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I Am Following A Calling, Not Building A Career: Caesarine Mulobi

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Caesarine Mulobi Ongaya is a strong young woman with admirable achievements. At only 19 years old, she is confident about her leadership skills enough to vie for the upcoming Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) elections.

Not only is she a student at the University of Nairobi, but also a representative of the University at different conferences. She aspires to be a youth leader and a women’s leader. Her zeal for leading gave her the passion to start a non-profit organization known as Niwezeshe Initiative.

Niwezeshe Initiative was established in August 2016. This initiative targets mentoring students in rural schools that barely gets mentorship. Since she leads many clubs in Campus, she often uses the resources at her fingertips to build this initiative.

Caesarine realized her passion for leading and mentoring young people when she graduated from high school.

Having been brought up in Western part of Kenya, Caesarine came across the poor schools back in the village while pursuing a career in teaching before joining campus. It came to her attention, at the beginning of the lesson she would advise the student half the time. This was a light -bulb moment for her in life. She was driven to mentor these children who compete at a national level even without the basic tools such as a laboratory.

“Discover your purpose and passion, be committed and disciplined,” This is her advice to the young people.

She credits her faith this far she has come saying, “God has been her greatest inspiration as well the people who look up to her.”

Caesarine runs a social media campaign dubbed Daily sense with Caesarine; it seeks to inspire and challenge people online. She defines her life as a leader with profound quote: I am following a calling, not building a career. Caesarine says her most inspiring moments while leading is when someone credits her for an achievement. “The most satisfying moment for me is when someone tells me the following words: Because of you I did this.” She elaborates.

The future of Niwezeshe Initiative is bright because Caesarine visions it as a global initiative with a global impact. She desires deeply to inspire the girl child. She derives aesthetic pleasure from reading inspirational talks and holding motivational talks.









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Eddy Njoroge Elected The First African Boss Of The International Organization For Standardization

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Eddy Njoroge has become the first Africa’s president of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) after inauguration ceremony held on 21st Sept 2019 at International conference centre in Cape Town, South Africa. Eddy Njoroge was elected as president during ISO‘s general assembly in October 2018 held in Geneva, Switzerland.

ISO is an international standard setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. It was founded on 23rd February 1947 and it seeks to promote worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.

Eddy Njoroge has served as Chief executive of Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) and a board chair for Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). Eddy Njoroge took over from Canadian John Walker.

“I am fully prepared to champion use of standards in our everyday lives.” Eddy Njoroge affirmed. Eddy Njoroge has promised to spearhead participation  of developing economies on global trade by championing standards formulation.

“Standard formulation should no longer be a preserve of a developed countries that are later forced in developing countries denying them global market access. We will adopt a participatory approach that ensures developing nations are involved in standard formulation activities ” Eddy Njoroge added.

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Building Online Trust And How To Convert It Into A Money Making Machine

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What comes to mind when brands such as Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel are mentioned? It could be perhaps the industry in which they fall or the intense competition that these telecommunications companies engage in. The three are indeed a force to reckon with. They have established a name in their own fields. They have the attributes they uphold and that distinguishes the three.

These attributes be it in their names or their values, their colors, their selling statements and even their employees define them. All the attributes are in total sum the brand. In other words a brand is that unique name or that image that a product or service creates in a consumers mind that differentiates it from the other ‘competitor’.

Creating a brand is a process that requires resilience and dedication. This is because a brand will only be created if the branding process remains consistent. Consistent in terms of the colours used, the font type, the selling statement and the general presentation of the product or service to the audience.

It is interesting how sometimes, people might not even know what the brand name is but always remember one of the attributes of the brand, say the Colour.

I once met a granny who from how she behaved was still trying to get familiar with using a phone. In our local dialect she told me she needed to withdraw some money but had been looking for a place to withdraw with no success. So she asked me if I had seen a shop with a colour on her ‘kiondo’ and even without more questions, I knew she was looking for an M-Pesa shop. That reminded me of the impact of branding.

As you form your company, it is important to give branding the position it deserves. It is one of the most vital ways that any company can grow or collapse. If the right and cautious measures are taken, establishing a brand may just mean its success.

In today’s world, online platforms have become immensely powerful when it comes to establishing and maintaining a brand. However the online platforms are extremely crowded. It becomes really difficult for a brand to stand out in the midst of the many brands competing for recognition.

It is important that brands master the online audience so that they maximize it in establishing and growing their brands. So now what does a company need to do to stand out and win the hearts of the online audience?

  • Establish a significant and differentiated presence

Who are you? What is your brand about? How do you want to be perceived by the public?

These are very important questions that you should answer even as you plan to place your brand online.  Most importantly what products do you offer? How different are your products from those already in the market?

You have to find means to establish your brand as unique. It should stand out amongst its competitors. If you establish that very unique aspect about your business, work towards ensuring that it is something that your target audience can resonate with. This means that very crucial is the target audience. This brings us to our point number two.

  • Understand Your Audience and Target Market

I watched a comedy show once where a comedian joked that he had only rehearsed to only appear in a kids’ audience. This means that whatever he had prepared was suitable for a specific audience. It is important to remember the specifics of dealing with a certain kind of audience.

You will have to understand what they need and how they would want it packaged.

Understanding these vital aspects will make you package your products and services that in a way that appeals to your audience. This way, your audience will connect with your product or service. This is a plus for you. You can then easily and tactfully convert this connection into sales.

Say for example, you are starting an online clothing business. You would need to understand what kind of clothes you want to stock. Are they for the gents or the ladies? Are they casual or corporate? Depending on which category, you will also be able to determine what kind of language will be used in the social media sites. This will also help you know which platforms to advertise your products.

  • Placement and Logistics

So you have established your target market. You have researched on where they hangout on social media. You now understand what language to use on them. This means you have their attention. You can successfully translate this attention to sales. Say you have a Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or sometimes a LinkedIn Account. How friendly is your interface for a potential buyer to navigate?

You understand that your audience will come across your online business as they go about their business on social media. So if they click on that official dress they have fallen in love with, can they have all their questions about it answered?

I have had an experience where a friend of mine liked a dress on a certain Facebook Page. She was wowed by the unique colour. The price and location of the store had been placed online.

After work, we hurried to that store in town praying that we find my friend’s dress. We got in to the store. We requested for the dress we had seen on Facebook. We had hoped to see a maroon dress; we were given a red dress. My friend was so disappointed. At first my friend felt let down and complained to the store owner that their camera was ‘cheating’ on the colour of the dresses.

As simple as it seems, ladies are very sensitive on colors. If what they want is not provided, they easily switch off. They seek alternative stores that can guarantee them of the colors that they want.

As you determine all these aspects, remember that your online audience who are your potential customers are very critical. In all ways strive to satisfy their wants. If you do not remain consistent in what you provide, you risk damaging your brand. This way, those who would have been your loyal clients, run away and go away with others. They spread the word to their friends.

However, if you retain a good brand, that you can provide exactly what your treasured clients order conveniently, you will be guaranteed of a massive following. The kind that leaves you their phone numbers; they remind you to call them when you have restocked just so they come and make a purchase.

See how money would be looking for you. How you would have created loyal customers? We all want these increased sales. This just means that we need to retain a consistent image of our brands. That’s the only way you will win the hearts of all those clients looking for your products.

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Proven Tactics To Managing Your Business To Success

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We need to gather the concept of what managing a business really is; which is basically having an administration for your business.

Strategies should be laid out on how to coordinate and organize activities done in the organization.

As a business owner, you can manage your business by yourself, or employ a manager to do so for you.

Whether you or your employee, one should administer three primary components of the business’ value: financial resources, capital (tangible resources), and human resources.

Henri Fayol (1841–1925) argues that management consists of six functions, which can be applied in a business:

* Planning – The owner needs to make decisions in advance, before actions are taken to ensure that the business continues to grow.

* Commanding – This entails making sure that things are done and getting people to do it.

* Forecasting – This is ensures that whatever activities are being taken in the present shall not have a negative result to the future of the business. Therefore it is advisable for businesses to set goals and visions.

* Coordinating – This is basically creating a structure through which an organization’s goals can be accomplished.

* Organizing – This can include staffing in the organization

* Controlling – Checking progress against plans.

Below are some essential skills for business management leadership .

As a manager, you should know how to relate and deal your employees. You ought to treat each of them with respect and set a good example to them.

This will inspire your team to give their best in their duties.

This is the ability to evaluate and come up with the best solution within the shortest time possible. It’s important to involve an administration while making decisions instead of making them as an individual.

This is because there is less likelihood for wrong decisions to be made. Again one should not look at a situation over and over without making a decision, since opportunities might be lost.

The best managers are able to handle multiple duties and balance priorities without losing productivity.

You must be able to oversee all the employees, keeping their abilities and weaknesses in mind while prioritizing multiple projects.

Business Development Skills
You should be able to look for areas or procedures within the company that can be improved.

In most organizations, employees will always be the first to notice such areas and its therefore important to consult them during meetings. For instance cutting unnecessary costs of resources is a way of demonstrating this skill.

Effective Communication
Without communication skills, you will be ineffective. This entails both verbal and non-verbal communication quest such as body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and the choice of word spoken.

The best managers develop the ability to not only communicate the points they are trying to make, but also to truly listen to those around them.

This goes hand-in-hand with leadership. To be effective as a manager, being able to motivate employees is a must. A successful manager is able to nurture that along with using clear performance expectations.

Winding Up
For your business to be well managed, you need to seek feedback from various stakeholders such as investors, employees, customers and financiers.

This will help the business grow since everyone feels that his or her opinion counts for its sustainability and growth.

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