Hustles Of A Hawker: Tapping From The Shy Kenyan Men

Many are times we have looked down upon a hawker. Little do we know that this people make some good amount of money from their business.

Today, I will in particular discuss the hawkers. They move from place to place within a town and sometimes beyond. The ones that come knocking on your door when you least expect. You go to open the door only to find him with his merchandize and you sometimes throw tantrums.

With his tact and persistence, as you rub your eyes, he opens his back pack. So then you realize that he means business. In spite of the insults that you haul at him, he shows you his products one by one. He displays to you the new pairs of socks and the intimate apparel (boxers, vests, panties and bras).

He understands his business well. For him, a dozen of pairs of socks will cost Ksh. 350, that of boxers Ksh.750. He buys half a dozen of vests at Ksh. 300 and a dozen panties for Ksh 600.This means that with as little as Ksh.2000 his business is set.

He has identified an opportunity in selling intimate products for both male and their female counterparts. The male especially, are thought to be shy to buy these products in public. Now that is how this mobile hawker comes in. He has identified the opportunity and is seizing it.

In Kenya people have preset prices for goods. The socks for instance are averagely thought to go for Ksh50. The boxers, vests, panties each costs Ksh. 100.

If in a day he sells a dozen of each, it means that he sells socks for Ksh 600 making a profit of 250. The boxers bring in a Ksh.450 profits, the vests make a Ksh 300 profit and the panties bring in a Ksh 600 profit. The total profits amounts to Ksh1,600.

These profits could either increase or slightly drop depending on the day and stock he has. So on average he will make Ksh1500 in a day. This amounts to Ksh 45,000 clean money per month.

The figures are indeed enticing. Even more enticing is the flexibility of the business. He decides when and where to get his customers. They could be found in social joints say the pubs, hotels, salons.

He lives in Kinoo yet he knows and understands all the streets and corners of Eastleigh. It is where he gets his new and high quality products.

However, his life is not always easy he sometimes faces rejection and mistreatment. He obviously gets tired from the many rounds he makes while carrying his luggage.

Amidst these challenges, if self- employment is for you with a clear defined goal I believe you can make a life out of it.

I choose to write this to celebrate the mobile hawkers. Next time you see one promote him. He is in the business of making a living. Do not be rude to him.

Motivate him. Some could even be leading better lives than most of us who are employed.


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