The Story Behind Inversk

The Foundation

At age 22, I was a University Student, my dream to become an entrepreneur, do more with my life as well as help others to follow their passions, live their dreams and leave long lasting legacies.

I was tired of seeing people live ordinary lives whereas they can do more and become great. I wanted to interact with Successful Entrepreneurs and read content that will challenge me to think differently and transform the world.

With this passion, I saw the need to build a platform where people can learn what exactly it takes to build a successful business. Armed with my laptop and free University WiFi, I launched Inversk from my small room in University of Nairobi hostels. My dream being to offer people a platform where they can learn exactly how to Start, Run and Grow Successful Businesses.



I pretty much built Inversk for people like me who will not stop until Africa becomes the global hub for economic development.

People who are tired of seeing mediocre businesses being started.

The truth is, I didn’t have any entrepreneurial or workplace experience, before I started out. Inversk is my first real business. I have no background in publishing or entrepreneurship. My entrepreneurial skills were as novice as anything can get when I started. But I told myself, “If this is going to happen it is up to me.” That is why Inversk is unlike any other magazine or publication you will ever encounter or experience. It is built on real life experiences and actionable content that you can grow with.

I built Inversk for people like you, for the dreamers, for the hustlers and those who are thirsty for knowledge of entrepreneurship. For the sort of person that is thirsty for building their own successful business, for the person that want to level up and really learn what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur; building an epic life and business.

Inversk is for the kind of person that will not rest until they have reached their goals and are living a life designed on purpose. For the real entrepreneur at heart, the one that will do whatever it takes to build a business that only themselves can build.

Just like you, I face the same challenges that every entrepreneur experiences. I have the same questions that you have; how to raise capital for my business, how to build a team, how to leverage finances, how to acquire and retain customers, how to harness the power of digital marketing to grow my business etc.

As Inversk, is to be the driving force of entrepreneurship not only in Africa but all around the world. When we publish our magazine, it’s for one reason; to help you learn how you can build your business successfully. Our content are well researched, actionable and tailored to meet your needs as an entrepreneur.

We go an extra mile to seek answers that will solve the problems for you and your business. You can trust us as a partner in your entrepreneurship journey.

Our business is built on relationships and trust. Our relationships with our customers and with each other are more important than the money we make. Our determination is geared upon doing what we promise to do when we promise to do it, this is our key to building trust and relationships with our customers and with each other.

Thank you for joining us. Cheers!!!!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or recommendations kindly write to us, WhatsApp or give me a call via my line +254710 254 524. I will do my best to get back to you the same day.

© Kimani Patrick, Founder & CEO for Inversk Magazine.
Nairobi, Kenya.

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