Faith Tanui is a warm and interesting person to converse with. She has a proven passion in community development and has a three year track record in the development of mentoring programs for the improvement of boys and girls in her community. She is the founder of PendoAfrica, an organization that empowers youth from ages 13-24 achieve personal, academic, spiritual, social growth and economic transformation. In line with her career, Faith has managed and run online campaigns such as the “The Girls Study Drive,” which supports girls in the South Rift Counties in Kenya through provision of reusable sanitary pads. She has won reputable awards with the most recent being the Social Founder of the year in 2016 and takes pride in being a Mandela Washington fellow. To delve into her life and course, the Inversk Magazine had a sit down with her:

Birthing of PendoAfrica

It has been my dream since High School. As far as I can remember my passion drove me to my purpose. In my tenure as choir leader, I found myself solving issues in the team and giving advice a lot. At this level is when I discovered my deepest desire, which is to see a community with young people encouraged to live life to the highest potential.

Who inspires you most?

My mother is my inspiration. I also have mentors who keep me accountable. I’m stirred by the stories and lives we encounter every time we encourage a boy to stay in school, or whenever we provide sanitary pads to girls and see their self-esteem and confidence rise. I’m encouraged by testimonies of young men and women who have gone through rehabilitation and are no longer wasting away in drugs and alcohol. These are some of the reasons that make my life inspired.

Do you have mentors?

Yes. Mentors are more like my support and accountability people. They are the ones I run to when I need a little help or direction and they keep me in check. Having someone to turn to, talk to and give feedback is essential to good leadership of your business or organization.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt as a social entrepreneur?

It is important to set goals and timelines. Don’t be chasing after the wind not knowing where you’re headed. Set short, medium, and long term goals. If you know what you want to achieve you will prepare yourself adequately and find the right tools needed to be successful.

What makes you proud about your organization?

My team. I love and appreciate my team a lot. I’m proud that PendoAfrica has a family that is willing to take risks and get anything done when it comes to empowering young people. I’m proud that we are young people setting great examples for other young people to emulate; whenever we share our stories, it allows them see and believe that they too can make it!

Your advice to young entrepreneurs

Just do it! You have an idea, a drive and a passion for something, start now. Do the things that you love. If you love what you do you will give your very best to make it work.

Walking and working your purpose is fulfilling: Stay committed. Realize that building a successful business or organization requires commitment; from time to energy to money.

Take hardships and challenges as lessons and stepping stones to where you want to go. Don’t just go out and start a business or an organization just because you want to. Start something you will run with to the very end. Most importantly stay humble.

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