Leave Alone The Rowdy Ones, This Is One Githurai Tout With A Difference

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Every day we leave our homes to our respective places of work, or to wherever the day’s business takes us. For most of us who do not have personal cars yet, I’m pretty sure we either use matatus, buses or taxis. And have you ever sat and thought about the lives of the people who attend to you in the public means of transport, say the driver or his tout?

Dear reader, allow me to take you through. Well, you see, these people are human beings just like us. And this is just a job just like any other. And by the way, so long as you are not stealing, or going against the law in whatever dealing you venture in, then I say, you are good to go. Make money in every way possible and feed your family and fend for yourself. As simple as that!

In most cases however, the stories we get to hear about touts, are usually the bad ones. We often are depicting them as bad and rowdy people. But hey, wait a moment. Who said all of them are here to make our lives miserable? Some of these are really amazing people, with amazing personalities. People we would want to associate with.

In Githurai, there is this one tout who is simply down to earth and compassionate. I know most of us know Githurai for the wrong reasons, and I do not blame us. But how about we have a change of that today?

There are various kinds of buses plying through this route. But there is this ‘company of buses’ called Nicco. Usually this is one of the few buses you will get into and fail to hear the buzz of really loud music. In one of these Nicco Buses, there is a particular bus I have boarded severally with an amazing tout.

First and foremost, this guy is clean. Very tidy and has good language. First day in this bus the tout after the bus was filled up wished us a good day to our various destinations. Now that was quite something for me. As simple as that was, it meant a lot because really, how many touts do that?

He is the kind of tout, if he forgets to give you your change, he will make sure he looks for you or next time when you board the same bus and he recognizes you, he will remind you. There is also no overload in this bus.

When you lose something here, they keep it safe for you. Whether I.D cards, or children shoes or luggage, you will always find it. Personally I lost an envelope in this same bus, and found it the next day, with everything intact. They had secured it for me, for free.

There is also very good collaboration of the tout and driver. Ever boarded a bus where the tout and driver are way different and there is no rapport? This is where you feel like you are in two different buses. The driver wants to go one way, the tout insists on another. And the language of communication is foul? In this kind of bus, you can’t help but wish to get to your destination as soon as possible.

On another occasion this medium height guy asked a gentleman to politely occupy a seat at the back because of an old man who came in with crutches. People really praised him for this one. And the man was very happy regarding this gesture. This old man blessed him.  The gentleman asked to occupy the back seat said he did so because the tout was polite, which he had never experienced elsewhere, especially not in Githurai.

Remember the quote that says, “Tenda wema nenda zako?” I am sure this particular tout does this out of his good heart and not because he is expecting something in return. A passenger vouched for him and said that the guy has compassion even for the expectant women. The lady narrated of a story where a pregnant lady was in pain, and the guy in collaboration with his driver took the liberty and rushed the lady to Guru Nakak Hospital. Now that is way out of his job description but he still did it.

There are good touts the kind of people who do their work as they should and also go out of their way to spread compassion and love.

I am sure most of us have read about the tout who resides in Rongai? He actually goes out of his way to pray for his passengers before they can set off on any journey. These are some of the gestures which make people stick to a certain route. Because really, how will you be treated well today and then tomorrow you go to someone who does not treat you right?

My point here is, no matter the type of job you are in, so long as you are earning the right way, keep doing what you’ve got to do to earn a living. I mean, you do not have to be like the rest. Just be yourself and give life to humanity in whatever you do.

You do not know what people go through every day, so be good to people anyway, in whatever sphere you meet or interact, spread love and kindness. It has been given to us freely, so why not give it out freely as well? Make the world a better place. Cheers good people.

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