How To Make Informed Marketing Decisions

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If you get your market right then you have got your business right! As you prepare and finalize your advertising plan for the approaching 11 months here are a few marketing tips to bear in mind:

  1. Customer retention is of essence

As companies fight for attention in an increasingly crowded market there is need for firms to maximize fully on customer retention.  It is of much essence to realize that consumers are going to have a lot of choices, and they are fully aware of it.

Companies will therefore need to improve their customer service and tailor their marketing efforts so that they are able to offer personalized experiences.

  1. Customer activism should be the long-term goal

Customer retention is a great thing, but converting them into your evangelists makes them much more profitable. If you can build a strong community of customers who love talking about your brand, you’ll do well.

This will be quickly realized by firms whose major focus will be on lifetime customer value, and not attracting new clients. In the end the lifetime satisfied customers will attract for the firms much more clientele.

  1. The arrival of a redefined marketing team

If you are going to succeed 2017, you will need a marketing team that thinks more strategically and is mindful of the customer journey.

What stage of the buying cycle is the customer that you’re targeting? How does that affect what you’re doing? Should you be changing your approach to suit your current automation setup? These and more, are the questions that will be common in 2017.

As marketing automation platforms evolve and allow you to develop more intelligent marketing programs and campaigns, to implement your ideas you’ll need to either outsource or employ people with the necessary skills.  People who fully understand how your systems interlink and can integrate them.

  1. Develop on mobile marketing

People have grown reliant on their mobile devices.

Optimizing email, websites, landing pages, PDFs, and other assets for mobile has never been so important. In marketing automation, you will want to know who is looking at what page on what device. If you realize that half of the customers are on mobile and half are on desktop, then marketing can be done to each segment differently.

  1. You have to constantly keep up with your numbers

Be adamant about knowing your business’ numbers. Most times, marketers get excited about selling the product that they forget about the important costs and metrics that determine success.

Do you know and understand the impact of your media costs, your customer acquisition costs; the customers repurchase rate and the lifetime customer value against your cost of goods?

Ensure you understand these number estimates against their values before committing to any marketing budget. Break down these numbers, and the math will reveal how you can get into marketing and sales channels you never thought affordable.

  1. Have Influencers in mind

If you’re launching a new product or service, think about where a buying community exists.

 Who are the major influencers?

 Don’t pay for tweets. Cut through the clutter by attaching your product to celebrities and voices that speak to controlled communities. Influencers will always keep their status.

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