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Who Is This Man Hilary Mutyambai Set To Be Top Cop

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Who is this Hilary Mutyambai? The first impression he gives is an ordinary soft-spoken man who is a good listener and speaks little. This is quite the opposite of what you would expect from the nominee for the country’s chief cop.

But the name of the career police officer-turned-spy, who has kept his life private, elicits admiration in counter violent extremism circles, owing to his achievements. During the unfortunate Dusit D2 complex terrorist attack, Hilary was the guy who coordinated security forces in the rescue operation.

Hilary joined the Kenya Police Service in 1998 as a corporal and made his way to the top at the National Intelligence Service (NIS) where is currently is the deputy director of Counter Terrorism Intelligence. “He is a witty man who acts diplomatically. He knows what he does and does what he knows,” is what a colleague had to say about him.

President Kenyatta through the State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena released an executive order on Wednesday to nominate Hilary in line with Article 245(2) of the Constitution. As the law clearly stipulates, the fate of Hilary is left to the Parliament so they can either approve or reject and this will be after National Assembly’s Administration and National Security Committee have vetted him.

The National Police Service Commission Act requires the National Assembly to approve or reject the nominee for the position of IG within 21 days from the date the Speaker makes the announcement. The IG designate holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nairobi and a Master of Arts degree in national security policy from the Australian National University, which his predecessor, Mr. Joseph Boinnet, also attended.

As reported by Nation, Hilary has undergone specialized training in counter-terrorism in New Orleans (USA), operational management in the UK, advanced security analysis in the US, policing, intelligence and counter terrorism in Israel. It says that Mr. Mutyambai, who comes from Mwala, Machakos County, also served as Kenya’s political attaché in Uganda from 2000 to 2004.

In the occasion that Mr. Mutyambai gets into office, his responsibilities will include security sector reforms, counter terrorism, police welfare, transnational crimes and vetting of civilian firearm holders, among others. He will be expected to implement pending structural changes in the police service, including the appointment of the new ward commanders. He will also oversee the work of the recently appointed regional commanders. He also will be closely monitored by human rights groups, which have persistently accused the police of extrajudicial executions, harassment and abuse of power.

The New IG will be expected to implement pending structural changes in the police service including the appointment of new Ward Commanders. He will also oversee the work of the recently appointed Regional Commanders, County Commanders and Sub County Commanders that saw the removal of the Officer In Charge of Station (OCPD) positions scrapped.

One of Mr Mutyambai’s heaviest duty will be to fight corruption among police officers- which has been blamed for impeding the fight against crime.

He at the same time will be expected to oversee the implementation of the structural and organizational changes announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta last year, that saw the partial merger of the Administration Police Service and the Kenya Police Service.

The IGP will also be on the radar of human rights groups who have constantly accused the police of extrajudicial executions, harassment and misuse of power.

Since he will serve for four years, he will oversee the 2022 General Elections and ensure that he maintains order and calm before, during and after.

He will work closely with the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA), the National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), the National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons (KNFP), the Regional Centre for Small Arms (RECSA), the National Crime Research Centre (NCRC), the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) among others.

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Sh1,000 Notes Abroad to be Exchanged in the Country, CBK Says

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Patrick Njoroge, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor, has urged those with the old Sh1,000 notes that are out of the country to exchange them in Kenya before the October 1st deadline elapses.

The Governor dismissed permitting conversion of the old currency outside the country, adding that the CBK had alerted all foreign banks to cease recognition of the old notes.

He further said that banks outside the country will not be receiving any new notes to aid in conversion, contending that this would defeat the process of demonetization.

“If you have the Kenyan currency and you happen to be outside the country, there is only one way to get value for it before October 1. You have to take a trip here and go through the procedures outlined in the Gazette notice and subsequent releases,” said Dr. Njoroge when speaking at a press briefing yesterday.

“You cannot convert it to any other currency out there since this would defeat the process of demonetization.”

Earlier this month, notices were issued from the Bank of Tanzania and the Bank of Uganda discontinuing the conversion of the old currency in their banks. In addition, they have directed their countries’ banks to apply more stringent due diligence processes to all currency flows.

The procedures to be followed for currency conversion by locals will also be followed by those coming into the country.

Dr. Njoroge has warned that measures have been put in place to thwart any efforts to clean illicit money in nations involved in significant financial transactions with Kenya.

After the East African Community allowed free movement of goods and people across member states, the Kenyan shilling is frequently used in business transactions in neighbouring countries.

The result is that this money comes back home through those trade routes and official currency repatriation mechanisms between central banks of countries in the Community.

He also said that the deadline will not be extended, arguing that an extension would create a loophole for those seeking to clean their dirty money to do so.

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Safaricom and Equity in Deal to Offer Loans to Contractors

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Safaricom contractors that may find themselves short on cash will now be able to access as much as Sh200 million in unsecured short-term loans following a deal between the telco and Equity Bank. This will help the contractors to maintain cash flow positions before receiving payment for their services.

The firm wrote a letter addressed to its business partners in which it said that the aim of the deal is the creation of a more procurement-ready business. The main beneficiaries will be Safaricom dealers, suppliers, and agents.

In the fiscal year ended March 2019, Safaricom had 440 dealers, 156,000 M-Pesa agents, and 1,164 suppliers.

“We are pleased to inform you of our partnership with Equity Bank which will offer our partners financing solutions linked to purchase orders and invoices,” said Francis Murabula, Safaricom’s head of supply chain management, in the letter.

He is asking the dealers, suppliers, and agents for consent to share their information including contact details, invoice and purchase order information to enable loan processing for potential firms.

Contractors will be able to borrow from Equity before or after they fulfill their contractual obligations with Safaricom.

The terms and amount of the loan applied for will depend on each company’s credit rating.

Therefore, for a contractor to qualify for an unsecured loan of up to Sh200 million, they have to be using unpaid accounts for goods and services that have already been provided to Safaricom as their collateral.

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Reuben Kimani Wins The Africa Business Personality Award 2019

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Reuben Kimani, Username Investment Limited CEO is set to be awarded the 2019 African Business Personality Award at the Voice Achievers Award.

Kimani will be awarded at an Award Gala slated on 16th August 2019 at Sarova Panafric Hotel in Nairobi.

The prestigious award is organised by the Netherlands based Dutch Magazine and is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Through the award, the magazine seeks to recognize outstanding men and women who have made substantial contributions towards the advancement of Africa and its people.

The award acknowledges Africans and friends of Africa, who in pursuit of their businesses and services to humanity have distinguished themselves in various fields of human endeavour across Africa.

Other renowned awardees for the award include; Her Excellency, Mrs. Isaura Nyusi, First Lady of the Republic of Mozambique, Dr. Kizza Besigye, Prof. PLO Lumumba, Hon Ababu-Terrah Namwamba, Hon Esther Passaris, Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch (rtd), Arch Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Dr. Kennedy Waningu, Hon. Patriciah Mutheu Musyimi, Raphael Obonyo among others. The names of the awardees have been published on the Magazine’s website.

While confirming Reuben’s nomination, the Voice African News Magazine noted that; “It was a unanimous choice because of Reuben’s un-paralleled contribution as a businessman of repute, manager of people and giver to worthy causes within Kenya where he has positively impacted the lives of citizenry through creating employment during this scare period of jobs in the country.”

“Your professionalism has rubbed off on your trainees and brought respect and dignity to your profession. Your hard work, integrity, focus and a desire to be the best are the values that drive you and what you do. No surprise your works are recognized within the shores of Kenya and beyond; as CEO, Username Investment Ltd., a leading real estate and investment company in Kenya with a mission of providing the current and upcoming generation with a place they can call home. It is a laudable accomplishment”, read a letter sent to the former.

As the co-founder and CEO of Username Investments, Reuben has led the Company to make a contribution in making properties deliberately affordable with prices ranging between Ksh 199,000 to Ksh 500,000. This has made great contribution in the Affordable Housing Agenda, one of the 4 key pillars of the government development agenda.

Through his leadership, the Company has accomplished over 36 projects, issued over 6,000 title deeds to clients living both in Kenya and the diaspora. Username Investments has also grown from 4 employees to over 50 directly employed and 500 indirectly employed in three offices. Reuben is also a thought leader in the real estate industry where he provides insights by being a panelist in various mainstream media channels and also through his YouTube; Real Estate in Kenya with Reuben Kimani.

His efforts have seen the Company bag accolades across the industry for outstanding performance, as an individual he has bagged 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Business Executive Champion Award, Entrepreneur of the Year by Kenya Professional Realtors Association (KPRA) and JKUAT Alumni Achievement Award for his achievements post-graduation.

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