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Here’s Where you can Buy Goods at Affordable Prices in Nairobi

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Business is what keeps most people’s lives moving. Most business people prefer to buy their items in bulk. When you get your items in bulk, the price is low and you are able to get as much as you want and be able to sell them at a price you are sure of gaining a profit.

Profit is the core stone in business and by all means a business person targets to make the most profit out of the products they have. So here we go, if you are a business person based in Nairobi and its outskirts, get the following products in the following areas in wholesale.

  1. Cereals.

Shop for cereals at Nyamakima. They will sell groundnuts to you at Ksh 110 per kilo unlike the Ksh 190 from the other markets. They also got apples and other fruits for you.

2. Vegetables.

Get your vegetables at Marikiti and Gikomba. Get a bunch of spinach at Ksh 15, a bunch of Sukuma wiki for Ksh 10, tomatoes at a cheaper price, onions at 1 bob each, a bunch of terere at 15 shillings, a bunch of manage at Ksh 20 and so much more.

Get fresh fruit and vegetable at Toi market in Woodley also.  If you are in Eastlands get your vegetables at Korogosho market especially on Wednesday and Saturday morning. Buy carrots, peas, potatoes and onions from the Lorries they are offered at a cheaper price than when they get to the market.

3. Wholesale bulk food items.

Nairobi West Shopping Centre is a good place and especially in the whole sale shops. There are also whole sellers in South B at the shopping center although there may be no a wide selection.

4. Shoes.

Get heels, flats, sandals, and sports shoes at the stores at the bus station for Mater and South B matatus. They range in prices from Ksh 300 to Ksh 1,000. You can also get nice sweaters and jackets at this place too as well as in Toi market.

5. School uniform.

School uniform in Nyayo Market along Jogoo road is cheaper as it is at 1/3 of the price you will get it in town. For example, get sweaters at Ksh 350, socks at Ksh 50-100, shirts at Ksh 250 and school tracks at Ksh 350.

Official dresses, skirts and trousers at the bus station near city council toilet and at Gikomba market for Ksh 200. Khaki trousers at Kenyatta market at Ksh 650. High waist jeans at Amal Plaza.

Beauty products and jewelry at Perida Center, Dubois road.

6. Fabrics.

Get these at Nairobi Textiles for Vitenge and fabric for office wear too. It is next to Malindi dishes you can also get vitenges at River road opposite Bata Mini Price. They are cheaper than those at Nairobi Textiles.

7. Bicycles for adults and kids.

Buy these at what used to be Jack and Jill Supermarket as you walk towards Uchumi House.

8. Beddings.

Get yourself bed sheets, duvets, bed covers and mosquito nets at Kamukunji and Gikomba.

9. Car spare parts.

Purchase them at Impala on Tom Mboya Street near the number 9 matatus.

In the above places get what you may require as stated and much more at huge bargains and you will be assured of a profit making business and a cheaper price if you intend to purchase for personal use rather than sale.

Know more places where one can buy goods in affordable prices? Comment below

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CEO Dennis Muilenburg Stripped Off Boeing’s Chairman Title as Company Separates Roles

News Team



Boeing’s Board has removed CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s title as chairman in an unexpected strategy shift as announced by the U.S. plane maker on Friday.

The latest step which the board has taken in recent weeks to improve executive oversight of its engineering ranks and industrial operations was separating the roles which would pave way for Muilenburg to have ‘maximum focus’ on steering Boeing’s daily operations.

In an announcement on Friday afternoon, Boeing said that lead Director David Calhoun, a senior managing director at Blackstone Group, will take over as non-executive chairman. The announcement expressed the Board’s confidence in Muilenburg, who would remain on the board and retain the top job.

“The board has full confidence in Dennis as CEO and believes this division of labor will enable maximum focus on running the business with the board playing an active oversight role,” Calhoun said in the statement.

This decision was brought forth as company has been striving to put its best selling 737 MAX back in service after the safety ban which had been issued worldwide in March after two crashes which left 346 people dead in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The decision has also been partly brought forth after Muilenburg survived a split in his roles as CEO and chairman, a motion which had been put forth by shareholders six months ago. This is part of the very intense pressure he has felt in the four years which he has been working at the helm of the world’s largest plane maker.

Boeing and U.S. regulators were criticized over certification of the plane earlier on Friday by an international aviation panel. It was revealed by an internal review that the company was looking to re-organize its engineering reporting lines company-wide and ensure higher ranking officials and also achieves the increase at which the reception of feedback concerning safety issues from the lower levels of the company. Weekly reports of potential safety issues discussed in meetings of rank and file engineers were taken to Muilenburg as part of the move too.

Muilenburg is required to testify before U.S. House panel on 30th October and questions have been raised by lawmakers about 737 MAX certification. More than 100 lawsuits are also being held against the company concerning the crashes alleging flaws in the design.

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How this Company is Making it easy for Kenyans to own Smart Homes

Kimani Patrick



From outright fraud to poor financial management claims by rogue developers, prospective homeowners in Kenya have become very skeptical on where to invest their money and achieve their dream of owning a dream home.

This notwithstanding, real estate is a lucrative industry and everyone should get a piece. But how can one identify a genuine dealer? Through professional management, industry experience, timely delivery and setting a track record right from the beginning, a concept that the newest affordable homes developer, Nyumbani Concepts, understands very well.

Founded in June 2019 and guided by the core values of integrity, transparency, professionalism, timeliness, prudence and honesty, the company started out on a mission to redefine affordable housing delivery in Kenya and to positively empower families across the country through home ownership.

The directors of the company Joseph Nderitu (Managing Director), Martin Njoroge (Chief Executive Officer) And Loontubu Caroline (Director Sales & Marketing) have a combined 15 years’ experience in real-estate, financial services and marketing ensuring that your investment is with the right professional team.

Nyumbani team is hands-on when it comes to ensuring site approvals are done within the set timeframes and that all properties are in good condition, location and perfect view before handing over to their clients. And with every transaction, the firm stresses on creative problem solving coupled with judicious application of sound real estate principles.

The company has created housing opportunities for all kinds of pockets at very fair and almost unbelievable deals with its flagship project already at the roofing stage – three months after laying its foundation. Installation of windows and doors have also been done and the contractor has already commenced on house plastering this week.

One of the houses at the Boma Estate by Nyumbani ConceptsWith at least Ksh 1.6M deposit, one is able to own a home with Nyumbani Concepts. The company allows you to pay remaining balance within a flexible period of 12 months as your home gets constructed. As an investor, the flexible investment terms give you an opportunity to strike amazing deals for a very fancy, fascinating and well-constructed home which matches your dream that will be a delight to own and reside.

With three projects in progress so far, Nyumbani is not just the first Kenyan company to grow with trackable speed but also the first to develop internet-ready homes. In every project, the company is installing CCTV security cameras and intercom connectivity for gate security.

Taking a look at the inaugural project, Boma Estate, a gated estate containing 3-bedrooms master en-suite bungalows which sold out within two weeks; the estate provides the owners with a shelter which not only soothes it but also inspires and energizes it like never before, beyond your wildest dreams.

Guided by the right principles, led by the right team and staring out setting the right track record, Nyumbani Concepts is the firm to trust in delivering your dream to own a home. But do not take our word for it, visit the company’s offices at Western Heights 1st floor right wing, Karuna Road, Westlands, Nairobi and ask for a free site visit. You can also call or send them a message on 0723 310000.

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