For the Tertiary education board to award you with a successful completion certificate, there is need to go for the industrial attachment which in most cases lasts for three months while some other courses it goes up to six months. Most of the times, these programs are unpaid.

With the current breed of youths who do not believe in free things they tend to develop an attitude at the work stations and therefore, causing more harm to their future than they can handle. Others who are wise like Jackie Wangare, put it in their mind that they need to excel everywhere, whether paid or not.

As per the guidelines provided for by her college and course work, interviews before being accepted in any hotel is mandatory.

Jackie braced herself and was confident that she will pass the interview despite the fact this is one of the leading Hotels in the East African region. Sure to her thoughts she passed and was accepted.

The first question from the manager was, “Jackie where do you see yourself after the three months internship?” with a smile, she replied, “I see myself as an employee of this hotel after the internship”, “Wow that’s quite ambitious, you can achieve it!”, with that the manager left her in the safe hands of her supervisor.

During the first few weeks, it wasn’t a walk in the park. She had to put up with a long list of visitors, checking them in and out up to late hours. She worked over time even having it at the back of her mind that no pay was forthcoming at the end of the month.

Unlike her colleagues who were also interns, Jackie came to work during the weekends. “I practically had nothing to do and I wanted to grasp every concrete aspect of the hotel business and the weekends were the most perfect times”, she says. At some point, her friends thought that she was just showing off and giving them a bad picture because they ingenuously refused to work on weekends unless there was some reimbursement.

One month later, Jackie was a favorite to many. The manager called her to her office to appreciate her efforts and also inform her to apply for the soon to be advertised vacant positions. She was shocked, yes she wanted to work in the hotel but she wasn’t expecting it to be that soon. Nevertheless, she decided to seize the opportunity. When the jobs were finally put up on the notice board, she applied and was shortlisted to be interviewed. What Jackie wasn’t prepared for was the external pressure around her. She had somehow become a goddess unknowingly. Everyone had high expectations of her such that she felt like if she doesn’t get the job, she would be disappointing them to the core. Well, she does not subscribe to the principle of pleasing people.

However, she swum through and managed to keep herself calm and collected. After the interviews the unexpected happened, she was not on the list of the successful candidates. Her high spirits were really dampened. She never gave up though. She knew that if you want something, go for it with a club and spear, like a hunter and get it if its yours!

So she went and asked the manager what went wrong because she was splendid at her work and with no reasonable doubts she best suited for the job. The manager who gave her a cold shoulder and as if that was not enough, she gave her a list of thirty visitors to check them into the hotel. Looking at her watch, she had thirty more minutes before the end of her shift.

Jackie felt distraught, her job never allowed her express her emotions, not now not ever. She took the challenge and did her level best and waited for the manager who came back late in the night and handed over all the information pertaining the visitors.

The next day which was her birthday, she was called for an impromptu interview. The panel was made up of the board of management of the hotel unlike the previous day. The panelist was not so serious. The most amazing gift of her thirtieth birthday was the employment contract she signed later in the day. And the manager reminded her of her words, “I see myself as an employee of this hotel.”

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