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Emma Mwende
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“We cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone” Ronald Reagan.

Nothing beats a hand of charity extended willingly to someone that needs. It is considered the biggest act of compassion and is taught and instilled in people from ages before and even during the times of Jesus Christ. It was among the greatest teachings of Jesus as it was also his prominent mission while He was on earth. His acts of compassion are countless in the Bible and are stated very clearly which included how He healed people, raised the dead, and even fed the hungry.

To know that a single life breathed easier because of your action is what the Optiven foundation believes in. The Kenyan based foundation is involved in philanthropy on the areas listed below. This foundation transforms our society by creating positive visible transformation that positively impacts the society through sustainable socio-economic programs for generations to come. The four main pillars of focus are as follows;

  • Provision of education opportunities to millions of needy children in Africa.
  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Promotion of health.
  • Environmental protection.

The above pillars are considered the main propellers that will keep Kenya on the move towards its achievement of the vision 2030.On provision of education opportunities to millions of needy children in Africa; they aim at offering education to positive minded students and have a teachable character. They facilitate their education and offer empowerment programs for them during every holiday to equip them with intended life skills. Under this pillar they also identify and nurture talents. They identify individuals who are talented in other areas apart from academics and nurture these talents with the objective of forming a team of Optiven Foundation Fellows who will be show casing their talents. Optiven believes education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to transform the world and this is what they are upholding.

They promote health by focusing on specific epidemics like cholera, and create awareness and preventive measures. They assist people acquire the tools, knowledge and resources they need to transform their lives and live in a healthier environment. The foundation too works with rehabilitation centers on rehabilitating drug abusers. They treat addiction as a complex but treatable condition. It’s also running an advocacy against drug abuse and alcoholism with the slogan, ‘Bring out the Man, Am Human.’ They run initiatives such as substance abuse campaigns, medical camps and distributing sanitary pads to girls in schools.

In poverty alleviation, they restore the dignity of the forgotten senior citizens by addressing the aged in different counties. Optiven foundation restores dignity of the elderly in the society by providing a decent housing for them. The first beneficiaries were from Kitui County where they were privileged to get fully equipped houses with a solar lamp, a bed, a mattress, curtains and utensils.

They do women empowerment as they believe the woman plays a big role in poverty alleviation due to her influence in socio-economic dynamics. They seek to work closely with women to generate long term sustainable programs that will lead to continuous flow of income with agribusiness being the core.

Youth empowerment is the other projects that Optiven Foundation undertakes. Due to the high level of unemployment there have been escalating issues of crime and insecurity in the country. They address the youth challenges and allow them to build their capital. They have strategies like establishing water selling points and building hotels.

The Optiven Foundation also does children’s home visits. They understand Kenya is currently battling the HIV/AIDS pandemic and is probably the most affected. They believe that orphans whether affected or infected can have a bright future which can be achieved through growing in a conducive environment. They enhance their homes and make them comfortable and help protect them from communicable and infectious diseases that result from poor hygiene and a harsh environment.

As a foundation they believe our environment affects much of our wellbeing and are keen on the impact our actions have on the environment. They ensure environmental sustainability which involves making decisions and taking actions that are in the interest of protecting the natural world with particular interest in preserving the capability of the environment to support human life. They carry out initiatives like planting trees, clean-up counties and advocate for use of Green Energy.

Optiven foundation is actually the compassionate eye for Kenya if the projects they engineer are anything to go by. They are carrying on the mission of Jesus Christ and keeping the gospel on the move by assisting the less fortunate in the society. They are a foundation to emulate by any other organizations or even individuals who want to give back to the society through what they have and through other donations.

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