Fruit Vendor – My Matatu is 2 Months Away

Born and raised by single mum his childhood life was quite challenging but all in all he grew up as hardworking and determined young man. Financial challenges saw him drop out of high school in form two. This led him to Thika town in Kiambu County where he did all manner of jobs to sustain his living. In Thika he enjoyed life not caring much about what his future held for him. As a young man, he had not leant the financial discipline.

Two years later, life led him back to the village. This time he was jobless and broke and of course with town life experience. After a while, a friend of his invited him to Nairobi city. This time the young man was determined not to make the same mistakes again.

He got employed at a construction site. He would wake up at 3.00 Am to report for work. He vowed never to be reckless with his finances again. He would not allow himself go back to the financial wreck he had been through. He had a dream and this time he had to accomplish it.

Most times in the evening he slept soundly, half dead, because of the tiresome day. His social circles became small, his drinking friends left him. He cut communications, only the loyal friends stuck by him. In his friend’s house he was also supposed to do cooking and cleaning of the house.

In nine months, he had saved enough money to start living on his own. He had saved enough to even buy a motorbike. He quit the job at the construction site and started motorcycle transportation business. At least he did not have to wake up at 3.00Am and sleep late night very tired he had his freedom.

During the weekends he would sell fruits at his uncle’s grocery shop. This guaranteed him multiple streams of income. Later he put up his ‘Mitumba’ second hand clothes shop at Muthurwa market in Nairobi town. It did not do well.

With his resilience spirit he started his fruit joint at Muthurwa where he is up to date. He has a dream of owning a Matatu by the end of this year and believe you me he will own it.

This guy might not be celebrated worldwide, he may not be a billionaire but he has worthwhile lessons we can learn from him.

  • It does not matter where you come from what matters most is where you willing to go and if you are ready to pay the price.
  • Mistakes should be learning lessons in entrepreneurship.
  • We should have a resilient spirit.
  • Make use of any available opportunity and have multiple streams of income
  • Most importantly money discipline is essential if you cannot manage 1000sh you cannot manage Ksh.100,000.
  • Dream big, start small! Start now and let your dreams go hand in hand with the reality.
  • There are no overnight millionaires! Success is a process it all depends on your determination to make it.

Today I choose to celebrate this man Sanchez for the valuable lessons I have learnt from him, for the far he has come and most importantly the far he is going.

I have no doubts soon and very soon he will be clinching his remarkable position in entrepreneurship.

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