A productive employee is one whose potential has been fully tapped into, an employee who enjoys doing what he or she does. It is important to note that a performing employee is not necessarily a high potential employee. Sometimes your potential employee might not be giving results as expected because their potential has not been noticed and made use of.

A high potential employee will demonstrate future potential for growth, fresh, creative thinking, hold a standard of positive exceptionality and is very quick in learning and embracing change.

So, why should a company identify employee potential?

  1. Proper Human Resource allocation

A company can realize its full potential simply by proper utilization of its physical, human and financial resources.

In identifying your employee potential, you are able to place each individual in their rightful position. This results in productivity among employees and ensures improvement in organizational performance.

Proper allocation of employees also saves the company from losing some if not all of its productive employees who are quite a huge asset to the company.

  1. Maximum productivity

Maximum productivity is achieved when an employee’s potential is put into full use. A potential can only be put into full use when it has been identified

Employees are able to give their best when they enjoy what they do. A potential employee is as important to your company as a performing employee, both need to be recognized as important and given equal attention to ensure they reach their maximum production.

Maximum productivity equals good returns.

  1. Motivation of employees

Employee performance is directly linked to employee motivation.

When an employee recognizes a task as important, he/she approaches it with eagerness and keenness and sees to it that it is completed to the best of his/her ability.

Identifying an employee’s potential enables you to place them in a field that they enjoy working in and they are motivated to fulfill personal goals which positively reflect on the company’s goals.

  1. Company’s success

I would want to assume that the success of any company is vital to anyone who wants to start or has an already established company.

Don’t we want to see our companies receiving positive recognition among people or ‘flourishing’, if I may use that word? Then it is simple, find what your employee’s potential is and exploit it.

You are able to exploit your employees potential once you have identified it, this assures you of maximum productivity from the employees who are motivated to give results because they are positive about what they do.

  1. Satisfied clients

A satisfied client is an important resource to your company and equally reflects on the returns.

You can only have satisfied clients when your employees are happy to serve them. The attitude of an employee towards his/her job is likely to affect the outcome of his/her work.  A negative or positive attitude is likely to trickle down to the clients. Satisfaction of your clients will only come about when your employees are well matched with their area of interest which happens when their potential has been identified.