Immaculate Ajiambo: How I Make A Living Through Editing of Cvs

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Immaculate believes there is no loyal friend like a book. She confesses to have travelled a lot through her reading not literally but through the stories she reads. She finds herself in places like Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and back to Kenya. She is a passionate writer and she considers books a therapy in her life.

Recommended Event Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Immaculate has a passport that she acquired in 2016 due to her desire to travel abroad and the fact that most of her friends flew to America. She believes when you realize your purpose everything else falls into place. She holds her purpose as that of bringing people closer to God and she does so through her talent in telling her stories.

The 21 years old, is set to acquire a scholarship to study abroad. Meanwhile, she believes in travelling through her books. She has gained a global view of issues through books and if you meet her and you have no interest in reading you will most definitely grab a book and start ‘travelling’ like her.

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She is also a motivational speaker who does a lot about health, for ladies and about HIV/AIDS. Her journey as a writer is a very exciting journey. It began way back in primary school when she was respected as the best composition writer. She holds several awards for several writing competitions which have built her journey through her writing.

Her writing journey started from motivation she drew from her teachers. They always encouraged her to write. Her writing has made it possible for her to interact with writers like Tony Mochama and Ann Moraa, the poet. She participated in book reading activities and all this time, skills were being sharpened towards becoming the Immaculate she is today.

She later joined the Uasin-Gishu County based Moi University where she began writing for the campus publication. She was later published in the Kenyan anthology of writers.  She is currently a student studying Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. She is on the final touches of her book, which she hopes will not only entertain but also inform the audience.

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The third year student reveals that the art of wring has greatly helped her build her personality. It has helped her in networking. She speaks of always getting a solution once she gets down writing even when she is at the verge of giving up.

She attends workshops where she learns a lot and enjoys making a direct impact on people’s life. Immaculate gets contracts parents that want their children trained on some skills like writing where she charges a given fee. However, most of her clients are students for whom she writes C.Vs and clubs in campus that require writing sessions.

The founder of Tamani Books, an organization that harbors donated books prefers to call this writing advocacy. The organization does letter writing and offers mentorship as a way of giving back to the society. She believes having gone through her education to the university level she ought to do much more and that is why she does motivational talks, and offers mentorship as well.

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She and the other members of the foundation have no donors yet and so they do contributions and partner with companies who donate the materials they need to carry out their activities as a foundation. Her aspirations are that Tamani Books will own a community library within Kilifi County and extend its services to the rest of the counties.

Immaculate hopes to inspire many vulnerable children through their education. She looks forward to have publishing her book and use it for inspiration as well. Immaculate hopes to bring on board most people in the education sector and be able to raise the education policy in Kilifi County through her foundation.

She believes that by investing in education she made the best decision which will get her to where she dreams of. Her drive of letting the less fortunate find the value of life through her education will be her greatest fortune.

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, 

New Zealand.