The Best Strategy To Earn respect

Respect is earned. Not demanded. Not coerced. Not forced. It comes naturally from those around you, if you play your cards right. In every social setting, there will always be some individuals treated with higher regard than others. This happens even in the office environment. There will always be that person who commands respect, just by stepping into the room; regardless of their status (could even be the tea girl): and there will always be those employees no one takes seriously-being sent doughnuts over tea break. There is a thin line between the two; defined by their conduct. Here are ten easy ways to command respect at the work place:

1. Take yourself seriously.

No, really. You have to. The world takes you at your own estimate. Exude self respect and self confidence. Behave like you know your worth. This is seen in how you conduct yourself professionally around your bosses, you colleagues and those junior to you. Demonstrate high levels of accountability by fully completing your roles at the required time, being as thorough as you can.

2. Treat others with respect

No one will respect you if you show no respect for those around you. This is not limited to senior staff. Treat the intern with respect. The receptionist. The tea girl. The security guard. Speak to people you work with calmly when addressing them. Listen to them. Do not use your position to ask for unprofessional favors. Demonstrate respect. They will reciprocate it.


3. Do more than is expected of you.

Go the extra mile. Do not stick to the tasks outlined for you. Go beyond your call of duty. Engage yourself in other tasks: be flexible. You will earn a reputation which will definitely go a long way in growing your career.

4. Become a problem solver

When presented with problems at the workplace, display your skills in analytical thinking and laying out strategy. You will find yourself being handed the challenging tasks around the office and yes, you will be indispensable.

5. Establish boundaries.

Draw boundaries on how far you can go. While being handed tasks could say something about your trustworthiness, other employees will manipulate you and will overwhelm you with tasks they should handle themselves. If you find you are the mercy of other employees, something is not right. Prioritize your own professional goals.

by Grace Njoki

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