Game Changer: June Syowia: Striving All the Way To the Top

She is an elegant young woman who made it to the top forty under forty women 2015 when she was just 20. She is the CEO of Beiless Group, a digital marketing company.

 June is also a student of Economics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya’s premier institution of higher learning.

The young entrepreneur who recently turned 22 states that aggressiveness, persistence and innovativeness as the top three skills that has helped her to be a successful entrepreneur. Moreover, she works hard. June’s typical day consists of sixteen hours of work. She draws her motivation from the desire to change herself, clients, community, Kenya’s economy and Africa at large.

“There is no particular pattern to becoming successful. All one needs is to be passionate about what you are doing, aggressive enough to go out there and make it successful and persistent enough to get over the many negatives,” says June.

According to her, running a successful business entails five things: a great working team, adequate knowledge in one’s craft, creating relevant networks with people, reducing operation costs and giving quality output. She describes her entrepreneurial life as    intriguing and thinks entrepreneurs have an advantage over people that work for others.

 This is because they are in control and are ideally responsible for putting food in their employees table.

Entrepreneurship has not been a bed of roses for her as she has made a few mistakes. For instance, she once took a contract that is not in the Beiless scope of work and ended up subcontracting. She therefore thinks it necessary to have an assessment of what you are about to do beforehand.

June’s most satisfying moments are any time her data and results are over and above her customer expectations. June sees Beiless Group being a leading marketer in Africa in the next few years.

Her advice to college students who aspire to be entrepreneurs is that they should get out of their comfort zone because the secret lies in effort and ambition- no sympathy is given to anyone for being young.

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