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Best Land Selling Companies In Kenya 2019

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In Kenya today, the number of land selling companies are increasing by day accustomed by the growing middle class and economy. However, there has been worries in engaging land selling companies with many people falling prey in the hands of few fraudulent individuals. Such situations include land ownership being claimed by more than one person, lack of a title deed for the land one claims to own, fake title deeds, and boundary disputes.

The most dramatic, sometimes tragic, situations are mainly because clients demonstrate more passion and emotion in regard to buying and selling land than they demonstrate in other cases of for example child custody. There is therefore a need to conduct due diligence before engaging a real estate firm. This prompted us to do some research and come up with a list of top 20 trusted land selling companies in Kenya.

How The Top Land Selling Companies In Kenya Were Selected

This is ranked according to star ratings on as well as quality of reviews from customers. To qualify, the company must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31st 2019. Industry ratings, number of awards won, a good standing membership to KPDA, good online presence and the number of completed projects are also some of the things that we checked before a company was nominated. For the company to appear in this list, it had to be based in Kenya, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2018.

While this listing is the first of its kind in Kenya and from Inversk, we did not have many parameters of measuring the company’s growth, company culture as well as conduct actual interviews with these companies, their customers and or their clients. Lack of good online presence, reviews on google and Facebook as well as very little information on their websites locked out many companies that may have been listed.

It should also be noted that an appearing on this list does not in any way become endorsement from Inversk. We recommend you conduct your own due diligence before engaging in any transaction with each company. Below are the Best Land Selling Companies in Kenya as compiled by Inversk.

1. Optiven Limited

Founded 10 years ago, Optiven Limited started selling land in 2008 and has successfully completed 50 projects since its inception.

Its speedy growth and good quality reviews and ratings on third party platforms, awards and regional recognition made Optiven emerge as the top company on this list.

The company enjoys a 4.4 out of 5 rating based on the opinion of 177 people and holds 10+ awards with a recent Market survey conducted and presented by SuperBrand East Africa 2017/2018 ranking Optiven as the Number 68 best Brand (out of the 1000 shortlisted Leading Super Brands) across all industries in East Africa. The firm also emerged as the Number One Real Estate Firm in Land Selling Category and Number Four in the general (inclusive of homes) real estate industries in East Africa. Optiven was crowned the overall winner in Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey, 2014/2015 by KPMG and Nation Media Group. Optiven was also crowned the Best Company in Customer Orientation & Marketing in Kenya (COYA AWARDS) – 2015.

Optiven offers value-added plots to resident Kenyans and those living in the diaspora mainly targeting the mid and high middle class and has so far completed 50 projects issuing 5,479 title deeds so far (Source: company website.

  • Office Location: 14th Floor Wing A, Barclay’s Plaza – Loita Street, Nairobi
  • Phone: 0790 300300,
  • Website:

2. Username Properties

Username has been in the real estate industry for just 5 years and has fast scaled up to become a leading Kenyan real-estate development and Investment Company.

The firm is rated 4.6* out of 5 by 175 people on Facebook  and was awarded the 1st prize as the best land and investment company at the Kenya homes expo 2018.

Username offers value added plots mainly targeting the mid and low middle class Kenyans and has so far successfully completed 31 projects and has issued 5,500 title deeds (Source: Company website).

  • Office Location: The Mirage Tower 3 10th Floor , Chiromo road – Westlands
  • Phone: 0725 000 444
  • Website:

3. Diamond Property Merchants

As one of the most popular real estate companies in Kenya, Diamond Property Merchants was founded 19 years ago on a premise to deliver the best investment solutions to our clients.

The company enjoys a 3.6* out of 5 rating based on the opinion of 35 people on google. However, the company has deactivated the reviews on Facebook. Diamond Property Merchants emerged the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies in Kenya, Overall Winner 2016-2017 and Second Runners-Up 2018-2019 among other many awards.

The company has successfully completed 50 projects so far and has issued 3,700+ title deeds (from company website).

4. Cretum Properties Ltd

Cretum was incorporated 10 years ago in pursuit to make Land ownership a reality to many Kenyans by providing Quality Affordable Properties. The company buys large tracks of land, subdividing them into smaller, manageable and affordable sizes for sale and subsequent development.

The company enjoys a 4.4 out of 5 based on the opinion of 29 people and has no known or listed awards.

  • Ellis House 3rd Floor, Wabera Street, Opposite City Hall – Nairobi
  • Phone: 0706 101 105
  • Website:

5. Pro-Property Solutions Limited (PPSL)

PPSL buys and sells land in Kenya priding itself on great service and efficiency in connecting sellers and buyers of properties around the country. The company enjoys a 4.9 out of 5 based on the opinion of 21 people and has no listed awards on their website.

  • Office Location: Muguku business center 2nd floor Wing A Suite 2R, Kikuyu
  • Phone: 0711 242 980
  • Website:

6. Ndatani Enterprises Company Limited

The company was founded 20 years ago in pursuit to help curb the housing deficit in Kenya by providing affordable plots and acre plots which can be acquired through cash, arranged instalments and bank finance solutions.

With 5 awards listed on their website, the company has delivered 30 projects so far and has issued 2,557 title deeds. The firm enjoys 3.9 out of 5 based on the opinion of 13 people.

  • Office: NextGen Mall 6th floor, Mombasa Road
  • Phone: 0716 652 896
  • Website:

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Del Monte to Create 200 Jobs in its new Sh 580m Plant

A Section of Del Monte Pineapple Plantation in Murang’a | The firm will open a new Sh 580M plan next month

News Team



Thika based fruit juice maker, Del Monte, is currently finalizing a Ksh 580 million state-of-the-art, fresh fruit packing facility with a processing capacity of 60 tonnes of fresh fruit per year.

The new facility, which is being constructed within Del Monte Kenya’s plantation in Kenol – Murang’a is scheduled to be completed next month providing 200 direct jobs.

Del Monte Kenya currently employs over 6,500 employees and creates additional 28,000 jobs indirectly through its activities. The company houses half of its workforce within the company’s premises.

While making the announcement, the firm’s Managing Director Stergios Gkaliamoutsas said “Del Monte Kenya plans to source fruit from local and regional growers in Murang’a and Kiambu counties, we will prepare and package the products from the new Del Monte facility for both local and international markets,”

According to him, the expansion drive is the company’s way of celebrating 70 years of operations in the country while supporting the governments Big 4 agenda.

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Username Investments Awarded as Best Stand In Real Estate Category At The 2019 Nakuru National Agricultural Show

News Team



Username Investments was awarded for the Best Stand in Real Estate Category for excellent innovation portrayed in their stand during the just ended Nakuru Agricultural Show.

The premier event was held between 3rd– 7th July at Nakuru Show Grounds and brought together players from the agriculture, finance, transport, manufacturing, education, textile, hospitality, research, health and insurance sectors.

The award Ceremony was presided over by Hon. Simon Chelugui, the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Water and Sanitation. Speaking during the event, the CS commended the over 150 exhibitors for their outstanding innovations.

The theme for this year’s Show was “Promoting Innovation and Technology in Trade and Agriculture”. In line with the theme, the Company showcased innovative ways of investing in real estate through a visual guideline on how to purchase land online through their website. The platform provides investors an opportunity to navigate through the various affordable projects, select their preferred property and make payment. The website also has a feature where clients are able to request for their account statements in order to track their payments.

On receiving the news of the grand win, Reuben Kimani, CEO, Username Investments noted that the stand concept was inspired by the desire to reflect the comfort that comes with owning a home in a serene environment. It gave a unique opportunity to display technology in real estate that continues to draw Username Investments towards their mission of providing the current and upcoming generations with a place to call home.

“Our stand combined the aesthetics of indoor living and the delightful outdoor experience. There were Safari Chairs, stacks of hay, a TV and a fire place to represent the items found in a home. The stand attracted a huge number of visitors who were particularly interested in the step by step process of purchasing land online and the success stories of our clients that were being played on the screen. Everyone who visited our stand received investment insights from our professional staff,” he said.

The Username CEO also noted that, “The 2019 ASK Show has been a great platform in increasing our outreach efforts to young people with investment opportunities especially in Nakuru County, which requires 10,000 affordable housing units in order to meet the current housing demand. However, only 2,000 units are available, creating a shortfall of 8,000 units according to a report by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. We continue to provide affordable land in Nakuru as a way of creating a long-term solution to housing”.

Kimani also thanked the Agricultural Society of Kenya for organizing the forum which made it possible to share information about affordable properties to various publics and enable them own land as the first step towards home ownership in line with the Affordable Housing Agenda under the Government’s Big Four Development Agenda.

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Irene Wanjiku Talks About Roof Evolution

Inversk Review



The author of this article is a roofing specialist most commonly known as ‘The Roofing Queen’ and Managing Director of Rexe Roofing Products Ltd. Learn more about her here.

Most architects I have interacted with, and discussed some aspects of roofing for their projects, would not shy off from expressing their frustrations dealing with clients whose preoccupation is the roof. Not just a roof, but a complex one with a series of pitches and ridges combined with dormers and roof windows with surfaces pitched at absurd angles and finished with all manner of materials with varying colours, all as the clients fight to beat their neighbours by having the most ‘unique’ house. For them, to achieve this uniqueness and beauty, the roof is critical.

For the 15 years that I have been in the roofing industry, helping architects and developers put good roofs over the houses they design and build, I have come to learn that how a roof looks is important. More important however is the understanding that a roof equals protection and survival. A roof protects the things we love and care about and it offers us safety and strength if properly built and installed.

Man has utilized various natural resources, technological methods and ways of application throughout history to create the roofing we have today. From wood, mud and straw, to tiling, shingles and beyond, one thing we have always taken for granted is the necessity of a properly functioning roof for survival since the dawn of time. Roofs help protect us every day of our lives but we rarely think about them unless they stop working properly.

The earliest known roofing was the wooly skin of a giant mammoth noted in Siberia 40,000 BC.

In 100 BC the Romans introduced slating and tiling and in 735 AD thatched roofs made their debut. 300 years would pass before wood shingles bowed and it wasn’t until the 12th Century when things really got moving. Right about that time, King John of England decided that thatched and reed roofs of London were to be replaced with clay tiles. This was in an attempt to reduce spreading of fires. This declaration became some sort of a ‘law’.

We have come a long way since putting wooly mammoth over our heads and the roofing industry has changed a lot in the last 200 years. The idea remains the same today as it was then; a quality roof is safety and protection from the elements, it keeps us warm during cold weather and cool when it is hot outside.

How a roof is built is dependent upon a number of factors, key among them is the architectural concepts implemented in the building design. The building design concepts, especially with regards to the roofs, would be influenced by the purpose of the building, available roof building materials and technologies, and the local traditions of construction.

The basic shapes of a roof include flat, mono pitched, gabled, hipped, butterfly, arched and domed. There are many variations of the same types and the factors which influence the shapes of the roofs are climate of the area and materials available for the roof structure and finishes for the outer layer.

Currently in Kenya, roof typologies are stagnant. Most residential buildings have pitched roofs, some which could even be of organic shapes mostly due to the use of flexible materials like thatch or shingles. A few variants have made use of flat roofs, ostensibly to create usable terrace spaces at the roof level. The dominant roof typology for the commercial buildings is the flat roof.

Pitched roofs are usually two sided sloped, mostly with a gable on both ends. If the gables are replaced with pitched surfaces, creating a pyramidal shaped roof, this variation transforms into a heaped roof. In most cases, the pitch of both sides is the same although it is not unusual to see roofs pitched at different angles primarily for aesthetics.

Majority of the roofing projects we have worked on in Kenya have a traditional joinery support structure. Construction of the structure is carried out on site with the help of sawn timber. The joints of the timber are nailed together and at times reinforced with the use of hoop iron around some of the joints. Fabrication on site is preferable as it allows for flexibility especially in cases where accuracy and consistency in measurements maybe a problem.

In the recent past, light gauge steel made a debut into the industry as a possible replacement to timber. The uptake has been on the rise with developers using it mostly as a truss structure in place of the traditional timber trusses. Its popularity is rising due to the light weight of the steel allowing for quick construction without heavy tools and equipment.

Pitched roof is also aesthetically appealing effective in shedding water hence reducing water leakage during heavy rains. Most home owners have come to refer to a pitched roof as the crown of their home, as if done correctly it not only depicts order but beauty of the home and elegance as well.

In reality, there is no flat roof. This term is generally used to describe roofs with low pitches, below 10 degrees. Mostly used for commercial buildings where the form of the building is not dependent on a visible roof. Climates with low levels of rainfall and high temperatures are also dominated with flat roofs that provide a living space on the roof in the form of a terrace. Flat roofs tend fail in places with high levels of rainfall.

As you ink down the sketches for your next project, or as you reconsider what you are currently building, we shall be at hand to share ideas and insights on several aspects of roofing for projects. The roof is a broad area whose surface we have just touched. In the coming issues of BUILDesign Magazine, we shall delve deeper into the various aspects of roofing and engage with you as we discuss some of these aspects in detail.

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