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A University Degree Alone Won’t Make You Successful! More Is Required!

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Varsities churning out “half-baked” graduates are a bona fide concern in Kenya today. Good grades in our papers but out there we have no job. Many universities pump too much theories into students forgetting that the job market demand both theory and skills.

This is a real issue which has been haunting our graduates for years now and unless dramatic change is done, the chain of unemployment’s will raise high amongst graduates. The mindset to have papers first, has even forced female students to exchange sexual favors with lecturers for scores. Not leaving behind others buying degree certificates!

The admission of unqualified students for lucrative courses is a big peril also. Take for example; a form four candidate who cheated for an ‘A’ and got a University admission to pursue medicine or engeneering. Fake doctors? For they cannot perform? Fake engineers for they can’t deliver.

In Kenya, an ‘A’ has been so highly regarded, as if it is a key to a lifetime of success and prosperity. As a result the pressure to perform is so high, that most students would do anything just to get there.

However; most of these graduates are the ones who ignored their passions to sacrifice on academic papers. As much as university degree is important, create time and follow your passion too.

What if we also do what our hearts melts doing? Won’t we have much than enough?

“It was exactly sometime now when I was supposed to do group presentation in class. As a university student, my work was to read, sometimes cram if I could just to make sure I scored that ‘A’ in a particular unit. I was shy than you could imagine! Saying my name was even the biggest problem I could ever facade in my lifetime. It did not bother me as much, little did I forget that a university degree alone wasn’t enough to qualify me to the job market?

With a passion to pursue photography, I had decided to capture photos of my course mates just within the University and make money from it. I remember asking my friend of any good college I could study a part time course in photography. I felt it comfortable in being a photographer, nothing needed expression. In that, this could match with my shy character.

This issue kept hitting my head before it was too enough. What about the day I will go out for an interview? Yes, I will have good papers! But who will talk on my behalf on this day? Before I could answer myself all this questions, I landed myself to a new idea.

The idea of starting a mentorship program where I could build my public speaking skills and confidence as well; The then Conducting talks to youths, children’s homes and high school students, which has really opened bunch of new opportunities for me. I could waste all this opportunities in the name of “reading for exams!” One confirmed, is being confident enough and as an ambassador of Writers Guild of Kenya which sharpened my writing skills and eventually made me have confidence in writing.” Faith says.

Many university students are too blind to take-in the job market in our country today need more than what is on papers.

“University degree does not equal to success. The same way lack of one doesn’t qualify for failure. It’s what you do with the knowledge and life skills you have that will make you successful.” ~ Dr. Chris Kirubi.

You are taking education at the university, how many students have you taught so far during your free time?

Pursuing a business course, how many banks and organisations have you approached to give you a chance to apply concepts taught in class?

We all need to think beyond library walls, the day when you won’t have time anymore to bask around university compound. Start that business you got in mind!

Girl, buy that dress, sell it to those your ‘lazy friends’ around campus, double the original price. Make money and next take it to the bank. Will we not be having enough but well prepared graduates in the job market? Will we not be managers on our own? Will we not solve the issue of million unemployed youths?

Think about it and open eyes before it’s too late!

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Faith Mutheu is a student at The University of Nairobi.  With a passion in leadership and mentorship; she is the founder of – a platform that seeks to help young people live their full life. She is also an author of the upcoming book “BEYOND OBSTACLES.”

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Offplan Development is the Way to Go for Homeowners

Kimani Patrick



Often called the cornerstone of everyone’s dream, home ownership is an important milestone of adulthood. The desire to become a homeowner, purchasing a property, is “a vital component” in our lives.

First-time homeowners, especially millennials find it expensive or rather unaffordable to acquire a mortgage or even buy a home in a single installment. However, the emergence of off-plan developments has made it easy for one to fulfill this dream. Now is the best time ever to fulfill that dream and begin to build equity.

Buying a house off plan presents an almost irresistible allure to investors and prospective homeowners, and has had a growing popularity due to the convenience it offers. The allure is driven by the promise made by property developers, to provide housing that is both ‘affordable’, flexible and ‘pocket-friendly’ for potential buyers, where the prices are much lower than the prices at the prevailing market rates.

This method of home investment is the purchase of property before completion, which is driven by the high prices prevalent within the real estate market and the time that developers take to deliver upon housing units. The property is therefore bought off the plan or at the design stage.

As a purchasing trend, aspiring property owners are able to acquire property by placing their money in development projects still under construction and in early stages during architectural plans.

While many may consider it a risky investment, off plan development usually pays off well especially where property is located in high-growth areas. It is a means of easy access to and ownership of property as an individual is able to pay off the money through a down payment, and later on in small and manageable installments.

The Perks of Off-plan Home Ownership

One of the advantages of this type of home ownership is making the first pick of a property within an ideal location. This is because most people often wait for properties to be fully constructed in order to make their purchase. Buying off plan means one is able to have the choice to make an improvement in the architectural plan, as long as the price limit is maintained to meet your demand.

The timing of an off-plan purchase agreement is advantageous in that having a long settlement period and a projected increase in market value growth, a potential buyer is accorded good equity growth. As an investor, you therefore acquire future assets and make capital gains at current prices.

Owning a property in its initial stages of development also saves you from future price increments, such that you do not pay any extra amount even if property prices in that particular area increase. This is because the price agreed upon has already been locked in and you are therefore not expected to pay more. This actually means you get to enjoy a price discount, which allows you to spend your capital on more investments where you can afford to consistently grow your property or investment portfolio.

Off plan development enables low initial capital outlay. In most cases, the developer requires an initial deposit and the balance is evenly spread across the construction period. For example, in our latest project dubbed Fanaka Estate, we allow you to pay a deposit of Ksh 2M and balance in 13 months totaling Kshs. 5.3M.

About Fanaka Estate

Fanaka Estate is a prime smart estate project strategically touching tarmac along Dagorretti road off the Southern Bypass. This smart estate features 3-bedroom master en-suite bungalows all suited with state-of-the-art modern CCTV surveillance system and intercom connection for gate security. Each house is internet ready and comes with two parking bays, a large lounge with separate dining, tiled floors and modern finishes. Cash buyers save a whooping Ksh 500,000 for the project and only pay Ksh 4.8M

By investing in this project as a landlord, the return on investment (ROI) is well above the interest rate you can earn on any bank deposit or savings account. Your affordable housing investment will be growing in price and value too. As a homeowner, you secure a high value asset at a low initial capital outlay. You are also set to benefit from capital appreciation where your property appreciates in value as you make your payments. This is because depending on the prevailing market conditions, houses bought via off plan schemes increase in value.

To invest in this estate, call Nyumbani Concepts on 0723 310 000 or email

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How Kenya’s Foremen is Redefining the Modern Day Men Shoe Game

Kimani Patrick



Guys, think about it: what defines you as a man? We are not talking about your personal responsibilities or that nice beard that makes you masculine; we are talking about your shoe game! Ask any lady, and they will tell you that the pair you adorn – whether for work or a social event. The shoe you wear plays a huge role in determining whether you get their number or not. Go ahead and ask your girl, and the answer will be the same.

The Foremen, a popular high-end men footwear store in Kenya knows this perfectly well, and that’s why they have invested time and resources to redefine the modern-day men shoe game, bringing you some awesome pairs that blend in any occasion.

A Look at the Footwear Industry

Here are some interesting facts. Remember Prada Sports somewhere between 1998 and 1999? Well, that was 20 years ago, when the footwear industry experienced a massive change. Prada became one of the most popular shoe brands by introducing a unique sports collection that made other big fashion companies follow suit. It’s said that the footwear industry experiences a massive change in style every 20 years.

Now, fast-forward to 2019. This year will remain an iconic year majorly because of the huge changes that have been experienced in the fashion industry. When it comes to dress shoes, especially, brands have re-introduced older designs, making them even more adorable for the gentlemen that care much about their shoe game. You can find stunning lace-up shoes, slip-ons, monk strap shoes, and, of course, the popular Chelsea boots that blend well in any occasion — be it wedding, office wear, or just a casual shoe worn with a nice pair of jeans.

Importance of Dress Shoes and why they Matter for The Foremen

What is that one thing that you wear that fits the description below?

  • Sharpens your style
  • Is a status of symbol
  • Women love and know it

Got an idea? No? Well, the answer is Shoes (dress shoes, for that matter)! You see, just as mentioned above, shoes are a key ingredient when it comes to every man’s style, and here’s why:

  • A good pair shows your status!

That’s right. Since time immemorial, shoes have played a significant role in people’s status. Hannibal Lecter, for instance, could determine what kind of background Clarice Starling came from by just looking at their shoes.

  • A good pair represents your attention to detail

Ladies will tell you this better — they can know how organized you are by just looking at your shoe game. Men have learned to care about their shoes, going beyond that nice combination of trousers, shirt, and jacket. They now adorn stylish pairs and prove they have a sharp eye for the small details. Call them sophisticated!

  • A good pair makes you appear sharp

From head all the way down to the toe, a nice pair of shoes will bring your A-game when it comes to style. It’s actually the “wow” factor.

The Foremen allow you to stand out with some of the best stylish shoes. They make high-end shoes from top brands in the world affordable, allowing you to turn heads when you grace any occasion. The company dares to be unique and different. Unlike other brands out there, the Foremen deals in luxury shoes, selling them directly to you so that you won’t incur costs of packaging, middlemen, and mass distribution.  You get quality, comfort, mobility, and most importantly, variety!

To get in touch with The Foreman contact them at +254 708 676 723 or follow them on Instagram.

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Some Practical Thoughts on Depression, How I Walked Out: Personal Story

Kimani Patrick



On this post I’m talking about my personal story on depression, and how I managed to overcome. Republished from 9th Sep 2018

Let’s get started,

Severe depression. That was the results.

And the truth is, I never chose to get depressed and I can’t wish anyone to get where I am or where I have been.

But you’re a very strong guy Mr. KP, that’s what most will say. Allow me say this, the belief that depression is a sign of weakness is a harmful misconception. If you think about it, it doesn’t make much logical sense. 😕

Mind you, it takes a lot of courage to accept even to yourself the fact that you’re struggling and even go ahead to seek help or share with someone.

For those of you who haven’t experienced either depression or anxiety, I urge you to realize that when a person talks to you about their anxieties or their depression that they are actually confiding in you. Listen to them without judging 😒

That’s the best thing you can do: listen. And it is not a one-day affair, it can take a few hours, a few days, weeks, months or even years. Thanks to friends who listened to me all through – consistent and never judging. You’ve listened to me and cared all through. I sincerely value you 🙏🏾

Friends, depression & anxiety are illnesses too. The sad part is it is so hard for one to know they are suffering. It took me more than a year. Sometimes there is a cure, sometimes there is only treatment. It is so similar to physical illnesses and injuries, yet no one will tell you to just snap out of a coma or asks if you’ve tried not having the flu. Just because I’ve been depressed does not mean I have been lazy, and the reason for an anxiety attack cannot always be explained. 🙆🏾‍

Today I’m better because I’ve risen above what has been tormenting me or at least I’ve found a workable solution. I had to deliberately put this cycle to an end, and it was not something that I was to do in the future – the journey has started.

But I’m bitter too 😒😒

To help you understand, let me share a personal story.

Back 14 months ago when I learned that things were getting out of hand, I resigned from church leadership and all committees that I had membership. Everyone thought the reason was for me to concentrate on business, it wasn’t. But somehow, I used it as an excuse🏾‍😢. I said everything was okay, I lied 😩😩

After that resignation, next point was to dig valleys and started to reside in them. All this was not subconsciously done. It reached a point where I became so unworthy and unfit & had to stop attending Sunday services. I literary avoided my church friends. For a period of about 7 months, almost everyone I met talked of how “lost” I have been not asking why. And next instant question was how business was doing, Inversk. See, people are only concerned about what you do and never about you 😭

For all that time,, only two people reached out and sincerely asked about my spiritual health. This is despite having hundreds of church friends. Friends whom we lead and fellowshipped together. Including reverends. Everyone was concerned about how’s Inversk was doing.

See, I introduced Inversk to my friends and they fell so much in love with it that they forgot about me 😢. Each time we meet, it was a time for me to share a brief.

That’s why I hate titles, I hate being referred by any title – Founder, CEO or whatever, all that is meaningless. Titles don’t produce value and I’ not always what I do. Just call me Kim and I’ll be good. At least that’s the name my mum and dad gave me.

I also regret going to the media. The media puts so much high standards for you so that everyone believes you are indomitable. Every young entrepreneur will agree to this. It is good for business but extremely bad for personal health.

And that on friends, is one of the dangers of building a business in public. I don’t regret it though👌🏾

Things have been so tough, tight and thin. To some point I thought I was insane 🤦🏾‍♂ But its extremely good to be on the trenches and hit the rock bottom. Because today, right now, I can feel my real self. The real Kimani Patrick is back. 😇

But before this moment,, I’ve been so lost, hurt and insecure. And during all these, I did hurt so many of my friends and family.

So how have I decided to overcome this?

I had to reconnect with myself. I have had to ask for forgiveness from myself. That sounds crazy but I needed it. Friends,, I had to confess to myself all the wrong decisions that I’ve done and ask for forgiveness. And I had to forgive myself unconditionally.

Reconnecting with God. He is my creator and He owns me. I had to ask for deliverance from all bad things and restoration of the lost love I had for my creator. And I have submitted afresh to Him. So when I say I’ve let God rule my life, it means I have given Him the control to every thing in my life 🙏🏾

Starting on a new journey. This one entails re-configuring my lost hopes and aspirations and speaking life to my own being. It means thinking beyond myself, believing myself once again and getting clear about my purpose, vision, mission, goals, aspirations, expectations and daily activities. Its about getting clear about my priorities on a daily basis.🙏🏾

No one achieves anything alone. Building bridges. Fourth thing is about making a bold and deliberate decision to build bridges. Each day, I am and will continue reaching out and reconnecting with everyone in my life that I’ve had a difference, misunderstanding or unaccomplished transaction. This is the hardest of all decisions. I need grace, patience and complete resilience to accomplish this.

But God is on my side 😇

Winding up:
Friends, trust me when I say that no one can ever criticize a person with anxiety or depression more harshly than they criticize themselves. I’ve done all that and for close to two years I’ve been my own worst critique.

And if you are one of the millions of people who feel lost because of depression or anxiety, know that the unexplained loneliness you feel doesn’t mean that you are alone – you are unique in how you feel. Seek help, it is not for the weak.

Jesus is also calling you: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Mathew 11:28-30

And if you read this to the end, don’t be sympathetic about my situation. That was then and this is now, I’m great and in need of no consolation. Also don’t call or DM showing that you care, I don’t need that!!

Here’s what I suggest, take a reality check on your own life, are you happy? 😇

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