
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Research shows that if you want to succeed in business or career you need to make the time for networking: creating a fabric of personal contacts who will provide support, feedback, insight, resources, and information. This is one of the most self-evident and one of the most dreaded developmental challenges that aspiring business leaders must address.

While most upcoming business leaders consider networking a luxury, it is a necessary skill and aspect in building a great business and becoming a firebrand in your own industry.

Passion Profit, a Kenyan organization which provides aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with mentoring, networking and access capital they need to build thriving businesses that impact their communities, is offering a unique meet up like no other: Thrive Networking Challenge – a fun and interactive experience with great folks, great food and great facts to build a thriving business.

The event, which will happen on 23rd March at Pinetree Plaza, Kaburu Drive off along Ngong Road, at 6pm which will involve various pacemakers in four different sessions.

The first session is the Founders Devotion where the participants bask in the presence of God. This session’s theme is Marvelous March which is a continuity of the online campaign ran by PassionProfit Ltd.

The second session will be charged, as it will bring to live Marvelous March theme. In this session the pace setter in networking is going to breathe some networking wisdom to the entrepreneurs. Just as the way Frida Owinga has encouraged people to march out and talk to a stranger this month on social media. Mr. Elizaphan Muraguri of BNI will provoke the founders to network for growth.

Mr. Muraguri is the national director BNI East Africa: Purely a business networker, always looking forward to help business people make more money through word of mouth referrals. This particular session will encourage more founders to embrace collaboration and let competition slip. It will sow seeds of marrying the interest of other people with individual goals to achieve greater impact.

This session will be loaded with insights and strategies for effective networking. They will experience many light bulb moments while they learn from the experience of the two gurus in the networking industry. Participants will learn various processes on how to make the right moves at the right time and experience growth for their founders. It is an opportunity to bask in the wisdom of first hand experiences in the industry and learn about easy and applicable solutions for the challenges they face on a daily basis.

And finally giving a slumming door effect to the event is the Founders Hotseat, an exhilarating and thrilling session. This session gives an opportunity for any founder to ask a question and get a one on one solution from Frida.

The forum is tailored to provide an opportunity to address challenges and get tested solutions from the available speakers and other founders in the event. It will be a learning journey for all the founders present as they feel and relate to some of the questions that will be presented on the Founders Hotseat Session. It is also a platform to market the business for the spotlight participant on the spotlight and expose it to new markets within the event.

The event ticket-sale is ongoing with an early bird tickets going for Ksh 2,000 until 18th March and Ksh 3,000 thereafter.

To partner in the event as a Founder Sponsor, you will pay a discounted rate of Ksh. 10,000 inclusive of 2 participants tickets, a table to exhibit your products/services and an opportunity to pitch at the Founder’s Spotlight with Frida Owinga.

To book your seat for the event you can register via this link here.

For inquiries Call/SMS +254 707 112002

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