How To Get Crowdfunded

Photo from Pixabay

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Successful Crowdfunding campaigns are not as simple as posting a request and receiving pledges the very next day. …

  1. Know your crowd: The ‘crowd’ in Crowdfunding should not be overlooked: The target crowd is key to determining the success of the crowd funding drive.
  2. Capture the imagination: Prepare your story and let it speak to the audience to attract the desired results. The audience must be in touch with the story to want to be a part of it.
  3. Get your facts straight: You must have an A-Z of your crowd funding plan, plus giving out the right information that shows genuineness and reliability for the audience to make a decision.
  4. Choose the right platform: This helps in reaching the audience in the most efficient and cost effective way.

A Crowdfunding campaign needs to be specific, with a clear outcome. This could be launching a new service, creating a new product or holding an event.  It should also be time-limited.

Article transcribed from a longer article in an upcoming feature at Inversk Magazine.

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