Clinton is the head chef at the restaurant where he works. He earned this position early this year when his employer was blown away by his culinary expertise. His track record speaks for him as he rose up the ranks really quick. However, despite being at the top of his game he feels his current position is limiting his growth. His dream is to employ himself and employ others – Clinton wants to run his own restaurant.  When he told James, his longtime friend about his dream, all he got was sheer discouragement. “Man are you sure you can handle the pressure that comes with running your establishment?” You are far too kind! I am sure you will be giving soft loans to customers who say they can’t afford to pay!” said James amid giggles. “What happens when your business is not doing well and you can’t give your wife the life she is accustomed to? Or even worse, can’t take the kids to school? He asked Clinton.

Despite their long friendship, James has always had something negative to say about whatever his friend plans to or has already achieved. He makes negative comments about almost everything that Clinton does or owns and the worst part is that he accompanies his dissenting remarks with a distinct sarcastic laugh. It’s funny how he has never actually liked anything about his friend.  Clinton has given up so many opportunities because of the ill advice his friend has offered him. It’s no shock that Clinton’s wife, Regina has never liked her husband’s friend. Unfortunately her advice against James has always landed on deaf ears as Clinton has always sort advice from his ‘counselor’. As sad as this situation may be, it is a reality in some people’s lives.

“Life becomes easier when you delete the negative people from it” Anonymous. Let’s face it, not everyone will love you or what you do no matter how good, eloquent, kind or even hardworking you may be. You will always find people who are so quick to point out your flaws. Sometimes there are positive critics who point out your failures with good intentions and even show you the right way to do things. However, there are also the negative ones who suck out the good and zoom in on the failures. Some are so bad that they do not think twice about throwing shade on you or even spreading lies and rumors about you.

These kinds of people are like lovers who do not appreciate what you contribute to the well-being of the relationship. They will always have something defeatist to say about you, your hair, your style, your attitude, your work etc. Letting them get to you is like staying in an unhealthy relationship because you are scared of what will happen when you leave and start over. No one is perfect but good things should be appreciated. Negative people come in many forms, they could be people close to you such as friends, family and even colleagues or strangers who have nothing good to say about you. No matter the form they come in, you should not let them steer you off balance.

Avoiding them is one way of blocking their negativity. For instance if you sit next to a negative colleague at work you can avoid their negative vibes by listening to music as you work instead of listening to them. Another tip could be killing them with kindness. Just because they hate on you does not mean that you should reciprocate. Show them that you have no time for hatred and negativity by being nice to them. You could also use their criticism to better yourself. For instance, if someone says that you are too soft analyze that and see if at all its true and if it is then try and change for the better.

However after all is said and done, never let your critics and haters define you. Surround yourself with positive minds that encourage you to be a better person. Understand that as much as some people may not like you, you are free to be whoever you want to be. Haters do challenge you to be better as they give you a reason to prove them wrong with every hateful remark they make. So the next time someone hates on you for no apparent reason, just remember what Tiwa Savage says in her song “Bad” “You don’t like me, unfollow” or better yet, just shake them off like Taylor Swift.

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