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Developer Hands Over two Estates In One Day

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Mahiga Homes Limited on Saturday afternoon handed two complete estates to their rightful owners.

The projects, built off Thika Superhighway along Kenyatta Road, were been constructed within a period of ten months and comprised a total of 35 master-en suite 3-bedroom bungalow units.

This is the first time a Kenyan developer is handing over two complete projects in a day.

“This hand over marks a very significant step in the real estate industry because it is the first time a developer is handing over two estates within the same time which were started on different dates.” Said Mahiga Homes Managing Director Mr. Patrick Muchoki in his welcoming message. “Today is a very special day as this handover also serves as an evidence why people should trust offplan developments.” he noted.

Offplan developments are growing in popularity in the country with property developers preferring off-plan products that provide them with upfront sales enabling them to evade costly bank loans. It also makes it affordable to clients as quoted prices are usually much lower than the market value and at times, up to 50 per cent less than the price of a completed house. In addition, the houses are also known to appreciate in value even before completion making it an investment with good returns.

“The initial cost of these houses was Ksh 2.95M at the beginning of the construction and their value has rose to over Ksh 6M in value within the ten months.” Says Patrick.

Increased infrastructural developments from roads developments to electricity supply to Nairobi’s outskirts by the government has encouraged many residents to take up off-plan units.

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Centonomy to Hold A Forum For Men Addressing Money Issues

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Money is at the center of who you are as a man. Centonomy Limited is inviting all men to join Pst. Simon Mbevi Founder Transform Nations, Waithaka Gatumia CEO of Centonomy and Michael Oyier from Serenity Group Limited on Saturday May 18th from 9am to 1pm at Western Heights Karuna Road, Westlands at an event dubbed Men and Money.

The Men and Money conversation will address the following issues;
1. Investments; The importance of understanding that not all investments are investments and how to invest.
2. How to strategically take advantage and pay off debt.
2. Money in relationships (courtship, marriage…)
3. Understanding the psychology of women and their money.
4. Keeping up with your peers when it comes to financial growth (Peer pressure in men).
5. Conversations to have with your son(s) about money.

GENTLEMEN kindly mark your calendar, LADIES feel free to share or even reserve a seat for a friend, partner, son…

  • Date: Saturday 18th May 2019
  • Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm
  • Venue: Western Heights or Karuna road right behind Sarit Center
  • You can sign up through this link to receive a reminder before the event.
  • Advance Ticket: Ksh. 1000
  • At the Gate: Ksh. 1500
  • Mpesa Paybill No. 986850, Account No. Men

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Best Land Selling Companies In Kenya 2019

News Team



In Kenya today, the number of land selling companies are increasing by day accustomed by the growing middle class and economy. However, there has been worries in engaging land selling companies with many people falling prey in the hands of few fraudulent individuals. Such situations include land ownership being claimed by more than one person, lack of a title deed for the land one claims to own, fake title deeds, and boundary disputes.

The most dramatic, sometimes tragic, situations are mainly because clients demonstrate more passion and emotion in regard to buying and selling land than they demonstrate in other cases of for example child custody. There is therefore a need to conduct due diligence before engaging a real estate firm. This prompted us to do some research and come up with a list of top 20 trusted land selling companies in Kenya.

How The Top Land Selling Companies In Kenya Were Selected

This is ranked according to star ratings on as well as quality of reviews from customers. To qualify, the company must have been founded and generating revenue by March 31st 2019. Industry ratings, number of awards won, a good standing membership to KPDA, good online presence and the number of completed projects are also some of the things that we checked before a company was nominated. For the company to appear in this list, it had to be based in Kenya, privately held, for profit, and independent—not subsidiaries or divisions of other companies—as of December 31, 2018.

While this listing is the first of its kind in Kenya and from Inversk, we did not have many parameters of measuring the company’s growth, company culture as well as conduct actual interviews with these companies, their customers and or their clients. Lack of good online presence, reviews on google and Facebook as well as very little information on their websites locked out many companies that may have been listed.

It should also be noted that an appearing on this list does not in any way become endorsement from Inversk. We recommend you conduct your own due diligence before engaging in any transaction with each company. Below are the Best Land Selling Companies in Kenya as compiled by Inversk.

1. Optiven Limited

Founded 10 years ago, Optiven Limited started selling land in 2008 and has successfully completed 50 projects since its inception.

Its speedy growth and good quality reviews and ratings on third party platforms, awards and regional recognition made Optiven emerge as the top company on this list.

The company enjoys a 4.4 out of 5 rating based on the opinion of 177 people and holds 10+ awards with a recent Market survey conducted and presented by SuperBrand East Africa 2017/2018 ranking Optiven as the Number 68 best Brand (out of the 1000 shortlisted Leading Super Brands) across all industries in East Africa. The firm also emerged as the Number One Real Estate Firm in Land Selling Category and Number Four in the general (inclusive of homes) real estate industries in East Africa. Optiven was crowned the overall winner in Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Survey, 2014/2015 by KPMG and Nation Media Group. Optiven was also crowned the Best Company in Customer Orientation & Marketing in Kenya (COYA AWARDS) – 2015.

Optiven offers value-added plots to resident Kenyans and those living in the diaspora mainly targeting the mid and high middle class and has so far completed 50 projects issuing 5,479 title deeds so far (Source: company website.

  • Office Location: 14th Floor Wing A, Barclay’s Plaza – Loita Street, Nairobi
  • Phone: 0790 300300,
  • Website:

2. Username Properties

Username has been in the real estate industry for just 5 years and has fast scaled up to become a leading Kenyan real-estate development and Investment Company.

The firm is rated 4.6* out of 5 by 175 people on Facebook  and was awarded the 1st prize as the best land and investment company at the Kenya homes expo 2018.

Username offers value added plots mainly targeting the mid and low middle class Kenyans and has so far successfully completed 31 projects and has issued 5,500 title deeds (Source: Company website).

  • Office Location: The Mirage Tower 3 10th Floor , Chiromo road – Westlands
  • Phone: 0725 000 444
  • Website:

3. Diamond Property Merchants

As one of the most popular real estate companies in Kenya, Diamond Property Merchants was founded 19 years ago on a premise to deliver the best investment solutions to our clients.

The company enjoys a 3.6* out of 5 rating based on the opinion of 35 people on google. However, the company has deactivated the reviews on Facebook. Diamond Property Merchants emerged the Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies in Kenya, Overall Winner 2016-2017 and Second Runners-Up 2018-2019 among other many awards.

The company has successfully completed 50 projects so far and has issued 3,700+ title deeds (from company website).

4. Cretum Properties Ltd

Cretum was incorporated 10 years ago in pursuit to make Land ownership a reality to many Kenyans by providing Quality Affordable Properties. The company buys large tracks of land, subdividing them into smaller, manageable and affordable sizes for sale and subsequent development.

The company enjoys a 4.4 out of 5 based on the opinion of 29 people and has no known or listed awards.

  • Ellis House 3rd Floor, Wabera Street, Opposite City Hall – Nairobi
  • Phone: 0706 101 105
  • Website:

5. Pro-Property Solutions Limited (PPSL)

PPSL buys and sells land in Kenya priding itself on great service and efficiency in connecting sellers and buyers of properties around the country. The company enjoys a 4.9 out of 5 based on the opinion of 21 people and has no listed awards on their website.

  • Office Location: Muguku business center 2nd floor Wing A Suite 2R, Kikuyu
  • Phone: 0711 242 980
  • Website:

6. Ndatani Enterprises Company Limited

The company was founded 20 years ago in pursuit to help curb the housing deficit in Kenya by providing affordable plots and acre plots which can be acquired through cash, arranged instalments and bank finance solutions.

With 5 awards listed on their website, the company has delivered 30 projects so far and has issued 2,557 title deeds. The firm enjoys 3.9 out of 5 based on the opinion of 13 people.

  • Office: NextGen Mall 6th floor, Mombasa Road
  • Phone: 0716 652 896
  • Website:

For inquiries kindly email

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Panarottis Opens Its Doors In Kenya

George Wachiuri



Nothing in this world beats the feeling of a warm pizza box on your lap – nothing whatsoever. That is, if you know the true meaning of a yummy piece of Pizza.

And there is nothing in the whole world that is as beautiful as having an assurance that your favourite Pizza store will be waiting for you, with warm, open hands, just to serve you as though you are the last client that they will ever serve!

That is why Optiven Group has deliberately taken time to come up with one of the most amazing stores in the East African region – the Panarrotis at the Waterfront Mall Karen.

This store, which just opened its doors in Nairobi, will specialize with Pizza and the Pastas. However, coffee, ribs and other delicacies are available.

Panarrotis at the Waterfront Mall Karen is the first one in the East Africa, and for this, we are glad to be pacesetter on this front.

As you are aware, Kenya’s unemployment rate according to the National Bureau of Statistics is estimated to stand at 21.8%.  This restaurant has created almost 50 jobs directly and another approximately 500 indirect jobs – considering our suppliers and their families.

The job creation agenda in the hospitality industry started about 2 years ago when we set up another beautiful restaurant at the Hub in Karen known by the name Eagle Peak Spur, which employs almost 100 associates directly and another 1,000 workers indirectly.  Our vision is to open ten to fifteen restaurants within a ten-year period.  Overly, this means that we shall have created about 1,500 jobs directly and another 15,000 jobs indirectly.

Kenya is a mature market which is ready to grow both local and international brands especially because of the rising middle class and the projected population growth to 97 million by the year 2050. This is an investment of around 60 million shillings will help further boost our Kenyan economy which is currently growing at 6%. It is also an encouragement to the entrepreneurs to keep establishing ventures that contribute to our economy.

The two investments, Panarottis and the Eagle Peak Spur, have both benefited from an Equity Bank funding of Ksh 100 million.

Panarottis is a franchise from the Spur Steak Ranches International, South Africa, and we are glad to join this family of world-class restaurants that promises to consistently deliver excellent quality to all our customers.

We are also glad to partner with Waterfront Management and for creating one of the most beautiful, cool and awesome mall in Africa.

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