How To Improve Your Relationships As An Entrepreneur

Forming lasting relationships with people as an entrepreneur is very important for the growth of your business. In fact, it is a very essential component of success. And as is in every relationship, they require time, effort, patience, and tact and dare I say a bit of tolerance. Bonnie Elliot says understand them as an investment not cost. They are not only important but extremely helpful.

1. Personalized Interactions

I’m sure you invest in your business time and efficiency. You most likely interact with your work, especially if you’ve a passion for it, the same way you would a partner. And at time you even expect the sanity and balance a partner would bring from your work. So how about you invest the same time and efficiency into your business relationships as an entrepreneur.

Pay attention to your clients and employees and be able to anticipate their needs. Be curious about them and ask questions. Have an accessible and approachable attitude. Make your interactions with them as personal and comfortable as possible and at the same time business like. Build relationships of trust, according to Sangeeta Bharadwaj, social competence helps form mutual trusting relationships that enables both parties to go beyond their contractual obligations.

Remember though, that each relationship is unique and therefore interaction. Pay attention to your social cues like looking people in the eye and uncrossing your legs.

2. Authenticity

Be honest. People respond to you better if you’re truthful. this can be hard for you but authenticity generates confidence. And people generally respond to confidence. They will trust your brand more if you’re genuine and confidence. It will be a foundation of a great long-lasting relationship with your customers, most especially, if you’re honest about what products and services you can provide and the quality of those products and services.

3. Be on social Media

Social media is quite important towards improving your business relationships. Let’s face it, it’s a big platform where you can connect with clients, employees, partners and entrepreneurs. Be mindful of how to interact on social media though. Communication on social media is quite delegate so make a good impression and avoid people with negative personalities in case you adopt and attract negativity. But do not however forget the power and importance of face on interactions.

4. Connect but also step out of your cocoon

Connect with influential people not only in your industry but also outside your industry. According to Bonnie Elliot, it can bring a new perspective to your industry. So how about extending your area of networking huh? Connect with connectors from your industry and from other industries. You’ll be surprised at the level of your growth.

5. Social Adaptability

Someone told me social adaptability gives you competitive advantage. If you’re easily adaptive to awkward, emotional, aggressive etc. social situations, then chances are you’re likely to deal with people better depending on the situations. You are able to anticipate and respond appropriately to any outcome. This amplifies your social strengths thus able to adapt and form better relationships with people.

However, be selective and cautious of the relationships you make, they are not always helpful to your venture. Refresh your social network with time, do not let it remain “old and stagnant” and unproductive.

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