Evelyne Maina: The Story of A Young Ambitious Entrepreneur

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Evelyne Maina is the Managing Director of Peve Comms Solutions Limited.  Below is her story of her entrepreneurship journey as she share’s it;

When I was growing up unlike other entrepreneurs I had never thought that in my wildest dreams that I could ever be an entrepreneur live alone owning a company. My dream as a young kid was always to be a journalist and mostly a TV Presenter. I remember I could read anything that I come across at that time. After completing high school I enrolled in college whereby I specialized in Mass Communication and journalism.

While in college I always read Lunch hour news bulletin in our  TV room just to make sure I was keeping my dream alive. Thereafter I did my internship at Government Spokesperson Office as a PR Officer and also at Kenya News Agency (KNA) as a journalist.

Little did I know that God had other plans for me to pursue.After completing my internship I secured a job as a correspondent with one of the local FM Stations where I worked for few months before deciding to look for a job somewhere else. After long search I was fortunate to secure another job in a consultancy firm based in Nairobi where I worked as a Public Relations Officer.After working for few months as fate would have it, out of nowhere I lost the job in mid-June 2015.

After that frustrating moment, I didn’t feel the urge to look for another job,neither did I get stressed about it since in life I have discovered that whenever one door closes, God always opens a better one. Exactly 2 weeks after, on 4th July 2015 I had this urging inner voice to start my own consultancy company.

Personally am very ambitious and aggressive, I explained my intentions to my dad as well my fiancé (who is also a Co-director) who was very supportive of the idea. They supported in setting up the foundation structures of the company since I didn’t have a lot of money then. My fiancé who is a professional Web Developer designed our company website and the following week same month we legally registered the company.

Working in my former job accorded me relevant experience in consultancy which came in handy in setting up my firm.

After registering the company, I started the work immediately, at that I still didn’t have an office and so I worked from home. I sent out a lot of business proposals to different corporate and by the second Month we were receiving calls from different clients who were interested in our training programs and this gave us the morale to soldier on.

We saw this as a big milestone, since then the company has grown immensely and all we owe everything to God.Our current clients range from NGO’S, private and public Sectors

In October 2015 we got an office in Westland’s at Eden Square Complex until early 2016 year where we got a bigger office in Ngara near Sarakasi Dome.

We have learnt and we are still learning a lot more in this entrepreneurship journey that persistence, resilience and honesty is the key to every business and given a chance all over again I will still choose to be an entrepreneur. However, I would love to pursue my childhood dream as a journalist although as a part-time job.

Today the company has seven qualified Trainers this is because the business is growing and expanding very fast.

There is great competition from well-established Consultancy firms which have been in the market for decades but we are trying to overcome this by doing aggressive marketing and doing a good job for our clients. Online Marketing like LinkedIn, twitter and Facebook, good sales strategy and referrals happy and satisfied clients has also played a big role in our growth.

 Our vision: To be the leading solution providers in Africa.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

  • It’s never easy keep pushing and at the end it will be worthy it
  • As an entrepreneur always remember you are the Marketing Officer of your product and nobody can do it better than you, do it to perfection

You can reach Evelyne via her email address evelyne@pevecomms.co.ke

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