Life is Unfair!

Brian Simiyu

Inversk Staff - Aspiring Entrepreneur, writes about social media and Marketing

I remember when I was in high school, I learned about bonding in a Chemistry class.   Bonding is a process whereby elements react with each other, react to form compounds. Sodium reacts with Chlorine to form Sodium Chloride which is the normal salt that we use on daily basis.

There are three main types of bonding, Covalent, Ionic and Metallic. But today my main focus is on Ionic bonding, this type of bonding is  whereby electrons are transferred from one atom to another in order to  gain stability, thus means one atom has to lose electrons in the outer  energy level, so that the other atom gains them.

If that is not unfairness, I don’t know what it is. Because how can Sodium which has eleven electrons lose the outer electron, so that  Chlorine which has seventeen electrons gains it.

Indeed, as the holy book says “The one who has a little, even that a little will be taken away”. That is the sweetness of life! Because if it wasn’t fair, for sure it would be boring. Just imagine if everybody  had everything they wanted, we would even be anti-social, after all we  have everything.

Life is unfair in the sense that everyone has his/her unique talent which I term as ‘unfair advantage’. The reason why I call it that is because what am able to do, is not necessary you know how to do it. I may be good in business, which you are not. You may be excellent at law, for which I’m not! That right there is unfair advantage. What does that imply? It implies that we need each other and no human being can stand alone! You may need something which I have and I may also need something which you have.

We have all agreed everyone has an unfair advantage, so what are we supposed to do with it? We need to maximize it to the fullest. If you love music, do it with all passion. If it is swimming, swim as you will never swim again. Do what you are passionate about with all your might, and eventually you will succeed!

By Brian Simiyu

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