A Guide To Marketing Your Products

Brian Simiyu

Inversk Staff - Aspiring Entrepreneur, writes about social media and Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important departments in any business or organization. It’s the determining stage to know whether you will make a profit or a loss as a business. Businesses and organizations must know how to convince their customers to buy their products and services.

Marketing is the process of a firm to identify, analyze and meet the customers needs profitably. A business must first identify what people need and they can’t get easily. Once it has known that need, it has to analyze the need and find a way possible to meet it at a profitable rate. Once people get the solution to their needs, they will pay you.

But what is the secret to market your brand effectively? Keep your eyes on your smart phone and your fingers scrolling it as I analyze this topic for you. We all know we live in a competitive world and everyone is trying to supersede one another in every way, so we must be peculiar and unique at what we do. Indeed the world is a survival for the fittest and only the strong will make it.

A product/service must have a Unique Selling Point (USP), why should a customer buy a product from you and not from your competitor? What is unique about it? It has to be appealing so that it may sell.

A business must use Marketing Mix (4P’s). These P’s stand for Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The product needs to be of high quality and durable. The prize should be also standardized. When you charge your products too high, the demand may fall probably leading to a loss. On the other hand, you may charge too low and  make a loss even if the demand may increase.

Distribution of goods is also very important. Businesses have to make sure their products are convenient for people to get at the right time. The last thing is about promotion. It’s very important to choose which method to use when promoting your brand. It shouldn’t be too expensive neither it can’t reach many audience.

Marketing your brand may be somehow challenging but when you get the gist, you are good to go.

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