So you have taken the bold step in the journey to transform your dreams into reality. First of all, congratulations for being daring enough to take action and not dwell in dream land. However, you realize that building that empire takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, creativity and most importantly, money.

More specifically, how do you make consumers aware of your product or service. After all, you also want to be profitable, unfortunately, you do not have Safaricom’s marketing budget and this can be quite frustrating but do not be afraid, where there is a will there is always a way. As a start-up, there are three inexpensive ways you can market your business;

  1. Target Marketing

You probably already have your target audience in mind. That’s good. However, how specific is it? As a business, it is imperative that you narrow down your audience and make it as specific as possible. Who are they? Where do they like to hang out? What’s the age bracket they are in? Their gender? And Where do they get information about their products from? Would be some of the questions you have to get answers to.

This enables you to better frame your messaging to suit your clients’ needs. Remember, if you become a problem solver through your messaging, you become an authority in your field. Consumers will refer others to your website and more referrals equates free marketing for your business.

  1. Product Specialization

Since you already have a target audience, the focus shifts to how specialized is your product? Product development is the main objective here, with the aim to provide value for your consumers. Ensure your product or service is easily accessible and solves an actual need to your target market. Typing up any loose ends that would hinder the smooth flow from purchase to delivery, aids in creating a pleasant customer experience.

Work to provide quality products. In fact, a perfectionist’s mentality applies really well in this area. A good product makes a happy client and a happy client, leads to referrals.

  1. Make sharing easy for your consumers

This final step should be easy if you have perfected the first two.  Your clients are your “brand ambassadors” and you have to lighten their load considering you are not paying for the free service they are offering you.

For ease of the referral process, you must make it simpler and less time consuming for them to share information about your product or service. Social media icons on your website that directly send your clients to those pages is essential. Also the consistent use of appropriate photos across these platforms is key and so is the content.

As a startup try implement these three things. You are sure to see a boost in your business. More and more businesses are applying them. Take a chance and adapt them as part of your marketing strategy.