What You Need To Know To Make Money Out Of Popping Popcorn

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Once in a while most of you will agree with me that you have had a taste of these corns. Good thing about this is that it acts as a relaxer owing to the fact that snacks have always been an all-time favorite for most people cutting across all ages.

They are fun to eat and the preparation is also pretty easy.  Popcorn can also be taken at any setting, take for instance, while watching a movie, reading a book, simply relaxing, in the car traveling and even with the kids. The fact that this startup requires minimal starting capital has made it become most people’s preferred business.

The basic requirements for this business are pretty much simple. All you need is a popcorn machine, location of your business, popcorn seeds, cooking oil, salt and a couple of utensils for serving the corns. Packaging materials are also a must have, and especially now that there’s a ban on plastic bags. For popcorn seeds, normally a sack weighing 25kgs goes for Ksh. 3500.

The popcorn maker, a larger one this time around goes for between Ksh.  20,000-30,000. A larger one should mean larger volumes of popcorn for every pop, which is good for commercial use. You probably would also need a table to place the popcorn maker on.

Something else that is essential is a license, especially if you plan on starting your business in the busy areas. A permit is necessary for this. Alternatively, you can as well partner with big enterprises like supermarkets where you pay them a certain fee, and you are allowed to set up your business at the exit of such enterprises.

On average, a packet of popcorn goes for between Ksh.10 and Ksh.15. On each business day, a popcorn vendor can on average use 3-5Kgs of the seeds, which produce around 700-1000 packets of popcorn.

Marketing strategies for this type of business go a long way to bringing fortune to your business. It could be quite profitable. One way for branding for instance is by placing your business along major shopping malls or supermarkets where clients can access easily after they are done with their shopping, they can hence grab a packet. And who knows? The malls may even end up having you as their supplier of popcorn. When selling, ensure you are persuasive enough and have the strategies to remain competitive. Simply, supply and sell every day. Get up, turn up every day and within no time you will be known.

This business does so well if managed well. Learn the special set up positions, where you are able to access most people and where your business is most seen.  That means the more people see you, the more reliable you become for your clients. And this definitely means more sales. 

You should also ensure you create a brand by striving to remain competitive in the market. This will go a long way to increasing your sales as well.

Finally, learn to treat your customers well by serving them quality products at a reasonable quantity and price. Ever heard of, “The customer is always right?” now this is where it applies. If you are good to your clients and they happen to really like you, they will bring more customers to you. Actually, they will be your brand ambassadors.  They will definitely keep your products hyped to other clients. They will give you the returns that you want.

There you have it folks. You can achieve anything you set your mind and energy into doing. And like I keep saying, so long as what you do is legit and feeds you, keep on keeping on till the sky no longer becomes the limit. Never despise humble beginnings.


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