I Am Following A Calling, Not Building A Career: Caesarine Mulobi

Caesarine Mulobi Ongaya is a strong young woman with admirable achievements. At only 19 years old, she is confident about her leadership skills enough to vie for the upcoming Students Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) elections.

Not only is she a student at the University of Nairobi, but also a representative of the University at different conferences. She aspires to be a youth leader and a women’s leader. Her zeal for leading gave her the passion to start a non-profit organization known as Niwezeshe Initiative.

Niwezeshe Initiative was established in August 2016. This initiative targets mentoring students in rural schools that barely gets mentorship. Since she leads many clubs in Campus, she often uses the resources at her fingertips to build this initiative.

Caesarine realized her passion for leading and mentoring young people when she graduated from high school.

Having been brought up in Western part of Kenya, Caesarine came across the poor schools back in the village while pursuing a career in teaching before joining campus. It came to her attention, at the beginning of the lesson she would advise the student half the time. This was a light -bulb moment for her in life. She was driven to mentor these children who compete at a national level even without the basic tools such as a laboratory.

“Discover your purpose and passion, be committed and disciplined,” This is her advice to the young people.

She credits her faith this far she has come saying, “God has been her greatest inspiration as well the people who look up to her.”

Caesarine runs a social media campaign dubbed Daily sense with Caesarine; it seeks to inspire and challenge people online. She defines her life as a leader with profound quote: I am following a calling, not building a career. Caesarine says her most inspiring moments while leading is when someone credits her for an achievement. “The most satisfying moment for me is when someone tells me the following words: Because of you I did this.” She elaborates.

The future of Niwezeshe Initiative is bright because Caesarine visions it as a global initiative with a global impact. She desires deeply to inspire the girl child. She derives aesthetic pleasure from reading inspirational talks and holding motivational talks.









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