This Will Increase Your Daily Productivity By 50%

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It is true that we have enough time but we don’t want to spend it in ways that we find it wasteful. All of us want to matter, add value to the earth and leave a legacy.  Below are five tips that will be of help to you to increase your productivity by mastering your morning.

  1. Prepare from the night before

This includes ironing and laying out your clothes and brushing your shoes for the next day’s work out so that the next day you start out as an auto pilot.

  1. Get 50 more minutes of sleep

If you slept 5 hour last night, sleep 5hrs 50 minutes today. You might ask, why do I need more sleep and I want to increase my productivity? Most people don’t get enough sleep and that makes them drunk the following day.

90% of people don’t have a regular routine of sleep. Their emotions are always frazzled, their cognitive ability is frazzled, and their ability to deal with stress is frazzled. Their ability to focus over a number of hours is also decreased. Am sure you have experienced this before. That is why I recommend 50 more minutes of sleep. This will make you have 20% more mentally capable tomorrow.

  1. Take a lot of water and then 20 minutes of activity.

You can do some yoga, walk around or even jog around the compound. This will increase your metabolic activity and stretch your muscles preparing them for the day’s activity. This will make you physically fit and fresh throughout the day.

  1. Take a long hot shower

Yes, I said hot shower. Hot water kills bacteria, cleans better, soothes sore muscles, and encourages circulation among other benefits. Long hot shower is also better for the brain.

Washing doesn’t require much thought, so when the hands go through the automatic task of cleaning the body, the mind is free to wander. Biologists have proven that minds are most creative when they wander freely while the body is occupied with mundane tasks that don’t challenge the brain.

  1. Make a strategic plan for the day

In the same way you plan to meet a client or see your doctor, your day needs to be planned from the beginning. Set time to plan for accomplishing important tasks for the day in the order of their urgency. This includes the calls you need to make, emails you need to send and those that you expect to receive. Make sure these things are done before anything else in the day. Use you’re to do list during the day to make sure that everything has been done as planned.

Remember when we are doing all these things we are not in the computer or phone. We haven’t switched them yet. This is because scientific study shows that when you use your computer or phone in the first 50 minutes after sleep you reduce your productivity by 30%, but you want to be more productivity, you don’t want to do that to yourself. The tips above will help you a great deal.

This article was published at Inversk Magazine on February 2016

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