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As an entrepreneur my day is always filled with many different activities all seeking my 100% attention, I believe it cuts across all aspects of the business. Today I wish to share the four keys that lead to  my entrepreneurial sanity and hope that it will transform how you run your day and business , These easy to follow keys have helped me have a balanced life equipping me with the ability to get achieve my goals, take control of my time and future of my business.

1. Meetings :

With technology nowadays, and as our lives continue to get busier, traffic jams the list is endless scheduling a meeting with your teammates, employees, or partners is an important factor in business so as to touch base on what is currently happening in the business, and how to forge forward. However, the meetings don’t have to be one on one physical meetings you can opt for virtual meetings like for instance,   you could choose to have a group conference call on your mobile phones, Skype meetings, schedule a zoom call the list is endless. In addition to these, For you to have a productive meeting ask all the participants to send in their agenda ahead of time, take time to go through them and  prepare for the meeting, have a timekeeper managing the time and allocating each person their time to speak and be addressed lastly have a session of Questions and Answers.  The one on one meetings are good but let them be periodical, not every week.  Not only will you end up saving time and focusing on growing your business, reaching out to your clients and signing up new business engagements.

2. The key to time management;

Plan your day before you go to sleep at night. For me I prefer planning my week, of course, there are events and incidences that may crop up and distort your plan but with a plan you will be able to track and remain on course even with distractions, the most important thing about the key of time is scheduling others call it ‘chunking’ your time the key things that distract us today are emails, texts, messages, and phones, have a designated time to answer and respond to messages, calls, and emails, and plan this around other activities like your breaks for a cup of tea or lunch. That way you kill two birds with one stone planning to have a half an hour lunch that ensures your client queries are responded to within 4 hours is indeed something! Personally, I do not make time for activities that don’t make me a better person, money.

3. Have some me time.

Learn the art of mentorship, grow someone who can sit in for you and do your job better than you, learn to capitalize on your employees’ skill sets, let them take over some of the roles you are currently engaging in so that you have some free time in your days. Train them well, equip them with excellent customer relations skills, and learn to step back once you delegate to focus on the key roles of managing your business growth, resource mobilization and engaging new partners and frontiers. These free time also allows you to think creatively thus innovations come to your business.

4. Get organized Utilize technology:

In this day and age you can use free applications like Google calendar to schedule your appointments so that you never miss an appointment, Evernote, is a software that enables you to take notes and share with your teammates, have conference calls with your key partners so as to update each other on the progress of the business and touch base on the way forward for your business getting organized is just a Google search or quick visit to the app store .



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