Lee Mburu: Age Is Not An Element Of What You Intend To Achieve.

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He grew up in Nyeri County at Naromoru and is a law finalist at the Catholic University of East Africa. The 21 year old Lee Mburu is a passionate writer, volleyball lover since childhood and the founder and CEO of Your Story Kenya. Lee tells of his story about how he started Your Story Kenya and of how this initiative is a great move for the society.

Through Your Story Kenya, Lee shares real stories of young people, between the age of 13 and 28 years who doing something that requires self-belief, determination and courage.  The initiative through Digital and Print Media aims at inspiring and transforming the young generation through sharing stories of their peers who have succeeded in their self -development.

Getting started.

Lee found himself struggling with self-esteem issues when he joined campus due to his young age. Little did he know there were others who could have been below 17, which was his age at the joining of campus.

He fell in love more with his sport, volley ball, which he used as his most company during his much free time that is exposed to most campus students who do not know how to spend it. During this time Lee realized how young people need to look up to each other and especially in campus so as to get comfortable with their lives. He decided to share his story and his campus hacks at the beginning of 2015. By November 2015, Your Story Kenya was birthed as wordpress blog where he shared stories of Africa’s prominent people. In December the same year, he realized how these stories did not connect with the young people which were his prospect audience.

He then began sharing stories of his fellow campus students who apart from their studies went out to build themselves with things they were passionate about. What started as a blog is today an initiative that Lee is comfortable to have started and enjoys every bit of its activity especially the power of sharing successful stories. Lee saw a gap in the market where 80% of the successful stories being told were of people between the age 35 and 70.

Due to their lack of connectivity with the youth, Lee used his free time and laptop to begin the journey of Your Story Kenya. Later, he partnered with two amazing companies that have seen him through his journey.

What makes your story Kenya a unique initiative?

Everybody has a story. The difference is what story you are telling about yourself.  At Your Story Kenya, we believe in telling stories of a young generation that can become mentors to their peers. Speaking and been able to connect to the youth in the world we are in you need to give them stories of people that have made it in the present time. This is the soul goal of the initiative.

Its uniqueness is being able to identify the young mentors who are humble enough to share their stories and been able to connect with the rest of the young generation unlike most other platforms that can tell stories of people who are above 40.

What is in store from your story Kenya?

“Your Story Kenya will be the number one inspirational platform for the youth” says the CEO. “In the next 5 years, we looks forward to organizing startup summits to share stories and sell ideas, interact and engage with each other as a community twice or thrice a year.

We shall also start a mentorship hub for the youth among themselves and with successful persons is in their list of what is coming up as well as organizing campus and high school tours to give motivational talks where we intend to cover 15 schools per year. Through partnerships we look forward to achieve a lot more.”

The purpose of Your Story Kenya?

Sharing one’s story can be of great motivation to our society and a vital inspiration to someone somewhere. Every time a story is shared, one comes across it and shares it among his or her friends hence connection is build and the young people are able to pick up mentors and yes realize how real it is.  This way a network of goal-oriented and passionate youth is created. Talking to the youth first is the baby step before funding their businesses. They get to learn how their counterparts are running their businesses and how they discovered themselves and how they realized their passions as well.

Mr. Lee with one of his team members at Your Story Kenya

Hurdles he has had to overcome.

Your Story Kenya is a unique idea whose product is inspiration which needs a different articulation. Therefore not many people could really get the idea of what they are investing in, however the youth find it a very important platform. Subletting  a physical location for the enterprise he could work from has also been a challenge.

Exercising humility so as to be able to  tell your story.

Lee Mburu says humility and team work, have been the founding stones to what he runs today. He shares Stephen Kinyajui’s words that sometimes you would go in front of people and have nothing to say as your life status.

He admires Josh Shipp who is a motivational speaker, Kariuki Kamau, C.E.O Maasai Safaris and a motivational speaker, a coach, and a corporate trainer. Lastly he admires Sue Mueni’s branding SUED, which he says is exceptional.

What Advice Does Lee have For His Peers?

  • If you have an idea, start. There is no perfect time to do it. Maybe your greatest fear is your greatest avenue to success.
  • Do not squeeze yourself to fit in. Do not strain to be someone else. Pursue your passion and be different.
  • Be specific. A lot of young people want to do everything. Stick to one specific thing and tell a story about it.
  • Lastly have the courage to share the story you have. Every corporation or company started as a story so share it and inspire more for a better Kenya.

‘The journey has been long,’ Lee says, but this is just a start. A story will always have a start which may be depressing but as it grows better words are used for its description.



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