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You Can make Ksh 48,000 By Selling Smokies and Eggs: This Is How

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Self-employment is good. It is the only thing you can do day and night and feel contented, that you have done something meaningful. You cannot compare employment and business. This is because with business you are your own boss, but with employment, your boss is always on your neck regardless of the effort you put in. Business is however not for everyone, especially not for the faint hearted.

Small-scale businesses have been on the rise in our country, especially due to the high cases of unemployment. If you are thinking of starting something, then the smokies and eggs business is a choice you might want to consider.

First and foremost, you need capital, less than Ksh. 10,000. For starters, you need a smokie grilling equipment which goes for around Ksh. 5,000, a supply of smokies and eggs and of course a source of fire. For smokies you can get them at the nearest Farmer’s choice Shop, where a packet of smokies, containing 22 pieces goes for Ksh. 330. As for the eggs, you can get supply from your nearest shop or source from friends, where normally a tray goes for Ksh. 300 or Ksh. 280, depending on your supplier.

A strategic location to locate your business is also necessary. You need to place your business where people can easily access it. For instance; near bus stops and stages, around learning institutions, around bars and clubs, around places hosting social events, or generally any other place you think people can easily access.

The profit margins in this type of business are huge. Allow me to take you through.

When you buy a packet of smokies at Ksh. 330, with 22 pieces, that means each piece goes for Ksh. 15. So how about you sell a piece at Ksh. 25? You automatically get a profit of Ksh. 10. And if you are in a highly populated area where you can sell like five or more packets, you get very high returns.

If you manage to sell five packets a day, with each packet containing 22pieces, you will have sold 110 pieces. If you sell each at Ksh.25, you make Ksh. 2750. The expenses you will have used that day are averagely 330*5= 1650 Ksh. Plus kachumbari cost which is averagely Ksh. 100 for tomatoes, onions and dhania.  That adds up to Ksh. 1750. Total profits from that sale will add up to Ksh. 2750-1750=1000. Simply put, you will make a profit of Ksh. 1000 in a day.

If you decide to sell eggs as well, your profit will be elevated. Take for instance you sell averagely 2 trays of eggs per day. That is Ksh.60, with every egg costing Ksh.20, thus making Ksh. 1200 a day. The expenses involved for eggs per day are Ksh. 600 for two trays of eggs.  That means, the profit you will make in a day for eggs is Ksh. 600

The best part is here… If you decide to do both eggs and smokies, your monthly income estimates will be Ksh. 48000 in a month. How awesome.

And just in case you do not have time to run the business due to other engagements, you can hire someone for the day at Ksh. 200 per day. Now that, is convenience, don’t you think?

Most people do not want to venture into this kind of business because they feel it is of those who are not educated. How about you give that a second thought now? You can actually do this as a side hustle. For instance, if you are a regular student in college, you might need an extra penny at the end of the day and this might be a good idea for you. After classes, you can do this in the evening till late in the night. Even if you are already employed you can do this alongside your full time job.

Roasting and selling smokies is also stress free. It only requires basic culinary skills, and of course marketing and communication skills to keep your customers and get new ones. You can do it on a part time basis or even consider full time.

If you are there and wondering what to do with the little capital you have, here’s an option for you.  You can try this out and see how it turns out. All the best I as you endeavor to get in this new exciting your venture.

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Understanding Art Piece Collection Value In The Market

Dennis Kamau



You probably have had a trigger of suspense when art is mentioned either in the movies and you wonder how to value them? Well there are a number of factors to consider when valuing an art piece.

Unknown to individuals when it comes to art, is the value that art piece carries on matters concerning the monetary value. The most important factor when valuing an art piece is the artist of the work.

A piece of work that has been produced frequently by an artist will have a high monetary value than an art piece done by a new artist. Also, works that was produced as old art collections have a quite good impression as they tell a story of occurrence of that season and whether it represents their work.

Subject of work may narrow or broaden the market of buyers as more private buyers are purchasing art directly from the artist (primary market). Certain subjects always attract more clientele than others. Like an art piece of a beautiful lady will sell better or the big five animals than a portrait of an old man.

Subjectivity of work is not a factor that is independent but depends on the drive of demand of buyers. If the demand is high the prices increases. The commercial value of art piece depends on collective intentionality similar to currency.

On a different scale, sizes matter where even though the artist may feel that a small size is efficient the buyer perception is different.  Art piece with big size are expensive in the market like a wonderful sculpt that can sit at the backyard of an individual or next to the welcoming door of the house.

The type of materials used in an art piece can greatly increase the price, Leonard Davinci Mona Lisa painting holds the highest value insurance for a paint, its custodian is the museum. Art is being redefined from the beginnings of illusionist painting to complex photography with binary digits and also, sculpture designs. We humans tend to try and tell a story of what the impression an artist had when coming up with an art design.

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15 Highly Inspiring Quotes from George Wachiuri That Will Make You Think Differently

Kimani Patrick



As the captain to one of the most ambitious companies in Africa, George Wachiuri is a man admired by many – not because of his success over the years but also for his service to the community and warm personality.

To start with, this man is pretty much unstoppable, his journey took off by losing a Sh 5M worth of lifetime savings through a deal gone sour. But that did not stop him from heading to the future – he soldiered on to build and position Optiven Group as a reading real estate brand in east Africa before diversifying into hospitality, construction, agribusiness and insurance.

But perhaps the greatest thing Mr. Wachiuri has ever done is inspire others to be their best selves. He can also make miracles happen, too. In fact, if it weren’t for him, most entrepreneurs in Kenya including myself could still be struggling in our businesses. Here’s how some of his 15 most inspirational quotes can transform your life;

  1. No one should ever give up. Learn to focus on your vision, trust in God, be self-disciplined, network relentlessly, be passionate about your undertakings, work smart and hire people who are smarter than you.
  2. I ventured into business thinking it would be easy, I failed 15 times before things started working out. When you fail dust yourself off and rise up, it is a lesson.
  3. Always be in peace with each other, do good and help those that are disadvantaged in life. If you cannot help many, just help one.
  4. It takes many hands to make light work, but more importantly, it takes one step at a time to complete the journey of 1000 miles.
  5. Keep telling yourself good and positive things. Keep mining the best attributes out of yourself. I am a great person, I am the best that there is, I am a winner, I am extremely handsome, I am amazingly beautiful. Ultimately, you will condition your brain to think and act with this kind of positivity. And when success comes as a result of this positive attitude, take time to celebrate, however minimal this success seems.
  6. One thing I have discovered about life is that the best age to be is 45 to 55 years as you are able to skillfully take calculated risks.
  7. Awards are given out as a reward to those who have a positive impact on their communities and the country or region they operate.
  8. Service to humanity and leadership to humanity is a humble calling
  9. It is an effort and requirement for all of us to reach out to the youth through mentorship. This way, we empower them to leave a tangible mark wherever they go and make society a better place.
  10. If all your friends are always affirming you, you will end up living in a comfort zone.
  11. Take a risk and explore new things, new targets, smile differently, work differently. People who don’t change become salty.
  12. The worst thing that you can ever do is to yourself is to compare yourself with another person. You have to always remember that you are the only version of yourself in the whole world.
  13. It is wise to avoid unnecessary competition with your peers, with your colleagues, with your family members. You better learn to compete with only one person in life – yourself.
  14. Never allow people to define you or your capacity. Be assertive and learn to go for what you want in life without seeking the approval of everyone around you. Have a total control of your life and break the chains of unrealistic societal expectations that will always turn into a frustrating mirage chase.
  15. There is joy in diversity. Life could be very boring if we were all looking the same, talking the same language or belonging to the same religion. Learn to accommodate other people.

Which of the quotes above inspired you most? Comment below,

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Guide to Starting a Day Care Business in Kenya that Will Make you Ksh 100,000 Per Month

Inversk Review



The number of parents looking to wean their babies as early as possible is rising as the middle income earners strive for better jobs and salaries. However, long gone are the days when hiring house helps from the rural areas was cheap and that was the norm and the tradition of the society.

Lately, house helps have become very expensive to maintain owed to the additional burden of employees’ benefits for example NHIF deductions.

Because of all these, parents now prefer to take their infants to day care centers.

A day care business, unlike other business investments will cost you next to nothing. Basically the two most important assets in starting this business are: the knowledge on early childhood development and the love for children. The other important aspect is the trust from the parents so that they can entrust you with taking care of their children.

Here are some basics that you need to know before starting a daycare business:

Step 1: Getting started.

You need to find a good location for this business. This means that the location should be in a good place and a clean environment and mostly important should be spacious.

Even if you choose to operate it from your home or in a commercial leased house, you will need to get a professional determination on whether or not the premises are suitable for a childcare facility.

A spacious house with several rooms in a rural area can cost Ksh 5,000 and a similar one in an urban area can cost up to Ksh 20,000 to around Ksh 50,000 and above for high tier estates.

Step 2: Get the license

Once you have figured out the location of your business, you will need to think about getting a license and insurance. The most important license you will need is the single business permit and fire safety both which is issued by the county government.

The former goes for Ksh 15,000 and the latter for about Ksh 3,000. You will also need to purchase liability insurance cover to protect your facilities, staffs and also children. The cost of this may vary.

Step 3: Prepare the premises and also buy equipment.

You can call in a carpenter and a painter to do the job of converting your into a typical child friendly environment, ask the painter to do bright colors that children love and more attractive to children. At the same time, you can also request the carpenter to help you with making affordable equipment.

These are the basic equipment and appliances you may need:

  1. Toys like dolls, water colors, finger paints, markers, and ribbons, plastic blocks, stuffed animals and puzzles.
  2. Basic education materials like story books and charts.
  • Furniture for example small chairs, tables, couches, nap mats and tools.
  1. Appliances like refrigerator, small sufurias, microwave, buckets and cups.
  2. Playground equipment like used car tyres, bouncing castle, trampolines etc.

Step 4: Market your business

The best way to market a baby day care business is through referrals. So even if you are setting up the facility remember to network with as many parents as possible: that means that a good reputation is the key and the only way out to be known. Invest in a few flyers and business cards if possible and a bit of social media marketing later on if possible.

Step 5: Hire additional staffs.

Before hiring any additional staff, make sure that they have a Certificate of good conduct and a good knowledge of caring for children. Someone may seek to work with you for their hidden ill agenda.  Some of the staff members you can hire include security personnel, cleaners, cooks, and tutors especially for ECD. And always remember that the smaller the team the better.

Step 6: Invest in documentations.

You can think of keeping a list of parents to sign when they have brought in their babies and the time they took their kids away. Including the acknowledgement that the parents fully understand and accept the rules and policies more so the procedures of your day care center.

Step 7: Determine your pricing.

You should consider the cost of renting your facilities, how much you will pay your staffs per day or month will influence your pricing.  And also compare your prices with the other day care centers in your area.

  1. How much to invest: Starting small is the way to build a successful daycare business. Just get what is enough to pay the room if you are renting, buy basic supplies and market your business.
  2. How much to expect in return: Parents pay as much as Ksh 30,000 per term that is for a child in the middle to upmarket estates of Nairobi. Using this estimate we as the entrepreneurs, we can project revenue of Ksh 600,000 in 3 months for a small day care center of around 20 children and this could translate to Ksh100,000 net profit per month and after deducting all expenses.

Winding Up

Starting a day care business is a great idea, the energy and determination is what you need. Go ahead and utilize this opportunity to build a business that will make this world a better place to be.

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