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How To Live Your Passion

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Do you wake up every morning excited about your job? Do you enjoy what you do every day that you walk with a spring and a smile on your face? Are you living a satisfied and fulfilled life? Are you proud of the person you are at work because you are loving it and giving it your best? Do you feel you’ve a purpose, you’re living your purpose in your work? If not, then it’s about time you found who you really are. Find what makes you happy, what leaves you feeling complete and satisfied at the end of the day. Its time you stopped confusing your hobbies for your passion. Follow the simple steps below.

1. Differentiate your Hobbies and Passions

Let’s not all assume that we can differentiate the two. A hobby is something you do outside your normal schedule, when you’re bored for instance. Or when you’re in need of relaxing. Now a passion, to put it simply is, something you just can’t not do. It’s something you’ll sacrifice to do every day for the rest of your life. It’s your dream. It fulfills you and gives you purpose. Make sure you won’t stop teaching and start cooking because you love doing it when you’re bored.

2. Take a Step

You’re waking up every day telling yourself you got to pay the bills. Writing won’t do it. It just can’t. So you go through the motions like the thousands of others like you. You walk into a class and teach those kids hating every minute of it. You get home exhausted and drained from being on your feet all day. You feel lost, incomplete, dissatisfied and bitter because someone else is living your dream. What you don’t know is maybe that someone hates what she’s doing too. So take a moment, call yourself to a meeting and tell yourself “nothing but the truth”. Not the colored truth, the harsh truths. The deep meaningful, soul-searching brutal truths about your unhappiness. Know your passion, your dream and take a chance at it. Stop talking yourself out of writing that book, or painting and just do it. Write the first word, the first sentence, the first paragraph…soon enough, it will be the first chapter and you’ll be loving every minute of it. Besides, what you got to lose for trying?

3. Be willing to Give it All

We all know taking the first step is always hard. But like they say, a journey of a thousand mile starts with a single step. If you’re ready to start, are you willing to be patient, to give it your best, to own your strengths, your weaknesses and your uniqueness? Starting isn’t easy, but overseeing your dream isn’t either. You need to understand that there are challenges. So you need to own your passion. Know your values and work to keep them. Make sure you are willing to sacrifice. To know what is right and what make you happy while doing what you love. Sacrifice for your dream. If is negative and unhelpful and unsupportive friends, kick them out. Give up the bad habits and poor lifestyle choices. Give your passion you’re A Game.

4. Invest in your Productivity

If you’re not productive as a person, then how are you to work towards making the best choices, how would you give your A Game. Invest in yourself and your productivity. Love yourself. Learn organizational and time management skills. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. Drink water to keep hydrated. Read inspirational, positive and empowering books. Keep yourself in a positive mindset. After all, garbage in, garbage out.

5. The Time is Right

If you keep telling yourself it’s not the right time to leave your job and focus on your dream, the right time will never come. So start today. There will never be a right time. Now is the right time. You want to do it, then do it now. Tomorrow never comes after all. If you need the job for the bills today, tomorrow you’ll need it for the children’s tuition fee, then for the new house. You’ll live like that with “I’ll do it tomorrow, next month” and you’ll soon be old, fat, bitter and totally unfulfilled. There will never be a better time to live your dream, your passion, like today. Learn how to overcome procrastination and reach you goals faster.


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Managing Yourself

5 Rules To Kick-Starting The Day On A High Note

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Everyone has their own manual when it comes to beginning your day on a motivational note. Especially when it’s a Monday morning, the weather is particularly gloomy and you can hear work calling you from the office, literally!

Each person on this planet has their own way of functioning; their own way of operating to help get by with the daily tasks. Motivation is something that comes from within and also contributes to your surroundings. If you are positively motivated from within, your environment picks up on your positivity.

When you are happy, everyone becomes happy and everything is done happily. And even if everyone still is not happy, your workflow is not affected since your positive mind-set is intact. But, you have to be positive first.

This is my daily guideline of how to achieve work motivation;

Leave the past, in the past.

What happened yesterday happened yesterday. Leave it there. Today is a brand new day, full of new opportunities and second chances. Replaying things that went wrong at work previously, can affect how your day begins. A negative start to the day yields negative results at work. Unless it is in terms of finding solutions so that what went wrong yesterday is not repeated, it is better to leave it alone.

People who hold grudges at the workplace and dwell in the past have a tendency of living in the past. The harsh truth is that the world keeps on moving regardless of what is going on. For a lovely positive start to your day, keep moving with the world.

Good rest

You cannot be productive at work if you did not get enough rest. A tired mind works like a broken clock – it’s only right twice a day. A well rested mind is more productive. There will even be a tendency to exceed your targets because you are rested. Ideally, 8-12hours of sleep is ample rest for you to be efficient at work.

There is a wise man in the bible called Solomon who wrote an interesting chapter in the book of Ecclesiastes. In that chapter, Solomon says this, “….To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven…” Everything has its time and place. There is a time to rest, and there is a time to work. So when the time comes to rest, rest. Such that when the time comes to work, you will be able to work well.

Kick start your body

For me it is the breakfast. I cannot live for work without breakfast. For others it is coffee, or a good morning run or exercise. Whatever it may be, it helps your gears running and functioning. It sets a good tone for your body to start working well after the deep slumber. For me, foods like bananas, cereal, arrow roots, sweet potatoes or eggs for breakfast provide the right nutrients for my body to get the energy it needs to start the day.

The trick here is to get an energy fix that works for you. Feed your body whatever it needs to get going, it will thank you for the rest of the day.

Manage your thoughts

I try to give myself 20 minutes of complete silence before I start my day to work. This helps me organise my thoughts. Like I said, positivity comes from within and that starts by you having your thoughts aligned in a positive manner. Thoughts are very sensitive and dangerous because they can easily become actions.

Be mindful of your thoughts, because they translate into actions. It is hard to be productive at work with your mind wandering into the past and future. Life is happening now. You have to be present at every moment. Once you have taken care of your body, take care of your mind too.

To-do List

After all is said and done, make a mental note on what you intend to achieve that day. Even if it’ is one thing, just make the decision to get something done that day. It might seem like a silly idea, but it is a good way of beginning a motivated day at work. You will find throughout the day that you have naturally become motivated because you have achieved a few tasks that you set out to do from the beginning.

I tend to think it is a useful tactic that reminds me to not let life go by without seizing the day. To conquer your day at work, means participating at work through action. Action starts by making a decision on what you want to accomplish.

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Resilience Is The Key Ingredient In Entrepreneurship

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Resilience is a common trait among entrepreneurs. The degree could differ among individuals depending on their needs, but plenty of it is required at the start.  

The modern entrepreneur has plenty of resources at their disposal that the older generation wish they had a fraction of. Blogs, YouTube tutorials, incubation hubs name them, and yet still click on suspect links that urge them to make fifty thousand shillings in a week. What they fail to understand is that life on the proverbial fast lane takes years to build.

The ‘10,000 hours’ concept is quite simple. You work on a craft or skill by dedicating 10,000 hours to it then maybe you become a master at it. There’s no way around amassing a fortune unless through corruption or theft. This ethics go all across the board into pop culture where famous actors win awards after so many years of doing low budget films away from the limelight. Even TV reality stars gain their names by putting in hours of work. Resilience is what allows business owners and brands to keep at their ideas and not give up even when they make dismal profits.

The transactions of an entrepreneur do not end with sales of a product or service. An entrepreneur wants to learn the market and identify gaps for innovative products and services. Besides, how else will you spot a gap if you don’t painstakingly conduct due diligence?

Persistence spurs action. How, you ask? It presents opportunities to engage directly with your potential client. You are asking them to take a chance on your product or service and therefore will get used to being hanged up on or even insulted as you conduct one on one sales. If you strategically keep marketing you will recognize what works to your advantage and how to gain a profit.

The hustle will consume most of your time especially when you’re starting out. You will be knee-deep in accounts and before you know it, a week is gone! Then you scroll through your social media feed and see your friends colourful pictures in events you were dying to attend which might further depress you. Then your bills will jolt you out of your misery because they need to be paid which again comes back to your determination to succeed.

A successful entrepreneur will learn how to cut costs and plough profits back into the business for growth. The success of this decision could be affected by investors other than you. This is why vetting to find partners who share your similar ideas and goals is important.

The laser focus that comes with the resilience trait distinguishes people who start ten businesses and fail at each of them or focus time and energy on few at a time and do them well. This growth will help an entrepreneur decide if they will pursue it or if the business isn’t viable anymore. Spreading yourself too thin affects creativity and production if you’re a sole proprietor.

When you believe in the brand you’re building there’s so little that can move you. The confidence you have in your business inspires others to want to do business with you because they trust your person to person interaction.

When you narrow it down further to creative entrepreneurship, personal character defines individual artists even as they transact their art for profit. You could say the rules change for entrepreneurs in different fields but they actually remain the same. The setting may be less formal but still has peaks and dips like other sectors.

More young people are looking for freedom to express themselves creatively and have found a niche in this market. They have to constantly reinvent themselves and be extremely good at what they do to remain above the pack. They do all this and insist on ‘passion’ being the driver of what they do.

The creative industry is structured such that the profit earned from a service provided is paid to the ‘artist’ or through their representative. The split allowance is then ploughed back to learning another skill and the cycle continues.

At the end of the day it is all about resilience.

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Take Charge of Your Time and Improve Your Focus By Managing Your Email Inbox More Efficiently

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Emails are essential in corporate communication. We’ve grown used to opening our mailbox at the office first time in the morning and to check whether we’ve received any urgent email over the weekend or on our way back home. However, checking our emails every hour and making sure that we are on top of every single electronic message we receive can get against our efforts to successfully manage our time and perform the tasks we are supposed to do. That said, efficient email management can help us be in better control of our time and improve our focus on what is really important.

Managing Our Inbox

Being in charge of a large team, being responsible of a department or working on different projects at the same time can mean having a full inbox every morning that doesn’t seem to empty any time during the day.

Replying to emails, following-up on previous communications, forwarding messages, sharing documents, files and reports with colleagues and superiors, copying colleagues into emails, and so on do not contribute to efficient email management. Attachments can get lost or the most updated version of them is never sent, not everybody is included in conversations as needed and long chains of emails are easily created.

Creating folders and tasks and flagging important emails is usually not enough. Smart email sharing software is an innovative tool that managers rely on and that has proven to be helpful for those willing to manage their mailbox efficiently. It allows to save time in copying and forwarding emails, prevents information for getting lost in inboxes and makes relevant email conversations available to coworkers in shared channels.

But whichever method you choose to manage your inbox, let’s see what the advantages of efficient email management are.

Increased Productivity

One of the major advantages of efficient email management is an increased productivity. To begin with, spam is significantly reduced and teams have instant access to important documents and communications without having to dig deep in their mailboxes. This contributes to a faster completion of projects of course and to a better understanding of tasks, responsibilities and duties.

Relevant conversations can be accessed at any time and all or part of them can be shared with certain individuals in only a few clicks.

Efficient email management also allows employees to spend less time reviewing emails and more time working on their tasks assigned.

Most managers also express that having established an efficient email management policy in their companies have contributed to fight against the depressive Monday-morning-mood that many of their employees experienced when they arrived at the office after the weekend and discovered hundreds of emails awaiting for them in their computers.

An increased productivity also means that employees have more time to participate in corporate projects, bring up new ideas and contribute to a better corporate environment.

Decreased Cost Of Litigation

Efficient email management allows employees, manager and IT responsibles to save important emails, files and documents for years on end without having to worry about occupying precious mailbox storage space.

In case of litigation or if your company is asked to provide proof of email communication held with a client many years ago, your legal department will be pleased to know that you have it available.

Decreased Cost of Compliance

Since corporate scandals have triggered a new wave of legislation aimed at increasing transparency of business practices, a good email management system can decrease the cost of compliance by simplifying and streamlining the entire process.

Decreased Exposure to Security Threats

Viruses delivered via email can expose important company threats and the financial losses from even a single such breach can be staggering. Sending emails with important attachments, forwarding emails, replying to them can end up exposing the company’s mailboxes to viruses and identity thefts. A professional email management system can contribute to reducing the number of emails being forwarded while making sure that the right people are on board important communications.

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