Sally Wangui is a really motivated young woman with achievements worth recognizing. She considers herself more of a self-made entrepreneur rather than a born entrepreneur.

Born in a family where both her parents pursued their careers, she feels like an exception and that employment would limit her life from a lifestyle she perceives entrepreneurs enjoy.

At only 21 years of age, Sally runs a company, Sparkall Cleaners. Founded in 2015, Sparkall Cleaners is now one year old with three employees.

The story behind Sparkall Cleaners.

After attending her entrepreneurship classes at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT); her mindset changed. Wangui begun to view everything as an opportunity to create jobs. She was particularly agitated by the cropped social vice of campus girls moving with elderly men dubbed sponsors to gain economic aid.

While watching her favorite movie then, Devious Maids, she realized that the main job in the film was actually a viable idea. And that way, Sparkall Cleaners was created. Her main motivation being, to create employment for the students so that they would meet their needs in a dignifying manner.

So, What about Sparkall Cleaners?

As a final year student at the JKUAT, she says her company has transformed the lives of the three students she has employed. She takes pride in their ability to work as a team and achieve desired goals. Her company has taught her valuable lessons about teamwork.

Sparkall Cleaners offers a broad range of household needs:

  • babysitting services,
  • laundry cleaning services,
  • commercial cleaning services,
  • after party cleaning services,
  • house cleaning services
  • Housekeeping services (Nanny Services).

Sparkall Cleaners employs needy students with an aim of making their lives in Campus easy. This makes their services affordable to average income earners in Kenya who are their target market.

Sally’s Advice To Fellow Young Entrepreneurs

Sally advises young people to believe in their ideas enough and work on them. She challenges young people to be solution-oriented. To raise startup capital for her firm she was first employed as a casual worker at JKUAT and therefore encourages young people to break all odds so that they bring their ideas to fruition.

Passion is the main drive that fuels the hope of an individual and therefore she believes that once you get an idea, your passion should take you to seeing it achieve its mission and visions in the long run.

Her entrepreneurial journey has not been easy and straightforward. She has learned lessons from mistakes she never saw coming. She shares with Inversk Magazine how she once met an interested person to partner with at inception stages. Wangui thought of it as an exciting opportunity, as the individual had offered to sponsor the company. Eventually, she handed in all the documents of her company to the person who fled with the documents and she was left to start again from scratch. According to Wangui it is wrong to trust people blindly in business and strongly emphasizes on the need for formality.

Sally’s greatest inspiration comes from her parents and her lecturer who has always been there championing her to become better every day.

She finds fulfillment at her firm when she meets the needs of her customers and her team successfully achieves their mission as a company.

She is positive about the bright future of Sparkall Cleaners stating that it will be a company to reckon with in East Africa. It will be a viable solution for students and an incubator to many other companies she hopes to open.

She believes she will be a successful entrepreneur whose vision will be a role model to many Africans. Her journey has just begun.

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