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We’re Ready for the Aug 2019 Census – KNBS Says

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164,700 youth has been recruited to participate in the oncoming census exercise, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) announced on Monday.

Director General Zachary Mwangi, while making the announcement, said out of these, 2,700 will be ICT supervisors, 27,000 content supervisors and 135,000 enumerators for the population census to be conducted between August 24 and 25 at a cost of Sh18.5 billion..

The state agency also said that training of the recruited supervisors and enumerators will begin on July 15. The ICT supervisors will train the content supervisors who will in turn train the enumerators for the digital census.

The census will cover a wide data set including demographics, disability, education, labour force, ICT, Agriculture, housing conditions and amenities as well as household assets.

The census data entry will be done through mobile electronic devices assembled at Moi University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

“This was informed by the fact that these two universities did participate in the digital literacy programme for the assembly of the tablets for primary schools. This has led to creation of many jobs for the youth in the assembly and programming of these devices,” said Mr. Mwangi during the media briefing at KICC on Monday morning.

Through use of technology, transmission of data collected to the servers will be real time, a move expected to significantly reduce the time taken to release the census results.

The captured data will be key for planning, policy formulation and decision making.

The census is held every 10 years and 2009 marked the 5th census in post-independence Kenya. This will be the first time Kenya will have its first digital census.

“The census is more than a population count: it provides all levels of government, business, industry, media, academia and independent organisations with social, economic and demographic information that is essential for making decisions regarding the many services each provides to the public,” Mwangi said.

During the exercise, agents will be issued with tablets that will have an application to help collect the data. The enumeration clerks will be required to feed data into the gadgets before it is transmitted to a central database.

The organisation has so far conducted a cartographic mapping across the country in preparation for the census.

“The cartographic involves delineating the country into Enumeration areas,” KNBS said in a statement.

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Over 3.6M Kenyans Filed their Tax By the 30th June Deadline

The growth in the numbers show positive progress in tax compliance, a move that will eventually drive the country towards economic self-reliance

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Over 3.6M Kenyans filled their tax returns by the 30th June deadline, The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has said.

In a statement to the newsroom on Monday, Deputy Commissioner Marketing and Communication KRA Grace Wandera said the number of citizens filing their returns increased with more than 400,000 up from 3.2 million recorded by June 30 last year.

“The growth in the numbers show positive progress in tax compliance, a move that will eventually drive the country towards economic self-reliance,” she noted

Notable this year was a significant reduction of long queues which used to be the order of the day as the deadline for filing returns approached when last minute Kenyans rush to file their returns. This is change is attributable to the efficiency of the iTax platform and increased awareness undertaken by the taxman to encourage early filing of returns.

On sight assistance extended to both individuals and organizations countrywide has also been cited as a contributing factor to the efficiency witnessed this year.

Those who failed to file their 2018 returns by yesterday’s deadline will be charged an automatic fine of Ksh 2,000 or 5% of the tax due, whichever is higher for individuals and Sh20,000 or 5 per cent of tax due, whichever is higher for corporates.

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Mobile Loan Apps Set First Loan at Ksh 4,000

Customers will get access to in-app digital borrowing history and repayment behavior which will also be accessed by all DLAP members so as to determine how much to lend to a customer.

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Mobile loan users now have a reason to smile as the initial lending maximum set at Ksh 4,000 with no loan history. This decision is part of the code of conduct signed by lenders under the newly formed Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK).

The lobby, which currently consists of twelve members, says this move will ensure member firms match customer debt levels with repayment ability so as not to plunge borrowers into over indebtedness.

DLAK was formed as a way to adopt a self-regulatory framework and a set of shared principles to guide members.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Patrick Njoroge had recently raised concerns over the increasing number of mobile loan apps that may be exploiting Kenyans. CBK has also in the recent past put on notice unlicensed and unregulated digital lenders as the government to protect consumers from fraudulent dealers.

Members of the lobby group include Tala, Alternative Circle, Stawika Capital, Zenka Finance, MyCredit,Okolea, Lpesa, Kopacent, Four Kings Investment, Kuwazo Capital and Finance Plan.

Under the groups code of conduct, customers will get access to in-app digital borrowing history and repayment behavior which will also be accessed by all DLAP members so as to determine how much to lend to a customer. Business daily reported.

“Where possible, lenders will attempt to help contactable customers to restructure their debt or otherwise make every reasonable effort to help their customers return to good standing,” reads DLAK’s code of conduct in part.

The digital lending industry have in the recent past been put on spot by the senate who called for its regulation on claims they are saddling borrowers with high-interest rates. The fims were accused of offering mobile loans at rates above the cap provided in law and occasioning heavy borrowing and indebtedness mainly among the low-income groups on easy access to loans. Some of the apps opffer an interest rate equating to 180 percent over a year.

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Factors That Ranked Nairobi Among The Top 100 Expensive Cities

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According to Mercer’s Cost of Living survey 2019 released Wednesday, Kenya’s Nairobi City rose 26 places to position 97 on the ranking for the most costly cities.

Generally, according to the report, the cost of living in Nairobi is moderate compared to other expat destinations. Last year, the Mercer Cost of Living report ranked it as a mid-range expense location (123rd out of 209 cities).

The city last appeared in the list of top 100 most expensive cities in 2010 when the global consultancy firm placed it at number 88.

A sustained climb in the prices of goods and services has pushed Nairobi back into the list of 100 most expensive cities in the world, making it a more costly location for expatriate workers.

The ranking is based on changes in prices of some 200 goods and services that are commonly purchased by expatriates.

The items are grouped as food, alcohol and tobacco, domestic supplies, housing, utilities, clothing and footwear, recreation and entertainment, home services, personal care and transportation.

This year’s survey conducted in March 2019 reviewed prices of items such as a single cinema ticket for the latest international release, men’s blue jeans, a cup of expresso coffee at a popular café, a litre of petrol and fast food meal for one person in each of the 209 cities.

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