Online Reputation Management, ORM, involves extensive analysis and evaluation of a business online reputation; influencing and controlling the reputation based on the results from the analysis and evaluation.

As a marketing strategy and in an era of many technological advancements, most if not all business enterprises use the internet as a marketing tool. The first platform in which people are likely to encounter your business is through an internet search engine. They are likely to encounter reviews from other clients and they will rely on this to make decisions. Your reputation online is therefore very important.

ORM services will help you prevent, stop or amend Public Relations damages and will also promote your business brand online presence. As a small business it is advisable to involve the following ORM services;

1. Social media marketing and management

As a small business, you are likely on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These can act as the most powerful tools in growing your business but it only takes one negative comment to change the face of your brand.

Fruitful social media marketing will not only repair your damaged reputation but also enhance your business relationship with prospective customers.

Social media management consisting of removal (when possible) and suppression of negative content will prevent damage or repair some of the already suffered damages.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of having your online content at a higher ranking in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing drive most of the web traffic. If your website or webpage appears more often or comes first on the search results, the more user visits it is bound to receive.

SEO enhances the amount of traffic to your site by helping its discovery on search engines. Search engines need help discovering your site. If a search engine cannot locate your site, you end up losing potential clients who might be interested in the services or goods you are offering.

3. Comprehensive content development and management

Sometimes positive reviews about your business is not enough to help you sell it online. The content on your website or any online platform needs to be convincing to enable you build up an admirable reputation. By convincing, I mean the content on your page should be comprehensive, well organized and of substance, giving substantial information a user may require.

Publishing quality press releases to inform users of your business or something about your business that is worthwhile in a manner that will encourage them to want to know more is also important.

4. Review monitoring

Feedbacks or reviews from clients you have worked with before will directly influence your business.

When a client or potential buyer wants to acquire something you are offering, they will, most definitely look for its reviews before making a decision which will be based on the results they find.

This shows how important it is to be checking on the reviews being given by users to your site. Constant monitoring of these reviews helps in hasty management of negative comments that can be quickly removed or suppressed before much damage is caused.