I Thought I Would Graduate With Accounts, I left Campus A Creative Designer

He is a young entrepreneur wearing different hats that are subtly connected. Martin Munyaga is a Fashion and Image Creative, Creative designer, Eventsprenuer and a Professional model. Interestingly, he confesses that his entry into modelling and the fashion world was an accident.

“I never really anticipated it.”

His journey took off back in 2015 when he started out as a model and one thing led to another.

How It All Began

Being an Accounting Student at Zetech University, Munyaga never thought of the fashion industry as a career when he was starting. His school then, was having auditions for Mr/Miss Zetech University and there was a lady in their class who was really interested so together with his collegues they decided to take her to the auditions as a class.

This act of kindness seems to have been the link for Martin to evolve from who he was to who he has become today. After the auditions were done, the judge asked if there was anyone who was left out, and people started shouting Martin’s name.

“I said no but my class friends pushed me forward. The judge told me to walk and sit down so everyone can keep quiet. After the auditions, I was told I had been picked and should report to the main campus for training.”

Since Martin didn’t want to disappoint his friends he proceeded to take up the training but never took the training seriously until he became everyone’s favourite to clinch the Mr. Zetech University title.

Fast forward to the finals eve, he became the judge’s favourite to get to the finals. Prior to this day, he had never been in front of a crowd of more than a classroom, and as you would imagine, he went on stage to find a crowd of thousands cheering and everything he had trained for evaporated. He didn’t even manage to het to top 3.

With a new found zeal for modeling, Martin decided to take it a level higher and in just a few months, he had applied for Mr. World Kenya and got crowned as Mr. world Kenya Nyeri County, representing the county at the finals.

Brand Establishing

“As with any other young person out here from a not so much privileged background, it’s not been easy. You need a heart of steel to create a brand especially in fashion in our country.” Martin says.

Just like Moses in the Bible, he started with what he had in his hand. At this point, his passion for fashion had really grown, and this urge drove him to approach a friend, (Sir Jay of Sir Jay suits). He helped him source a tailor who would bring his art to life. And since then, the sky is not the limit for him but a standard to the far he desires to soar.

For Martin, it has been a journey of starting and learning in the process as far as Fashion and Modelling is concerned.

After high school, he joined Zetech University to study Accounting, which he later had to quit and follow his passion. He therefore has never attended any fashion school, but has constantly been borrowing heavily from YouTube, fashion TV and Spice. His Accounting knowledge that he acquired comes in handy in running the business, plus joining campus gave him the opportunity to be where he is.

Positive Mindset In Business

Like many startup entrepreneurs and even seasoned ones, setting standards becomes a necessity.  As for Martin his mindset principle has always been staying off negative energy. He narrates that when he decided to quit campus for fashion, many people thought it was a stupid move, but he decided to work hard on it and prove them wrong. Some would sarcastically call him Shona Africa and he would smile and work hard to improve on the brand. Today some of them are his clients.

Lessons He Learnt While Starting Up

This is an industry that is as competitive as any other and Martin learnt the importance of building networks with each and every person he gets to interact with. He has also learnt with time the importance of talking about his brand in any opportunity he manages to get. He advises that it is of utmost importance to network with people you know are your potential clients.

Merging Talent With Skills

Having a talent sure is not enough; many successful entrepreneurs had to put in hours and hours of work to perfect what was already inborn in them. In his words, Martin acknowledges that. “Everyone has a talent within them, understand what you are good at and maximize on gaining its full potential. Don’t enter into a field simply because someone seems to be doing well in it.”

Advice To The Young Entrepreneurs And Graduates

In conclusion Martin advises that, Education is a great asset but it’s not everything, be creative, think of how best you can utilize your knowledge without necessarily awaiting formal employment.

Parting shot 

We look forward to be a household brand in the fields of fashion, events and entertainment. With hard work and dedication, we believe all our dreams are executable.





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