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5 Reasons why Falling in Love with Android is Inevitable

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Nokia loves Android, you should too!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and love is undoubtedly in the air. That could only mean one thing – Valentine’s Day! This got us thinking here at HMD Global, Home of Nokia phones, what do we love? Simple… Android!

There hasn’t been a topic that separates a society as much as Android versus alternative operating systems. While we’ve had other mobile operating systems in the past, who hasn’t, we have come to realise that since going steady in February 2017, we couldn’t be happier with our current partner, Android.

Here’s five very good reasons why Nokia’s Valentine goes to Android:

  1. Pure, Secure & Up to date

With many years of experience in understanding what our customers want from our Nokia phones, Android has enabled us to do just that, give our customers exactly what they expect, a pure, secure and up-to-date experience.

“The pure, secure and up-to-date approach enables individuals to experience Android devices the way it was always intended, no bloatware, long battery life and regular security updates,” explains Michelle Wynne, Head of Marketing for HMD, Sub-Sahara Africa Region.

  1. Customisation

The mobile phone has become an integral part of our daily life’s and to some an extension of their personality. This is why the freedom to customise your Android device is one of the most commonly mentioned things by our users. Nokia smartphones offer our consumers Pure Android, which means no preloaded apps that you don’t need, just customise your phone with what matters to you.

Nobody knows or understands you, like you do, so who better than YOU to personalise your own phone?

  1. Google integration

Developed by Google, Android gives you the power of Google at your fingertips. From Google Play, Google Photos to Google Assistant, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest technology and software developed.

  1. Great range of phones

Nokia smartphones provides users with memory to capture all those special moments. Nokia Smartphones come with expandable memory. If you run out of space, you can easily insert a new SD card in your phone and never worry again about missing out on a special moment in your life, with extra memory comes the ability to record at your heart’s content. The cherry on the cake is access to Google Cloud storage to save all your memories and back-up all your content.

  1. Love is finding the right price to fit your needs

The challenge facing most South Africans at the moment is that while they can’t afford to waste money on unnecessary items, they still need a reliable mobile device that will fit their stretched pockets and demanding needs. “This is why there is a range of Nokia Smartphones running on Android OS for everyone” concludes Wynne.

Go ahead, join the family and fall in love with Nokia and Pure Android this Valentine’s Day

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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Has An Outage, its not Just You

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In what appears to be a server outage for Facebook’s suite of properties — which includes Instagram and WhatsApp — users from across the world have reported usability issues over the past few hours.

Users of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp reported some issues with the social media services on Wednesday to Thursday morning. The outage is still ongoing

According to multiple reports, though much about the problems was unclear — including the cause, how many people were affected and the extent of the lack of usability.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a Facebook spokesperson said only, “We’re aware that some people and businesses are currently having trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps. We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Further, Facebook relayed via Twitter; “We’re aware that some people are having trouble uploading or sending images, videos and other files on our apps. “We’re sorry for the trouble and are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Users have resulted to twitter to air their frustrations. If you browse through your uploaded photos, instead of seeing holiday snaps or pictures of food and friends, you’ll be shown text saying things like “image may contain: people smiling, people dancing, wedding and indoor” or just “image may contain: cat. Also, users cannot upload or see image in Instagram as well as share on their whatsApp status.

On WhatsApp, some users noticed image and video files were not able to send, while others on Instagram claimed they could not see images on their feeds. Users on the Facebook Messenger app also reported being unable to load or send images and videos. The guardian reported.

Wednesday night’s disruption comes just weeks after an Instagram outage that lasted for more than an hour. During that incident, users were unable to refresh the app and received error messages upon loading.

The company blamed that outage on “a technical issue.”

Update: Reports indicate that the sites are now back to normal in some parts of the world.

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National News

Mobile Loan Apps Set First Loan at Ksh 4,000

Customers will get access to in-app digital borrowing history and repayment behavior which will also be accessed by all DLAP members so as to determine how much to lend to a customer.

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Mobile loan users now have a reason to smile as the initial lending maximum set at Ksh 4,000 with no loan history. This decision is part of the code of conduct signed by lenders under the newly formed Digital Lenders Association of Kenya (DLAK).

The lobby, which currently consists of twelve members, says this move will ensure member firms match customer debt levels with repayment ability so as not to plunge borrowers into over indebtedness.

DLAK was formed as a way to adopt a self-regulatory framework and a set of shared principles to guide members.

Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Governor Patrick Njoroge had recently raised concerns over the increasing number of mobile loan apps that may be exploiting Kenyans. CBK has also in the recent past put on notice unlicensed and unregulated digital lenders as the government to protect consumers from fraudulent dealers.

Members of the lobby group include Tala, Alternative Circle, Stawika Capital, Zenka Finance, MyCredit,Okolea, Lpesa, Kopacent, Four Kings Investment, Kuwazo Capital and Finance Plan.

Under the groups code of conduct, customers will get access to in-app digital borrowing history and repayment behavior which will also be accessed by all DLAP members so as to determine how much to lend to a customer. Business daily reported.

“Where possible, lenders will attempt to help contactable customers to restructure their debt or otherwise make every reasonable effort to help their customers return to good standing,” reads DLAK’s code of conduct in part.

The digital lending industry have in the recent past been put on spot by the senate who called for its regulation on claims they are saddling borrowers with high-interest rates. The fims were accused of offering mobile loans at rates above the cap provided in law and occasioning heavy borrowing and indebtedness mainly among the low-income groups on easy access to loans. Some of the apps opffer an interest rate equating to 180 percent over a year.

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Jack Ma’s Netpreneur Prize Entries to Close on June 30th

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The call for entries for Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative (ANPI) deadline is nearing, already set on June 30 2019. This means interested entrepreneurs have only 4 days to submit their applications for the chance to pitch Jack Ma and win a share of the $1-million.

Launched in 2018, the Jack Ma led initiative has a budget of $10 million over a 10-year period. This means each year, 10 entrepreneurs will share $1m each year.

Through the contest, Ma aims to support African tech entrepreneurs in their efforts to build a more sustainable and inclusive Africa for the future. Jack Ma decided to create the prize after his first trip to Africa in July 2017 when he was inspired by the energy and entrepreneurial potential of the young people he met.

The competition is open to entrepreneurs from across all countries of Africa to apply; and from all industries, including traditional and tech. It puts a special focus on small enterprises, female entrepreneurs, and those doing work to improve local communities.

The businesses pitched also has to founded and registered in the African country in which they operate. Also, they must have been operational for at least three years and show earnings for these years. Their products or services must also be adapted to the continent’s needs.

To enter the competition, each business must create three short videos – one from the founder, one from an employee, and one from a customer. Applicants must be African nationals leading mission-driven organisations and must have been operating for at least three years. The finalists will be selected by a team of judges from the five regions representing the entire continent.

Interested applicants can head to the ANPI website and click Apply Now. You will need to fill in a form to create an account which you will use to complete the submission process.

Semi-finalists will then be selected by a group of judges and notified in August with the top ten finalists travelling to the Grand Finale in November.

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