Kenyan leaders should embrace bottom up development approach when it comes to development matters

Have you ever asked yourself why some parts of Kenya still remain under developed even after introducing devolution? Well the main reason as to why some parts of Kenya still remain under developed is because our leaders usually use a bad development approach.

Over the past years to the present Kenyan leaders have been characterized by the use of top down development approach.  Majority of these leaders dictate the development path of their people. The leaders sit down in offices and decide what is good for their people and what is bad for their people without involving the common mwanainchi. Most of these leaders don’t know what is happening on the ground.  They are usually misinformed by their staff so they end up coming up with white elephant projects that don’t have a positive impact to the people.

Most of these project are usually bound to fail. How can you buy ambulances and yet what the people need is more hospitals, schools, and boreholes. How can you buy expensive curtains in hospitals and yet there is lack of medicine in hospitals? Our leaders have actually become irrelevant when it comes to development.

What our leaders don’t understand is that and individual can never be responsible for the destiny of thousands of people. It is the people who are responsible for their own development path and destiny. Our leaders need to let people decide for themselves. Article 174(c) of the Kenyan constitution says that an object of devolution is to “enhance the participation of people in the exercise of the powers of the State and in making decisions affecting them

The best approach our leaders can use is the bottom up development approach. This is where people take charge and decide what they want and what they don’t need. Once people are responsible for their own development we are more likely to see progress in these areas. This can be done through public participations which has been cited to ensure priorities of diverse social groups and institutions are considered in the formulation of development strategies.

The constitution of Kenya makes citizen participation a central part of Kenya’s governance. Art 10(2) (a), states that participation of the people is one of our country’s value and principles of governance but our leaders are not doing so. I call upon our leaders to change and embrace bottom up development approach for a prosperous Kenya

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