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Emerging Technologies and Business: Playing Catch-Up in a Fast- Evolving Digital World!

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Technology is evolving fast, and it’s not waiting for anyone. Every business — be it in the financial,  supplies, consultancy, law, or even the health sector — has to adopt new technologies to remain relevant. But the main question is: how many businesses have truly harnessed emerging technologies?

Some say that once you are left out of the bandwagon, it’s too late to play catch-up. I don’t buy that. It’s still not too late for a business to change its course and become part of today’s digital world. Wondering how? Let’s take a look:

Start by understanding why technology adoption exists in the first place. You need to be curious enough about what’s happening in the business world, especially in your industry, to come up with viable steps to make your next move of catching up. It all narrows down to market research. Sit down, conduct some research, looking at companies that are doing well in your niche and try to find out their strategies, especially when it comes to technology implementation.

Identified a trend? Okay, what is it? Online payments? Mobile application? Something else? Now, make that first move — get the right team/company to make it happen! I am not talking about armatures here or just some random team that claims to have what it takes to implement technology in your company, no! I am talking about a reputable team; an innovative company that has done it before. You can call it a SWAT team to help you address the catch-up.

Is there a conference happening that’s focused on your niche? Attend it! Nothing beats meeting tastemakers and leader s in your niche. Share a table with them and listen to how they have implemented technology in their circles. Not only will you make new connections and, of course, have fun; you will also learn a thing or two that will help you get ahead of the curve.

Article written for Inversk by Antonio Amos

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