Sharon Zarita is the founder and designer at Suza Craft World, a company that specializes in designing wedding cards. She is constantly motivated by the potential that life offers her which qualifies her to make an impact in the society.

Sharon started Suza Craft World because of her passion for making the society a better place through the family unit. She believes that being part of a new thing in the society is an opportunity to make the society a better place than how she found it.

The invaluable lesson she has learnt while on her journey of entrepreneurship is that the journey is tough and rough. “The motivational speakers who tell us to follow our dreams and fulfill our passions do not tell us it is a rough process.” She insists.

Throughout her journey, Sharon has learnt to value customers during a business transaction since it is them who refer her to others. She has learnt to brand herself by meeting a need in society in a peculiar way. She says she handles her clients with utmost kindness to encourage her clients to refer her to other people.

“My mother and friends are my constant motivation.” She reveals. She says she has seen exceptional energy from her friends who have cheered her on during the rough times in her business. Additionally, she says that social media has become an effective tool for her marketing strategy. This is a plus for her business since the costs are low. She finds inspiration from some of the online content she reads in the evenings, books, blogs and stories of different successful entrepreneurs shared at Inversk Magazine.

Sharon advises other entrepreneurs who are considering to venture into business to take the risk since it is worthy it. She says that the best way to go through the entire journey is to have a plan and understand the purpose for your business through executions of the plan. Sharon adds that mistakes will be part of the journey. She made mistakes of underpricing in the process but she has learnt to attach value correctly.

She looks up to Funkids Group Company ran by her friend Wanjiru. Wanjiru inspires her because she provides unique services and she understands the entrepreneurship journey. Wanjiru began her company from the need to fulfill a gap she realized from her children who were growing up without the correct furniture. She is positive that Wanjiru will mentor her in the future.

In the future Suza World will be a brand to reckon with in the Designing world. The most fulfilling moment for Sharon while at Suza Crafts World is when her clients see what they ordered from her is beyond satisfaction. It encourages her that her talent was worth investing in. She hopes that she will nurture a culture where young people invest in their talents for a livelihood.

Suza World also specializes in seasonal cards such as Valentine’s Cards, Birthday Cards and other occasional celebrations

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