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Kenya’s Budding YouTube Sensation, Hellen Ndung’u

Kimani Patrick



If there is one undoubted thing that we can say about Hellen Ndung’u is that she is Kenya’s budding YouTube sensation.

The 25-year old, Actuarial Science graduate and a mother of one revamped her YouTube channel less than two months ago and she has already caught the attention of brands such as SuperFoam Africa.

YouTube, the video-sharing platform, has changed the way we discover talented persons that are able to educate the youth in Africa today, at the click of a button. The millennial generation is definitely one that is changing the rules of how the world operates. For instance, consumers are now immune to generic advertisements and brands more capable of drawing consumers attention through working with peer influencers like Hellen.

While hundreds of Kenyans upload videos to YouTube every day, Hellen stands out due to her focus on product reviews, personal growth, and mom life. She has reviewed products that Kenyans use everyday such as Arimis, Oppo Phones, and the renowned SoftCare Diapers.

She credits her growth to consistency and content value. Every week she strives to put out at least two to three videos. Her consistency aligns with the YouTube algorithm that recommends videos from channels that upload consistently. On the other hand, she is able to achieve content value through a simple but rigorous process.

Her content creation process starts off with research on topics of interest to her audience as well as trending topics. She then embarks on creating a plan for each video with the intention of sifting out the unnecessary information and directing her focus towards value addition. These are skills that she is still in the process of mastering as she grows her YouTube numbers.

She also conducts cross-platform marketing through other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn to draw traction to her content. All these coupled up with being a wife and nurturing her 5-months old son who also features on her channel, comprise the routine of this working mother.

One notable thing from her videos is her commitment to intentional parenting. Whether she is sharing with mothers in her audience on how to sleep training their toddlers, to organized life tips, and advice for parents travelling with their children, one is sure that they will learn something new from all her videos. The value addition commitment displayed through her work is not only inspiring but also one that sets a world-class precedent.

Her followers on her social media platforms are not so much like fans but more of friends that can trust her advice regarding products and personal growth. She has a warm persona that can easily transition into serious sit-down videos regarding real issues in our society today such as the Ivy Wangeci Murder and Maternal Negligence in Kenyan hospitals.

Although content creation opens one up to criticism, Hellen says that it is her best way to contribute towards social building through her brand. Moreover, she is able to apply her actuarial skills of enterprise risk management in her online work. She aspires to work with more brands that care for her audience through consumer value addition. Many have tried and failed at launching a YouTube Channel but Hellen seems to be relentless in creating more content every week. This young achiever is one to watch as she scales up and beyond the limits.

You can find Hellen on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or subscribe to her Youtube Channel.

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Top 5 Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffet) Money Tips.

Kevins Jerameel



Talk about money everyone becomes attentive for it is a measure of work done and wealth. All and sundry do want to have money notwithstanding their tribe, culture, region, religion or clan.

As some do say money is not everything but the only thing. Want to ever make wise investment decisions that will lead to financial freedom? That is what Warren Buffet, commonly known as Oracle of Omaha has been doing for several years now, making him among the top ten billionaires in the world.

Whether you are poor at the moment or not happy about the money, it is within your pocket, the wisdom of Oracle of Omaha will ring true as you work to make best choices for your situation.

Take these tips to that bank;

  1. Fear in others is an opportunity for you.

A climate of fear is an ideal period for investors. Those who invest only when commentators are upbeat end up paying a heavy price for meaning less reassurance. Keep your head about you when others decide with fear and you will find value at every turn.

  1. Invest in what you understand

Any investment you make you have to make sure you comprehend it fully failure to which you will cry later. Even if you find a good investment and you do not understand how it works stay away from it.

  1. Maintain a healthy origin

We do definitely pay a steep price to maintain our financial strength. Holding enough cash to get you through times of uncertainty in your business has the same result of keeping you free from fear-based blunder. Figure out the number you need to keep safe in order to sleep well at night.

  1. Concentrate on long term results

Have that delayed gratification mentality, I do know it is hard but it pays a price the end of the tunnel. Think of involving on land, shares, money market fund name it. Have that vision of about 10-15 years from now, it will pay.

  1. Take full responsibility for your investment decisions

Each success or failure of your investments take it on a personal angle and be responsible for your decisions.

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Ruby Ninah -How Business Cards Only Helped This Young Entrepreneur to Build Her Entertainment Business

Inversk Review



When we think about music, what comes to mind is the successful musicians with hit songs and how much they made in their albums. Success in music has been left to mean famous, trending, collaborations, giving back to society and sometimes even scandals. But today we tell a story of one Ruby Ninah who interprets music differently and how she managed to kick off a different kind of music career and is doing very well at it.

Ruby, a musician, is also the founder and CEO of Ruby Ninah Entertainment (RNE) a company that specializes in live music for corporate events,  dinners and gala events. Her main genre being JAZZ.  RNE was started in 2016 with nothing but a couple of business cards and a bunch of friends. Ruby says that what pushed her into starting her own company was because she found herself in a place of lack. No job, no money and that right there became her defining moment. A recipe to launch into the unknown and believe that it will work out alright.

One thing about Ruby is that she does not subscribe to the division of music in terms of secular or gospel. ”I do not comply to the idea of dividing music into gospel or secular because I think its very relative. I believe every other profession never ties down someone to the two. We do not have gospel bakeries or secular butcheries. Therefore, for me, my call is to sing songs bigger than secular or gospel. I sing songs that speak to the souls. Songs that heal and restore the souls of people.” With this, most of her songs have an emancipating value that can be heard anywhere, which is a plus for business.

It goes without saying that many business entities have challenges and this Ruby’s is not an exception. Considering jazz music has been male dominated for a long time, gaining access to potential clients can be very challenging. Coupling that along with her potential clients stereotyping her as a struggling artists because she chose to do live gigs as opposed to doing music like other artists has been quite a journey. Also her partners have been a challenging batch over the years.

Ruby tells a story of a time she had a gig and her sound guys decided to bail on the day of the event because she couldn’t pay deposit despite the fact that they had agreed to settle the bill after the gig was done. ”Despite these challenges I have learnt to be very objective about what happens. I go in with a mindset of doing business and whatever happens in between is a lesson to learn,” she says.

One of the biggest gigs for Ninah was on 20th September 2018 because for the very first time she got an opportunity to network with so many people. ”It was my first cooperate event and I feel like the connections I created there have been the ones that have enabled me to get better. Because some of them called me for more work. I also handled cash for the first time which was also a great thing.”

One of the things that motivates Ninah to keep building towards making her business bigger is the fulfillment she gets when she is on that stage. ”There is a way I feel when am singing. Its electric. Just being able to carry a crowd and touch their lives through the sound I release is everything to me,” she says. She looks forward to be an ultimate service provider for live jazz music and manage artists to the best of her ability.

For Ruby the music industry can do better in the side of management. One thing that is important for Ruby is having good managers who can continue to build the brand and sell the artist as they focus on doing what they do best which is sing. The industry should be open and get rid of the ‘I want it all mentality’. It is important to have professional people who can help you run your career and build it up other than a person as an artist being their everything. Also, the classification of songs could kill the the spirit behind the song. The industry should give more room for the songs to find a proper footing and be expressed in their rawest form without trying to classify into gospel or secular, but rather receive the song for what

”My mantra, hmm I could mention two. One is from the bible: Psalm 116:7 and it says:Return to your rest, O my soul, For the LORD has dealt bountifully with you. This means everything to me because i can connect my faith to what i do and be assured that God will always come through for me no matter what happens. The second is this, the world owes you nothing. So go out there and do you and be unapologetic for it. There will never be another you. So live your life to the full. And that is what Ruby and RNE function on.”

Five things Ruby says have made her thrive in her business this far are:

  1. Stay true to yourself

Be authentic and live life being the best version of yourself. At the end of the day you only have one life and you cannot afford to live it trying to be someone you are not happy with.

 2. Believe in your magic

There is magic that happens when we all do what we are called to do. Believe in it and do it.

3. Don’t take it personally it’s business

Sometimes as you do business, people will offend you. Do not take it personally. It is business, things go wrong. Be easy and let go.

4. Network

If you are going to be effective and do well in business, you have to have a good connection with people. Create good rapport with everyone. People will always remember how you made them feel and either recommend you or not.

 5.Be nice

It doesn’t matter who it is. Always be nice to everyone. You never know who you will need to help you in future.

Story done by Arlene Ayiera for Inversk on March 13 2019.

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Kenya’s Juliana Rotich Bags Top Award in Germany for her Tech Innovations.

Inversk Review



An IT pioneer in Kenya, Juliana Rotich was accorded the German Africa Foundation award for her splendid work in digital revolution in Africa.

The award was given to her by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at Allianz Forum next to Brandenburg Gate, in Berlin, Germany.

The award ceremony was attended by over 300 guests from political, business and social realm.

The German Africa Foundation has been annually awarding outstanding African personalities who have contributed in a remarkable way to peace, democracy, human rights, economic development or culture on the African continent.

“The global demand for her innovations impressively proves that digital products ‘made in Africa’ can conquer the world market,” said the statement.

The 42-year-old is the co-founder of Ushahidi, an open source platform that has revolutionized flow of information worldwide. She is also the co-founder of the technology company BRCK, which is the largest public Wi-Fi provider in Sub-Saharan Africa since February 2019

Other co-founders who work along side Julian are Mr Erik Hersman, Mrs Ory Okolloh and Mr. David Kobia.

The BRCK designed a battery-powered, multi-connection device that provides internet access through various channels without electricity for up to 8 hours, ensuring that regions with low infrastructure or crisis areas have access to digital world and what is happening around them. BRCK is today in 150 countries around the world.

The software was developed after the 2007 General Election in Kenya, when several riots and serious violent acts were recorded.

The open-source software allows people to upload incidents like electoral fraud, corruption,human rights violation and make the information acquired accessible in real time on an online map.

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