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In public forums especially for young people one should be able to be eloquent and to know what to say without being too extreme and having good diction. People in the business circle those who have made it probably know what you want before you say it but you have to be smart enough to know who is listening and don’t just look to get yourself heard or your point made you should push to surprise and impress them.

It is the same as when doing a presentation. We recently were planning a huge event and we needed funding and sponsors for advertising the event and we happened to land an interview with one of the millionaires in Kenya and after presenting a written proposal and even explaining everything we were stopped at our heels with a lot of questions. As one would have it this should have meant that they liked our proposal and wanted to know more about it but that wasn’t the case, at one point we did not have answers for the hard hit questions that were thrown to us. At this moment we felt we had failed and that’s when he began to explain to us what we had done wrong, what we hadn’t covered and what we had not considered.

You will need to re-run the presentation a few times by yourself and a few times with different audience before you take it to potential investors, reason being that you must close off any opportunity for someone to ask a question. How do you do this? By thinking and re-thinking every point and looking closely at your research, sources and making sure you have covered everything. You know you have succeeded when very few questions are raised after you do your presentation.

Think of having a new investor as dating, you should not let out too much on the first date, yet you should be open and honest with whatever you let out. Again just like a new relationship you should be know more about each other every step of the way and be willing to grow together.

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